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can this run on a P2 with 64M of ram ?

how have I never heard of this???

can it play diablo and starcraft etc?

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Yes. I think the reactos package manager even includes diablo demo in its program selection.

Lain would use Haiku, baka.

Yes, but not yet (kidding...perhaps).

It can play Skyrim and Half-Life 2. And many more. But most without sound, thus far. With full graphics, however...within below-30 FPS performance, that is. The project's current main goal is to fully re-implement (and then obviously substitute) 2000 and XP, so NT's Vista and 7 functionality are currently only in their infancy despite the fact they're already being implemented there in one way or another. I say give it 10-or-so more years before it matures enough to become 100% substitute for 7 Ultimate SP 1.

Lain is an iFag, you dumb fuck. She literally used a cluster built of several mackintoshes, or some shit.

looks very comfy, someone pls post screencaps if they are using this OS

year of the reactos shitboxes when


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Always remember - ROS is NOT a Unix, Unix-like, or Windows. It is completely it's own original from-scratch thing, despite it's goal being complete DOS and Windows NT functionality and essentially full replacement of Windows for those who don't want to be Micro$hit's anal rooster bitch cuck slaves, while also not being Penguin clowns or Red Devil fags. It aims to have full functionality and ease of use that Windows provides, and support for things Unix, BSD, and Linux platforms have (such as many more file systems and etc), yet it's never going to be so hard to get into as what Linux represents to newcomers. ROS is also going to support ZFS fully, unlike Linux.

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>can it play Diablo

Why is it taking so long? Makes me sad.

Because they don't steal a single letter of code from those leaked back in mid 2000s sources. They write literally everything completely from scratch and reverse engineer the fuck out of Windows, which is a fuckton asininely hard to do after NT gone past version 5.

- it's a complete OS, everything from the kernel to userspace, to built in applications, drivers, everything is made by the same project (note: a good amount of the userspace code is shared with wine for obvious reasons)
- it's not it's own thing, where things like linux can just go ahead and implement something however they like, reactos aims to be binary-compatible with windows right down to the kernel driver level, so any feature of windows must be implemented to function identically to windows, which is not nearly as easy as just making something up

reactos doesn't technically violate any laws, but how the fuck not
it's literally fucking windows

I'm glad to see this project isn't completely dead, if we're lucky my imaginary grandson will have the privilege to use a flawless version of Windows instead of having to use L*nux

>but how the fuck not
Micro$hit tried to attack them once in the past. And it turned out not only does ReactOS not use a single fucking letter of Shitblows' leaked source code, but they also perform VERY strict and asininely lengthy QA/supervising before each and every release (even the smallest updates get a FULL review of the ENTIRE code, EACH AND EVERY TIME), so to be sure no garbage or outright harming "sabotage" code gets in. Micro$hit can't do jack shit with ROS project as it's: a) 100% open-source, b) achieves Windows functionality purely only via brute force reverse engineering, c) the product is written completely from scratch and thus an absolute IP.



If Microsoft was Oracle, they would have tried to clain copyright to the Windows API, like they did with Java.

Turns out Microsoft is not that evil after all...
Also, there is heavy rumors that Microsoft's end-goal is to move Windows to be a Linux distribution, replacing the NT Kernel with Linux and all.

why would microsoft do that when the windows kernel is superior to the linux kernel?

think of how much hardware just works with windows compared to linux