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ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards; therefore, consumers should delay or completely forgo any midrange to high end graphics card purchases. The gouging has two root causes: lack of market competition and shortage/"new normal" pricing during the mining hayday.

>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming build skeletons and monitor suggestions; click on titles above parts lists to see notes
>How to non-technically assemble a PC

Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing:
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing
>R3 2200G - Recommended minimum gaming
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming CPU with great value
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU
>R7 2700 - Budget video editing
>R9 3900X - Professional tasks

AM4 mobos:

>Always choose at least a two stick kit; 2x 8GB is recommended
>CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3200CL16 is ideal
>AMD B and X and Intel Z chipsets support XMP

Graphics cards based on current pricing:
>AAA or multiplatform games: Radeon card appropriate for your montior
>PC centric games or ray tracing: Nvidia card appropriate for your display
>Used RX 570s can be had for a steal; inquire about warranty
1080p 16:9
>RX 570 8GB - budget performance with great value
>GTX 1660 - standard

>Don't bother buying a new monitor for gaming unless it's high refresh with adaptive sync
>A 250GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor


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>ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards; therefore, consumers should delay or completely forgo any midrange to high end graphics card purchases. The gouging has two root causes: lack of market competition and shortage/"new normal" pricing during the mining hayday.

I like bar graphs and talking about building and benching computers more then playing games anymore

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It just surprises me, since it was dogshit when I got it, but still a step up from my laptop.
I've got my 1660Ti now and my kid uses my old pc.

thanks ill give it a watch

forgot to mention, im getting a samsung 1tb ssd.

get a sabrent rocket, inland premium, or intel 660p, the samsung is horrible value

Awww, you're slightly growing up, user!

this is what ended up getting me into applied math and stats

Ill look into those. The Samsung was recommended by people that know way more than I do.

samsung is a reddit recommendation. it's bad value, not the fastest drive, and sells mostly on branding. very bad buy.


Continuing from yesterday.
Cable management is definitely the hardest part, aside from putting in connectors when you have big hands.
How the fuck do people so tiny builds?

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Evo or Qvo?
Qvo is bad if you regularly write/transfer 50+ gigabyte files (eg: video footage).

I will get the intel 660p

I also got the 660p, friend.

based disciple of chad deals

What's the best priced gpu that can run any game max settings 1080p 60+ fps?

Is this a good 660p? The guy who recommended it to me said it's decent but that I should consider a faster SSD.

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yea, that's a good buy

Samsung makes qaulity drives. Stop projecting

>any game
Even Metro Exodus?
GPU frame rates in the video.

Hey guys look what I bought today :^)

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they make 10% faster drives and charge 100% more for them. if you want fast drives get optane. samsung is overpriced garbage.

Congrats on the space heater, I hope it keeps you warm throughout the coming winter.

They are more reliable as well as faster

needle nose pliers

A chaos emerald? Nice

So for a budget of around $1500 would it be better to go 3700x + 2070S for more cpu performance or 3600 + 2080S for more GPU performance? Does the 3600 bottleneck the 2080S?

they have completely comparable warranties to the competition, have several orders of magnitude less write life than optane, and in every write endurance study they fail exactly as often as other TLC drives. they are absolutely nothing special and not worth the money.

The Acer VG271U and LG 27GL850-B both have identical specs (144 Hz, 2560x1440, 1ms) and are both IPS monitors. Yet, the Acer costs over $100 less than the LG. Why is this?

>3600 + 2080S
I would choose this.
The 3600 would not bottleneck the gpu.

Is there's an ssd variant?
I'm only familiar with the 32GB thing that's used as a cache for a spinner.

