What git host do you use?

What git host do you use?
GitHub, gitlab, gitgud, you self host your own?

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My version control is enumerated folders :^)

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Based and redpilled. If a file in your project hasn't changed, I'm assuming you just make a symlink for it in the new directory... which is getting me thinking, I could probably write a neat little bash script to do this kind of directory-based versioning semi-automatically, based on cli diff tools and/or rsync.

Gitlab is based, you can even self-host. In fact gitgud appears to use gitlab.

same here but im using the default windows copy paste iteration with projectname(1)

Github cause it's the only one where I can easily set up a web page. Yes I know about gitlab but their way of doing it is retarded.

Github, but only because of github pages that gives me 1GB of static webhosting without having to deal with uploading files or whatever.
Just git push.

am beta testing a new solution.

GitHub and my work self hosts their repos. They don't trust any cloud services with their source code.

Github. Fuck SJWs, make them foot my hosting bill.

i've always used github and no reason to switch

github for public stuff, my raspi for private stuff (dotfiles, some scripts)

Based and intelligentpilled

What kind of software does your company create? It's very rare, in my experience, for companies to be paranoid about this unless they're:
a) Doing something sensitive
b) The founder is a control-freak and is also in charge of security
Not slamming (b) - I just couldn't see most other people working there giving a fuck.

self hosted gitlab at work and github for personal stuff

i have some shit on github and some other shit on bitbucket

Hardware manufacturer. Our equipment ends up in large datacenters. We have gov. contracts too. We manufacturer in the US as well to protect the IP.

The nice thing about it is when I'm done working for the day I'm done for the day. No remote access allowed.

selfhosted gitea on windows

just cgit and git shell and manage git over ssh on my server

I just zip the project, send it over via Telegram, unzip it, work in the unzipped folder, zip, send, unzip, etc.
Version control is a meme.

bitbucket on my server, gitea on my home server

I only have the last 3 working versions and sometimes use one folder for temporal changes. No symlinks, I really have every file as often as I have folders. In my opinion this is better.

based retard

¡ use sr.ht

codeberg.org senpai

Hold up, ¡ said senpai not senpai

it could be a requirement by another company if the one you work at is providing some service. i work at one that has projects in some faang companies and it would make sense to be in control of your shit because of this.