Defind Richard Stallman and Free Software!

Know what happened:
Sign the petition:

Tell all these SJWs and trannies that they aren't welcome in the open source community regardless!
This isn't about "doing the right thing" or "delivering justice," it's about taking down free software, and anyone with half a brain should recognize this.
Doesn't take a genius to know that these people contribute NOTHING positive to the field of computing (or anything else in the world for that matter) and only seek to criticize and destroy what others have built. They all need to be lined up against a wall and shot.
Over the year or so (inb4 newfag) that I've lurked Jow Forums, I've come to realize that Richard Stallman really is right most of the time when it comes to his principles and ideas regarding free and nonfree software.
And Richard Stallman did nothing wrong.

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Nothing you do will change anything. You let them in and you gave them power, and now they can (and will) ignore you and there's not a god damn thing you can do about it.

Entire post invalidated. Try again next time loser.

God damnit

>open source community

retards. go away pls. this is important.

>You let them in and you gave them power,
prove it


haha gamers rise up we live in a society

"Free software" has always been communist bullshit. Let it die

then you're (you arE) argument is invalid


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Sure, give me your post history across all sites and applications.

shut thef fuck up
i'm not capable of producing that

Sarah Mei works for Salesforce, a company that is threatened by licenses like AGPL

They're not even subtle about it

Don't you find it interesting that nobody talks about Bill Gates' plane trip with Epstein? Maybe it was covered up with some other news.

>i'm not capable of producing that
Then you did it. Because this is not a court of law, this is a court of social opinion, and thanks to people like you that means you're guilty until proven innocent. You made your bed, now lie in it.

Damn, I didn't even know about this part. Can you provide proof so I can share?

>thanks to people like you
prove it :^)

Stallman doesn't even seem to care.

Prove it

As someone said in the previous thread, if you have a twitter account, report these fags for harassment.

Something to fuel your anger:

Don't be too harsh guys, it's just the new systemd component.


>another fag who believes the news
it doesn't even hurt anymore

This is why I don't care anymore, plus he's a gigantic Leftist faggot in the first place. Let them eat each other for all I care.

This is kinda my stance. I realize it's going to hurt my rights and privacy but I'm not going to defend a communist like Stallman.

Trick is to get trannys to agitate then take over in the chaos. Pretty smart. The limpwrists who run these have zero backbone and google et al knows it

He is a serious fat faggot

>I realize it's going to hurt my rights but I'm not going to defend someone with an ideology that will hurt my rights if implemented

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Sorry, people now works in remove open source for social justice software.

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Imagine, instead of putting your "labor" under a different license, you demand that open source organizations change their principles.
Oh wait, they can't actually do that, because they can't code anything on their own. They're literal parasites that need to be extinguished from the face of this earth. God, I hate them so much damn them all

That's your brain on ideology. These overideologized literally have lost their critical thinking to group think.

>profile shot of his nose
they're not even hiding anymore

I support Ms. Ehmke's candidacy for the presidency of the FSF, and all right-thinking people should too. :^)

That's what people said about the CoC, friend. Emhke was the one behind the CoC, by the way. Now it's impossible to find a project without the CoC. What does that mean about her license?

>Tell all these SJWs and trannies that they aren't welcome in the open source community regardless!
Richard Stallman, you aren't welcome in the open source community regardless!
I did it now what?

stallman is left-libertaran, which is not to be consused with cryptofascist-neoliberal authoritarianism.

>left l...
useful idiots are so fcking retarded lmao

Why has there been literally no backlash against this? I thought this Stallman guy was a pretty significant figure.

Leah Rowe seems to be behind him all the way
She could be the next FSF president, although we could be heading in a marxist direction

>Align with people that do this type of shit
>Voluntarily resigned
This is what he wanted. Wake the fuck up.

You must not care about freedom at all in the first place if your reaction is to only defend those with the same stances as yourself. Remember this when you think to yourself "why is everything so fucked" and your dimwitted answer is "because leftists" or "muh sjw". The problem is actually spineless brainlets like you. People like you are a gigantic disappointment. Despite his political leanings, Richard Stallman cared about your rights unconditionally the way a true freedom lover would. He dedicated his life to software freedom for everyone and NPCs like you just dismiss it all because he likes things you dont like. Classic Jow Forumstard.

In short, fuck you retards, but you especially.