Best the nano ips panel is better

This is my server. I just cracked it open today for some dusting and the PSU and drives were hot to the touch. The case is a Fractal R5 that has 2x 140mm in front, 140mm in rear, and even a 140mm on the side panel. Anything I can do to reduce temps short of running some insane 3k RPM fans? I'm considering finally pulling the trigger on a proper 4U rack case already

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If you think that then dont buy them. I like my samsung drives, they are quality drives

>Is there's an ssd variant?
yeah. but they come at quite a cost. you can get them hhhl or u2, but also actually just as nvme m.2
there's the 905p

there's also the 800p

the 815p is coming out in a month or so, which will be about halfway between the 905p and the 800p in terms of performance. the 915p will be around q2 2020

For gaymen 3600 + 2080s. I5 8400 isnt bottlenecking my 2070 super. 3600 is pretty beast

that's fine, it's ok to be a brand fanboy and you can buy whatever you want. but there are not really any reasons to buy samsung, they are double the price nearly no benefit, and they aren't even close to being the fastest drives on the market.

>Good 9900k are binned for 9900ks
>He didn't buy a 9900kf
Enjoy your 1.42v 5.0ghz overclock

>move mouse over to reply to your post
>3900X ramps up to 1.45V

Both of those combos are too expensive for a $1500 budget, unless you're really skimping on other parts and not getting warranties. I have the exact same budget and I went with a 3700x + 5700 XT.

Supposedly getting a price drop next month for 9900ks. Or I suppose one could wait for holiday sales, maybe. I'm just waiting for now to sort of see what happens. Not entirely sure I trust AMD with all the weird shit they've been reporting and getting, and some of these troll/shills make me especially suspicious.

Is motion blur something that's inevitable with 144hz displays? I've tried two well reviewed monitors of two different resolutions and panel types and both of them suffer from horrible ghosting - mentioned in none of the great reviews. They have options on the monitor to reduce blur but those just cause terrible artifacts. Are people blind or am I wrong here?

My idea is ~$1500 before peripherals and from what I've looked on PCPP both combos can be had around that ballpark with not complete shit on the other stuff.

>brand loyalty
They make their own drives. Its better than rebrand loyalty of reject drives sold for the bottom dollar because they failed qc

to they have ulmb or whatever? the 144hz display I got looked great to me but maybe I'm gay

mmhmm mmhmm

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That was patched out weeks ago.

Adaptive sync doesn't work in that mode and it still doesn't seem nearly as smooth as it should. Like 60fps on a native 60hz monitor looks better.

there are zero differences in reliability. I understand you want a brand and that's all you see, but it's a waste of money. most consumers are like you, but that doesn't change my advice to people who care about things like performance or value.

Blames the windows scheduler.

Transition times are a thing and the initial and final colours affect what the transition time actually is.
Overdrive is the technique to try to make these quicker, but the result is overshoot. More overshoot the more aggressive the overdrive.
If you can't get things to look acceptable at 144Hz, you're going to have to drop down to a lower refresh rate.

I have no idea how things are in TN land.

Can you post the reliability data you refer to that says samsung has average reliability compared to tlc? I dont care about speeds

Alright I'm at the point where I want to load my is but right now I am not getting video on my monitor.
Should I be plugged into the video card or Mobo?

>video card
that, newbie


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Alright. I have an HDMI and a display port connecting but neither are giving video.
I also connected a backlit kb to the rear USB but it is not powered despite my ram, Mobo and video card lighting up

audible kek

So high refresh rates are a fucking scam and everyone is blind? What a waste of money

The only thing he was wrong about was that he assumed it was a retail unit not pre-production, but he's saying he's getting feedback of people getting the same kinds of issues on their retail boards.
Even says he talked to MSI and they were trying to send him the exact bios that he had flashed to which bricked his board.

Is there anything about this that needs changing? All I did was slap a 2070S on an example build from the OP.
I'm aiming for 100+ FPS in competitive games and 60+ for everything for else at high/ultra settings.

>155hz monitor
enjoy your motion blur

I subscribed because of this video

If I want to do a lot of emulating is that more CPU intensive?

