Get programming job

>get programming job

>80% is planning
>5% is coding
>15% is debugging

What the fuck Jow Forums

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sorry kid

>programming job
Enjoy the shittiest work in tech.

Lmao you actually fell for the meme

>15% debugging
lucky bastard

>yeah I'll just write perfect code on the first pass for every problem

>He actually thought being a programmer is fun

Because most programmers are morons, so overplanning is basically required. Why do you care it's free money to sit and wait on retards.

Other excuse is under promise and over deliver. Putting enough buffer time into planning means your deadlines are so hard

Oh my god I thought I was the only one

I just became a software Development Engineer in July, fresh outta college. I don’t even work on any one of our many products that we give to actual customers. I work on internal stuff to the company. It’s so boring. We have planning meetings and pre planning meetings every week. My managers slogan is “Plans are important but planning is more important” or something.

Nobody on this team really does anything important I question why it exists. All we do is plan work we can’t even get to or do because somehow nobody has capacity, yet they’re here 40 hours a week but don’t even produce 40 hours a week of work. It makes no sense. For example the software architect on our team has a capacity of 3 hours per day each sprint. Like wtf is he doing the other 5?

It’s so bizarre. Are most software engineering jobs like this?

>do programmings
>1% writing boilerplate code
>99% debugging
>100% occupying a niche no-one else wants to do

I will add they had me doing interesting stuff as an intern. I was writing features and user stories. I was in charge of a contractor from Wistron and directing the little work they gave him. Contractor memes are real btw.

>I will add they had me doing interesting stuff as an intern.
user stories make me wanna fucking hurl, fuck the user with a rusty pickaxe kthxbye

You’re right I’ve realized writing them is boring and writing them well is difficult especially when you’re a student in school. Like wtf?

>get programming job

>80% is fucking around
>5% is coding
>5% is meetings
>10% is ops

It's great

Would you prefer

>0% planning
>1% coding
>90% debugging
>9% the burn it with fire, rip out you hair and stare at the screen for 2 weeks to track down a 1 char typo, debugging

Only if you're using OOP.

If it's mostly planned, should be the easiest (at least) 60k job ever.

at least you have a job

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This, im the only one in my office who knows how to use the API for our product.
Learning it took a while, you think i could use it as leverage for a raise?

what should I do instead

>100% occupying a niche no-one else wants to do
Fucking this. You're the only one who knows how that pile of hacks and spaghetti works, user, so go check out those tasks, alright?

>tech support job
>70% doing shit all
>10% pretending to work in front of coworkers
>19% meetings
>1% coding

Yes, are you dumb? I asked for a 10k raise just because i knew powershell and most of the shit my company uses is powershell scripts behind some ugly interface

That’s all work moron.
80% prep
5% actual work
15% fixing your fuckups

Welcome to adulthood.

Yup it is, I only make 70k and live in socal though so I feel like my potential is being wasted. I’m 23 and have a CS degree from uc irvine. I would be happy with around 100k a year. I have an interview at Blizzard this week but I’m pretty sure it’s not even a 10% increase over my current salary.

How do you like PowerShell? I’ve learned it a lot more than what I thought I was going to use it for.. we use it for automating a bunch of stuff, not so much the IT stuff you can with it as far as managing servers and stuff. We’ve gotten pretty deep with it, developing modules, unit testing stuff with Pester, following the full software development process on the scripts/modules we create. Feel like I’m wasting my time and this is super niche. Would rather be learning C#.

I'm in a similar position where all the senior programmers left and I'm the only one here who knows how anything works because the documentation is absolutely useless. How much of a raise do you think I should ask for?

Current job

>5% planning
>75% debugging
>20% coding

Your 5% coding is probably more productive than my 20%

I got hired in as an associate swe at Blizzard and I got 100k, but I also work on a game team, so ymmv

>10% is planning
>5% is coding
>85% is debugging

>0% is planning
>0% is coding
>0% is debugging

I'm unemployed and don't know how to program.

More likely this.

not op but yes.

What kind of comfy thing is this?



Better find another job now before the ship hits the bottom.

>80% planning
Wow I wish we did that. The more planning the better.

learn to code :^)

Unironically this

Wow, I unironically want this. Reminds me of pic related

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10% planning
80% coding
10% bug fixing issues from prod (debugging? Or trying to get my code to work? Because if it's that, that's still coding)

Productive jobs do exist. My company was 2 founders when I was hired as the third, now it's six. Five of them are developers

Catch: I earn less than even though I live in an expensive area of the UK.

The US is fucked. Y'all gonna have a reckoning.

>get level 2 support job

>80% is pretending to work
>10% is waiting for pajeets to handle tickets
>5% percent is actually fixing stuff
>5% is skyping people who think they're too important to just put in a ticket

My cousin who was the first of his class in the best university of the country became a manager. He ended up in the same technical institution with a bunch of his fellow students and he ended up managing them because it was the best job.

On the other hand, who gives a shit about jobs. You're gonna die with nothing anyway.

% is planning
You got lucky. Normally programmers are expected to produce lines of code.
Yes, everyone jokes about that. But that's because they don't want to admit it's true.
In my experience (very small teams, though), planning is no more than 20% and that's way too little.

>be senior full stack goy
>make $70/hr sitting at home on my couch
>60% reading documentation
>25% coding
>15% debugging

Huh where do you work. I have 100% full-stack fuck you just-make-it-work coding.

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>screen for 2 weeks to track down a 1 char typo, debugging
Or 5 minutes in visual studio

it is, but only if you are not a wagie

welcome to the real world JACKASS.

More like 90% internet activism over leftist bullshit and 10% sniffing your own farts. You guys don't do anything valuable.

>automating away jobs isn't valuable
let me guess, you paint walls for a living?

> get programming job
> 40% is rabbit-hole analysis because the business processes are a rats maze nobody understands
> 20% is debugging
> 5% is design/planning
> 1% is actual coding
> 3% is code reviewing
> 6% is unit testing (dynamic langs, bad arch)
> 25% is systems testing (cost savings fire most testers, jokes on them devs cost more anyway)

Get paid reasonably compared to peers in my locality (very slightly over average) but damn im so sick of testing, especially stupid shit because muh dynamic langs. I don't mind all the business-domain bullshit because that's what makes us valuable over some random outsourced 'coder', plus it means i get to go chit-chat with people about the business and whatever while figuring shit out rather than being at my desk all day.

I'm one of those 5% who hate putting in ISD/IT tickets.