This. Greedy pigs are afraid of free software and sent their slaves to destroy it.

>Jow Forumstard wannabe fascists don't care about freedom
no shit

Please delete this EXTREMELY anti-semitic comment immediately

There's no diversity of thought in tech media, so most think what happened to Stallman was just. They move on and prepare for the next witchhunt.

>people I don't agree with should be CANCELLED. heh, take that feminists!
>wait no stop cancelling people I agree with WHY DO YOU HATE PEOPLE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH SO MUCH. THANK GOD I'M NOT LIKE YOU!!

the Jow Forums npc mindset

>people who value logic dont value people who dont value their OWN freedom.
no shit.

>stallman, a man of "principle" believes in the freedoms of others to ride roughshod over him, but not his own freedoms.
no shit

>""anti""fascists wannabe classical liberals dont believe in freedom
no shit

same shit as cuckbertarians defending the rights of corporations (But at least its not the government!) vs people who follow the advice of Shakespeare's Hamlet's Polonius: To thine own self be true.

It is the same shit as suicidal, traceon-brainoff shirou vs. ubw or hf shirou.

Dont be a cock mongler, user. Its a bad look.


Goddamn twitter is vile....

i feel like you're that kind of person because user said so, it must be true
so you're proven guilty becausenow it's two loud anons saying it, which is more than one, you lose
get canceled, fascist

The problem is Twitter. Nuke it.

Fuck women, they're trash and never contributed anything notably good to OS and FS.
All the good shit from them was insignificant, all the significant shit from them was bad.

GNU/RMS may be a filthy pedo apologist, but he made GNU and fought for software rights for years.
He'd still be a hero even if he literally, unironically assault raped a woman.

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nigger no one cares about petitions


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instead of signing some useless petition, start harming the people actively trying to infest and undermine your culture. They don't write petitions, they destroy people's lives...

Can't be done without mainstream media backing. Nothing can. That has to be obtained first, or those corporations dismantled first.
It can be obtained, but it will take hundreds of years, and quite frankly, by then, the numbers just won't be there anymore.

>be strong independent womxn
>stay out of software because some footcheese-eating autist said something I don't like

>someone do something! something edgy!
>everyone except me: CHARGE!
Jow Forumsgoblin tacticians are wacky little folk.

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it's fucking free software. Everyone is at liberty to just walk away and go code something else.

No one knows anything about Stallman, apart from the fact that he's a zealous weirdo.
really hard to defend someone like that when they're presented with any sort of allegations, especially without having the same brush tarred against you

how hard is it to understand that if you want to restrict who can use it then its not really open source and just proprietary instead

LITERALLY the same layout for the gamergate threads.
really wish infinite chan didn't explode and all these obsessive "people" weren't flooding the board

No, he gets to eat his own feces, that's what he does on a regular basis anyways. Why would I defend a man that would love to do exactly what these people are doing to him? He used to wave that flag, now he's impaled with it, and it's glorious. Fuck that pedophile footskin eating motherfucker. Back to the woods with him.

Michael Jackson was a pedo and I still like his music. Whats wrong with that.

What's wrong is that you still think he's a pedo.


I don't think he's a pedo anymore coz he's fucking dead.

No he’s not. They faked it so he can retire in peace.

defend him how? if the man himself doesn't stand up, how and why would i do that for him? if stallman stands up and asks for help i will do what i can to help him out, but right now i see naught to do

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>freedom for all! (except evil people, aka, people i disagree with, aka, most people)
finally, a license by and for minorities!* (* just the ones we like)

in all seriousness, calling it an "open source license" IS confusing, and such a blurry, unenforceable restriction has no place or purpose in a legal document

>make up some twitter account
>start to post about all that for a while playing the SJW game
>after a few days start to talk about creating a new foundation that will show the world the only path
>convince people to move to this new fondation and adopt COC and their new licence
>they go away leaving free software

they attack people by attacking anything associated with that person, this means anyone who comes to their defense will be harassed as well
it's also hard to speak against something when the public have been led to believe they're a really terrible person, since then you'll be up against everyone immediately thinking you support said bad thing
it's so easy to ruin someone, but really difficult and risky to defend someone, and THIS is something that concerns me more than what happened to stallman (as much as i resent that as well)

>a committee of trannies to grant software authorisation.
what a world

>RMS may be a filthy pedo apologist
Stop believing fame news.