Looks ok.
Going to run with the stock cpu cooler?

If you want help you need to post your whole build, etc
Outline the steps you've already taken

1440p or 2160p?

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4K is still a meme unless you got bottomless wads of cash and even then you're still not gonna get high enough frame rates. If you want 4K wait a few years.

So 1440p

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I have a GTX 970, sometimes it can stutter playing vidja while running twitch on the second monitor.
What is a solid 300-400$ upgrade and is it even worth it at these prices?

For gaming? 1440p.

incorrect, 1080p wins everytime

Hey Jow Forumsurus. I just got a ryzen 3600 with a asrock x570 steel legend and it runs hotter than normal. Now I did go from an 3570k with a hyper 212 to a 3600 with stock cooler but I shouldnt be getting @54C at idle

I already flashed the motherboard bios for other reasons that have been fixed. What else besides buying a new cooler can I do? And no I dont have air pressure leaking.

Pit the 212 on the 3600

5700xt or 2060s
Not worth

would a R3 2200G bottleneck a RX 560? I already have the graphics card but I’m poor so I’m trying to buy the cheapest processor I can without bottlenecking the graphics card

having trouble picking out a monitor, card is a geforce rtx 2600.
comp is for gaming and viewing a waterfall displays when hooked up to my amateur radio stuff

any suggestions?


I think by the time 1440p 144Hz GPU"s become cheaper 4K would already start making it's play in the monitor world. As in people who don't update monitors often will go 1080p 144Hz to 4K 75Hz+.

This is what peak ips performance looks like. Be aware though the contrast is tn quaily, SHIT

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R3 1200 is cheaper,
and faster, wont bottle neck

Its a little bent so I cant use it now. Was thinking of getting an AIO for my next purchase. Good idea?

For ram is it better to go 2x16 gb or 4x8gb?

No, a failed water cooler is difficult to detect and can destroy your whole system. Water cooling is a meme for people who want 2% overclocking headroom. Get another 212

2x16 will be dual channel, dual rank, most likely and leave you two free dimms to upgrade with

Bros wtf You guys told me to get 5700XT and now it crashes and freezes anytime I use Lightroom. I've tried all the drivers and it doesnt stop.

Is there anything better than a 212 for air? Im not gonna be a poorfag about my cooling.

DeepCool Gammamax 400

So I broke my CPU's pins trying to take off the stock cooler. Biggest and stupidest single financial loss from tech snafu I've ever gone through.
I only hope the motherboard is still fine and putting in a replacement CPU won't double the amount of money I've lost for nothing.

Do you play or do stuff in a dark room?

212 is shit. IS was decent back in the day but there's way better water and air coolers.

Yes, its dark several hours a day here

what in the FUCK makes you think a 212 is the best quality air cooler?
how the hell does that thought even come to your head?

Not really.

A 5700 would be about 2.5x faster. A decent upgrade for the price.

1440p upscaled to 4k@120.

if only the faggots who shit up these threads could ever admit they're wrong 90% of the time.

>what in the FUCK makes you think a 212 is the best quality air cooler?
For a 3600 the 212 or the Freezer 34 probably are the best coolers for what you need.

ya but the freezer 34 is massively better for around the same cost so why would the 212 be int he equation?

For cheaper, there is the pure rock.

How so?

>what in the FUCK makes you think a 212 is the best quality air cooler?

Probably because Jow Forums has recommended it for years in almost every pc building thread? Ive had mine at least since my phenom 955

>the faggots who shit up these threads
Don't talk about yourself like that, it's not healthy

>ya but the freezer 34 is massively better for around the same cost
Is the difference between them really that big?

Help me brothers. I've been going on and off about which one to buy, RTX2070 super or 5700xt. From looks of it, amd drivers are not very stable but card is 100$ cheaper. On the other hand, 2070s is stable but i dont want to pay for betatesting raytracing.
So what the hell im supposed to do?

Fuck intel