Speedtest Thread

I think I win

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Third worlder here.

Should I upgrade from 200mbps to 300mbps?
What's even the point anymore

lmao americans probably pay 2000000$ for gigabit

>qos computer to 16Kbp/s
I would but I'm too busy stuffing OP's waifu pillow pull of dick behind his back

includes TV and phone

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Let me just btfo 99% of Jow Forums.
Don't bother countering with your datacenter connection nerds, home only.

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I'm not, for some reason it just got slow like that. Normally I get 300/20.
Although the fact that I'm using rclone and torrenting might be the reason.

To be fair, you're testing within bell's own network.

I'd like to see a speedtest to someone else's servers.

>Don't bother countering with your datacenter connection
>is just outside the datacenter

It's still faster than dialup. 62kbps vs 56kbps.

based bright side posting

Looks like a DNS sinkhole.

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i cant use wired as this isn't my house, powerline drops out so i'm stuck with a wireless extender thing connected to my switch (to give all my wired shit access to the internet).

still, not a lot of difference.

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>dollar sign after the number
dumb yuropoor

Laughing my fucking ass off.
I pay one third of that.

And probably live in some place i'd really rather not.

Good on you though.

Att fibre

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About to get att fiber 1000, are the speeds pretty consistent? I'm moving into an apartment and apparently they ran fiber to all the units.

fking jealous

depends where you live, I know some ppl with AT&T fiber and it's fantastic, others with AT&T fiber in a different part of the country and they're lucky to see 300mbps on anything besides a speedtest.

it depends on how many systems you have connected to the switch/router you have but all in all yes

>And probably live in some place i'd really rather not.
Goes both ways

You meant optical network terminal. Scrub.

idk not a network specialist

You can have a dedicated GPON link to every single apartment, and it wont do shit if your ISP peering outside their own network is garbage tier.

ive never heard of it but i will look it up and see if it is good for me

Still too fucking high considering the telcos are subsidized with tax payer funds

And they all fight eachother with paper thin profit margins. You'd be surprised how little ISPs make, even as incumbent local exchanges or the only carrier in an area.
Risk analysis runs numbers on every market constantly.
Most people think they connect a jack to your house and it magically feeds you internet but there's a million more pieces to the puzzle.

Meh, the only other option is comcast for like $10-20/month more for the same basic shit, except instead of 1gbps upload, i get 35mbps upload because of shitty DOCSIS that comcast uses.

Or i guess I could pay comcast the $500 installation, $500 activation, and $299/month for their 2gbps fiber service, but you know, I think my 1gbps fiber at $95/month after taxes and fees is a better deal in the long run.


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using my uni's ethernet

I wonder if Starlink and Bezonet will make these things cheaper than they are now

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