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no more shotaposter edition
>open back/closed back
>over ear/on ear
>bluetooth (go back to Jow Forums)
>favorite kind of music
>previous equipment

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amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Momentum-2-0-Over-Ear-Headphones-Black/dp/B00TKH1AMQ/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=sennheiser momentum 2&qid=1569290206&s=gateway&sr=8-7
amazon.co.uk/Flower-Mall-Sennheiser-Momentum-headphones/dp/B00T6F8UGQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sennheiser momentum 2 cable&qid=1569290266&s=gateway&sr=8-3

poverty stricken paupers should just keep using their jvc marshmallows and stop contaminating this hobby with their disgusting poorness.

First, and only tbdesu, for END GAME

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What do you listen to, to test your headphones?

Are you Jow Forums enough to put your electrostatic headphones on top of your $50 Thinkpad?

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gowan - you're a strange animal (treble spike test)
laughing buddha - weird effects (impact)
rush - twilight zone (basslines)

Sony WH-1000XM3 still the best in it's price range for wireless noise cancelling?
Price I'm seeing in the UK is around £200

Why is the thumbnail the civil defense logo?
Only headphones ever branded CD were shit ones for hearing clicks on geiger counters, and even those were actually victoreen instruments.

running gag

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oic. my bad. just saw the thumbnail in the catalog

ur fine lol its an inside joke for regulars

If money is no object, what are the best headphones you could possibly buy?

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stax 007 + a 007 energizer or a different one

What would you guys recommend for about a 120 pound budget, I'm looking for over ear and I don't care too much whether it's open or closed back though open is preferred, obviously location is UK and I don't mind getting used stuff either.
I typically listen to aggressive or spastic music, by which I mean shit like Venetian Snares or Igorrr or Mr. Grips and etc, though I'm into all sorts of stuff if that matters.
I've not had anything before this purchase I'm planning either, I'm just sick of the shit I've been hearing after a friend let me try his professional headphones, it's like a whole different experience

sennheiser momentum 2 would be good
get the wired ones with the hide pads
if you cant find a good price, check fleabay

oh and also take this
free music archive will have trackers but for now its free on bandcamp

amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Momentum-2-0-Over-Ear-Headphones-Black/dp/B00TKH1AMQ/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=sennheiser momentum 2&qid=1569290206&s=gateway&sr=8-7

ignore the ios cable, you can get a replacement on amazon.
i have this one in 4ft cause i mostly use these mobile.
amazon.co.uk/Flower-Mall-Sennheiser-Momentum-headphones/dp/B00T6F8UGQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sennheiser momentum 2 cable&qid=1569290266&s=gateway&sr=8-3

will look into these boss, thanks, I think I found a nice bid on ebay I'll try my luck with that first

daily reminder there is no point in buying headphones under $350 value because in $150 headphones only around $20 goes into the actual headphone driver. rest is markup for assembly, hifi premium,brand premium,shipping premium,materials,cable,preadded tax premium so you end up getting something barely above chink gayming level

Not true for HD600s or HD650s

anyone have any experiences with Yamaha HPH-MT8?

What's the best headphones to get with a budget of £200?

58x jubilee and an amp

you could get brand new HD6XX for 225 I think

Can someone pls recommend me some new headphones for my pc to play vidya and listen to music?
>No more than 300
>open back
>over ear
>Senheisers HD 558

Are the HD6xx worth the extra money? I don't mind spending a bit above budget if it's worth it

58X's dont need an amp.

Personally, no. I'd tell you to get the 58X since this will better fit your budget.

What are some good alternatives to these? They sound decent and stay in place. I hate using earphones with those gel caps.

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Just look up some reviews as to what you want or prefer more, as far as I understand the 58X is just a 580 from massdrop
Just curious as I am rather new to headphones but what warrants an amp at all?

>Rap and vidya
That's quite the combination. I would say AD1000X, but I'm pretty sure this would not sound that well with rap music. So, I guess I would suggest the HD599, neutral and open, although you would not get the imaging of the 1000X's.

>open back/closed back
Open or semi-open
>favorite kind of music
Rock and electronic
>previous equipment
DT1990 Pro. I tried them with iFi Micro iDSD BL and I get massive bass distortion at high volume. It's pretty disappointing, I had high expectations. Not an audiophile btw.

Maybe getting into this hifi shit was a bad idea. I just wanted a good headphones lo listen music and play video games. I'm definitely returning the DT1990s but I'm not sure about the Micro iDSD BL, I acually quite like it, it's useful to power the shit out portable speakers and my shitty-old headphones.

Doesn't really exist. All decent IEMs use those tips for insulation. Maybe you can find some foam ones that work for you. Most tips are pretty shitty.

>probably with bass boost on the hear such distortions
>still that iFi DAC may not measure better than JDS Labs EL stack anyway
I mean you should go check JDS gears out if you live in USA.
And if you don't wanna try DT 1990 on JDS EL stack, I think the only viable options are either MrSpeakers Aeon Open.

What's the best headphones for hip hop I can get for $300?

No, with bass boost or 3D+ is even worse, and I bought the iFi micro combo because it's "portable" and sounds like a desktop amp.

Which is the best of the 3? Lowkey want 4XX but Hifiman build is awful. Might just save for Sundara deal


lcd2F vs lcd3? how are they different? answer me

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350 I guess
ADTR - Rings of Saturn
GAYMEN headset GSP 300 but I just got the evga NU audio card

is the lcd3 worth +$450 more than the lcd2F?

Are the Aeons worth it?

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Sound - 6XX
Comfort - 7XX
Build - 4XX, funnily enough. It feels the most sturdy out of the three. 6XX is good plastic, but still plastic. 7XX is just...

