What would you do?

What would you do?

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stack my phone on top and shout out who ever is gonna pick up his phone first has to pay.

take it, crack the screen maybe bend it and leave it in the mena washroom. iphones may be locked but you can still break them for fun.

Don't do it Jamal.

>Dude, my mum is dirty cancer and need unblock iphone, some advice ....

Go somewhere with fewer colored people.

>Jow Forums should I commit a felony offense?
Is it lunch time for the convicts? Who gave them access to the internet?

Cringe bigger


Let's take it easy with the racist overtones

This. You wouldnt want a jannie to hear you saying something racist because if they disagree with you they will selectively give you a 3 day vacation

I wish they'd do that. This would be a much better place if that was the case

why can't you just take it? is there some kind of new anti theft mechanism in place?

>the mena washroom
why is there a middle east/north africa washroom

a stolen iPhone that has had the iCloud lock triggered is basically useless to the average person/thief
This has been a feature for quite awhile

throw it in the trash

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I highly doubt the kind of sweaty faggot that spam posts faggot shit on Jow Forums leaves the house. But nice attempt at humor for once.

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Then why do iPhones still get stolen?


lmao wtf

Swipe it down my butt crack like a credit card, while farting, then put it back exactly like it was before.

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If it's there a while I'd pick it up and see if I could interrogate Siri to figure out whose it is and get in contact with them some way (Hey Siri call mom? If it's unlocked, see if I can post "hey I found this phone..." on their Facebook, etc.).

cuz you need to gibs me dat honky!

Because many people don't realize just how useless a stolen iPhone is until they try to use it. And it's easy to sell it to a sucker who won't be able to use it.

People are fucking idiots
People with a low enough intelligence to stoop as low as stealing phones also lack the intelligence to know that when the shit is locked it's useless to make a quick buck trying to resell


Pretty much this.
I deal with shady tech shit and people bring me stolen iPhones to unlock all the time and I repeat to them, it's impossible for me, I ain't skilled enough.
Luckily mostly they just offer it to me for real cheap, so I just order a new mainboard from China and sell it for profit.