Is his advices legit?

Is his advices legit?
What do Jow Forums think of him?

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how about you fuck off with your shit thread

basically confirms to everyone what they want to hear + goes on 20 minute rants about how hard he has it but is doing way better than most people. literally rage inducing.

>muh wife divorced me please donate to my patreon

wait a second, I recognize this faggot (I think). is this the jackass that made that video whining about how his dad got sued by the company he left for violating a non-compete agreement?

then he goes on to rant about how he can't hold down a job as a software dev and it's everybody's fault but his own, even describing how he flew into a rage when his boss told him point blank that he was disappointed with his productivity?

I didn't mean his personal life videos but the ones that shows which are bad companies or bad resumes etc.

but is it the same guy? I saw that video a couple months ago, it was the first (and only) video I have ever seen of this jackass.

if it's the same guy, he is an incredibly entitled narcissist with a huge case of Dunning Kreuger syndrome. he can't program for shit and thinks that when his boss tells him that his work output isn't so great that he was literally being raped.

I used to think he was based
His opinions on company loyalty is something I can get down with, and his advice on avoiding recruiters is pretty dope
but he's one of those business faggots who won't shut the fuck up about being on THA GRIIIIIND -- WE WUZ GRINDIN. WE WUZ GRININ THOSE 34 HOUR WORK DAYS 7 DAYS A WEEK NIGGA

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he has < 2 years experience

he doesn't know shit

I met him irl. good motivator, hard worker, good advice for beginners, solid YouTuber, but doesn't know shit about computer science. I can't imagine him getting through SICP or even understanding malloc/free.

Who is this

Unironically this. He literally recommends you commit fraud just to get a job.

Is SICP really that important for a programmer? I was in the middle of reading it but Jow Forums told me to grind leetcode instead to get a job.

>Rouding off dates on a resume is fraud

Annoying, immature and not a good programmer. He made his money by fooling pajeets. Steer clear from these faggots pushing their shitty products aimed at fooling pajeets (that includes techlead).

Watch channels like javidx9 instead, actual good content.

Good at video editing, not knowledgeable at programming. Listening to people like him will hurt you, not help you.

Who is it

Literally who is this

SICP will give the foundation to actually understand and solve some of the harder problems of leetcode

No he tells you to have your friends pretend to be previous employers that you never worked for having done jobs you haven't even tried. Literally fraud. He heavily implied he did the same. When he said that during a live stream, that was the last straw. People like him are the reason finding jobs is frustrating.

what’s the appeal of this guy? i don’t get it
did he actually accomplish anything?

Last I checked, his forum is about as dead as it gets. Does anyone buy his shitty product?

actual technical content, friendly
>josh / techlead
no technical content, just arbitrary business fluff and buzz words, both bitter about tech industry and have nice insights on how bitter it can be, the rest is mostly garbage

Yes, it's that guy.

javidx9 is fucking awesome