Put the 6XX on to test the sound and don't wanna take it off.

I'd go for the 4XX though; it's pretty comfortable and the sound is much more friendly than the other two.

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It’s nice to have nice things

which STAX headphone and energizer should I buy for best vocals?
do I need a new DAC as well?

yeah but i can get the lcd2F for $600 vs $1050 lcd3. does it resolve that much better? what do you think?

No headphone warrants over 250 dollar price.

>nothing is worth over what i can afford

Stop dragging people down to your level, you filthy dirt farmer.

Alright my headphones that I've had for years now are finally starting to act up, and honestly I've had buyers remorse since I've bought them due to them sliding down my head if I wear them too long (they're over ear) so I'm finally in the market for new headphones
$250(a little over is fine if there's something really good but somehow I doubt it)
>open back/closed back
I've been using open for a while but honestly I don't have too much prefrence
>over ear/on ear
over ear preferred
>bluetooth (go back to Jow Forums)
>favorite kind of music
I'll mostly be using these while playing vidya and watching anime. I don't listen to music much but when I do I like electronic, stuff like drum and bass, or whatever you would consider daft punk, also dadrock.
>previous equipment
I've been using ATH-AD900X, I bought them because it seemed like a good replacement after my AD700 became unusable due to an accident, overall I like them but they're not as comfy as the AD700 due to the aforementioned "sliding down my head" thing (note this happens to my friends with differently sized heads while the AD700 never had this problem). Honestly I'd be the most satisfied with something else from ATX (mostly because I'm so used to how comfy they are) but idk if another company has made something better, as I don't really bother too much with headphone news.

It starts getting really diminishing gains after that. And unlike you I'd rather not spend over a grand to impress people on the internet.

>It starts getting really diminishing gains after that
Source: my poorfag cope.
Have you ever even heard a decent pair of headphones, mudboy? Let me guess, $250 because snapheiser?

Does using a digital optical cable from PC to DAC make any difference at all compared to a USB?

I was wondering the same thing and never got a straight answer
Usually using optical will result in less measurable noise in the signal it seems, don't think you can hear the difference though.
Not using USB doesn't give you DSD and automatically switching frequency but I don't think it actually matters all that much.

T50RP modded, Argons if you can, either needs an amp to actually sound good though.

Maybe not the place, but are Logitech Z623 still decent speakers for the price? My M50s have just had it after five years and I'm looking to transition away from headphones.

>T50RP modded
what do you mean by modded exactly?

by the way I have no idea about the current market when it comes to amps, what would be a good amp to get with it?

As simple as just you going for the stock pads over cup mod (they default to being stuffed in a small crease but making the pads go over that crease actually changes the sound ).
Usually changing pads is more than enough for most people, they change a lot with just that.
You can fuck around with padding at the back of the cups or tweaking the driver itself too.
You can also take a look at premade mods / modkit, beware that the Dekoni Blue is really just a pad swap + spare pads and blue cups so the price you're looking for should take that into account,
Usually people will tell you to just get Argons, can't say I disagree.

>what would be a good amp to get with it?
Simplest solution is the FX Audio DAC X6 because there's nothing with more power at that price and I don't think there's anything below the $500 price point with more power either, the T50RP is inefficient (aka it needs a lot of power on that output to have the right volume and correct sound) and the mods can make it worse.

Who here H Y P E for the new Monolith headphones?

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Any opinions about Blue SADIE? How do they sound like?

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So user, what’s listening with this morning?

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me? personally these here hd800s with my LTA microZOTL driven from a C.E.C belt drive cd transport feeding a Denafrips Ares DAC

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Meiko Kaji and other enka vocals on my 6XX
wish I had STAX though desu

Thoughts on the ADX5000? Debating between it and Utopia.

>wish i had shitax
Stop samefagging shitty headhpones

If the 6XX is the best sound, I might not bother with 4XX. I've already got 58X and I've heard Sundara, Ananda, Arya, HEKV2/SE. Just not the old Hifiman stuff (i.e. 400i, 560).
Looks like the 4XX isn't worth the sound anyway.

Looking for 100 - 150 eurobucks, quite flexible.
Laptop, phone (less so), plan to build PC sometime; plan to record music at some point but kinda irrelevant ATM
>Type of headphone
Full-sized for sure.
>Open or closed
Closed. Finna close out all the noise from housemates etc.
>Comfort level
Medium - High. I would dislike any discomfort like a full-fledged autist.
>Sound signature
Neutral i guess? Listen to mathy twingy crap, chill-out YT mixes, emo, [video-games]; advice appreciated.
>Past headphones
Shitty comes-with-the-phone earbuds; €30 in-ear philips buds; shitty wireless €80 sennheiser full-sized, cant remember.
The in-ears didn't isolate enough, and the senn didn't give good enough sound quality. Static here and there, sounded a bit bassy in general which bothered me

Worth to note I've never used dac/amps, but they aren't out of the question if it's really recommended

ADX5K is like a HD800S but more tame and less extreme I guess. Still good with detail, still fast. Bit more midbass but subbass is about the same. Stage a bit smaller than HD800S but more than enough. I feel like the HD800S has a more noticeable treble rise (it's in the lower area), ADX5K maybe more "linear" up there?
Last heard ADX5K in March this year, took some notes, but my impressions aren't the best.
Utopia is a different price bracket, imo overpriced but not bad by any means. Very etched sound, every nose is really defined and as a bit of an edge to it. Could be the Be driver desu.

do you know how much better the lcd3 is than the lcd2F? $450 better?

referring to the 2016 manufacture date versions of both

never heard the lcd3

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