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Isn't this anti freedom?

check your privilege

Its parents must be proud

GNOME devs being pathetic again

>stop the ming my app

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>custom icons prevent app developers from their brand
Every fucking time, lol.
There retards really don't get Free software at all.

God I want to break that faggot's skull with a crowbar.

Someone should really destroy his life

Someone needs to create a theme for that website.


What's this guy's problem? Why does he hate the open source community so much?

He has histrionic personality disorder

I get the complaints for theme apps and in-app icon themes. However this is what makes me lose my shit. Your identity? Your "brand"? Fuck off.

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If those bastards disable theming can't people just fork the project and then that'll be the new mainstream project and everyone will move on with their life? Genuine question

>plz don't do this

Doesn't GTK already provide you to override system CSS? Why bother asking others not to make newer CSS when you can stop them yourself?

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wow those devs must be retarded
>hurr durr I can't use the GUI toolkit provided and I must add custom styling to it

next major habenin will be on trannies

>stop theming my app

Nothing of value would be lost if this person ceases to exist

Not true.
It's not the first time Coraline graces us with the high quality incel buttrage.



>triggering a mass of incels is not a worthy contribution
It's art of a new kind. A painting that uses society for its canvas.

stop trying to fit in, tranny

Corey isn't any better than an average Jow Forums incel. In fact, Corey has been more of a hindrance than anything else in the OSS community.

>it's le trannies who are triggering me! this somehow makes it more OK for me to be assmad

Except for the amazing skill at being obnoxious.
Coraline is what stonetoss tries hard to be, except with less mental illness than stonetoss.

So, what exactly are they suggesting here? That Gnome developers deny users the ability to modify / change the GTK themes / icons of applications?

Trannies are this based?

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all these invcels are just bent because I: a strong black woman, have bigger dick than you faggots!

I don't know if it's intentional, but they sure are.

The OSI told him to fuck off and he's bitching about it. Nothing to worry about for now.

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t. mentally ill

I hope you guys troll the hell out of this guy on twatter

Yes, yes you are.

>hahahaha. that bloke forgot to use the meme arrow

Why stop them? Just means more work available for people who don't give a fuck about ICE.

>stop the minge

Wtf is the mingmy??

yeah i know, they are fucking retarded, it was that hard to add a dot or hyphen in the middle but these faggots are uncapable of high level cognition so "stop the ming" is all you get.

for anyone who keeps saying mingmy or the ming

with a bit of luck they're dead now

>makes open source app


this is probably a setup and GNOME asked him to make a fuzz about it so they can remove another feature, no joke they have constantly broke all themes since inception, gnome 3 is the worst decade they ever had and eventually people will drop gtk.

>It's the theme that's broken!
>I don't want to fix bugs so will tell people to stop using their computer as intended
Fucking shits

Stop making it so shit then.

You know we could probably crowdfund the real solution to take care of him. With enough funds raised, it would look like an accident.

I can't wait for someone to drop that guy off in Pakistan to be culturally enriched.

you are obsessed with this person

>this is probably a setup and GNOME asked him
OP pic literally isn't connected to this site in any way. This entire thread is full of retards who got baited.

>calls programs apps
opinion discarded.

Commie complaining about communism