Open Source cancel

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Everyone should decide who uses their work. Deal with it Jow Forumstard

this thing roleplays as the creator of computer algorithms.

Can someone shoot this faggot already

Sorry choice is fascism

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>she thinks that it's legal for proprietary software companies to forbid sales of their product to people based on the content of their character

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Just don't release it as open source?

Until anyone decides to fork it and fuck you.

ada lovelace's work and contributions to CS have been grossly exaggerated by progressive feminists

Beginning to believe these people are just corpo shills desu.

She was a damn fine computer. Thats about it, beyond a job that has been entirely replaced by machines she's literately who ground zero.

>release something that is open source
>proceed to complain that someone you don't like is using it
uhm, sweaty

I pity anyone having to deal with such people on a professional level

>fuck off Jow Forums trannies are just people too
>wtf trannies are literally opposed to the core values of open source software who could have told us this

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Is my code fuck you


They are. Sarah Mei works at Salesforce and she "jokingly" said she'd get a bonus for what she's doing.

No they actually can.
They just can't call it "free" or "open".

>this software if free for everyone to use
uhmmmmm, bake the cake you fucking bigot

>>fuck off Jow Forums trannies are just people too
Literally no one on Jow Forums says this you schizo, we all see how cancer they are, it's just that we can also identify when you're trying to use the situation to push your agenda. You're just another kind of cancer.

The mistake was giving retards a platform to speak from then taking them seriously. Also posting twitter caps should be an autoban

our kind of cancer doesn't want to literally abolish open source licensing

who is giving them the platform? why is greta thunberg a thing? where do these platforms come from... it's odd how these people pop up isn't it?

Yes you do, Jow Forums was literally cheering when China started banning what they considered to be degenerate. Jow Forums is in favor of censorship and limited freedom so long as the governing party acts in their favor.

Thy are so fucking stupid they think they can make these bullshit licenses to they can control who ever uses their code bases. Too bad they're too dumb to realize we can just fork whatever we need.

HEe talks about not wanting ICE to use his code but guess what? Sarah Mei works for Salesforce who has a contract with border patrol.

>use the situation to push your agenda.
God forbid that anyone actually wants to do anything about faggots ruining anything besides just crying online about it.

When you have no agency left I wonder what you will do then.

>Jow Forums is one person

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NFLv1 - No Faggots License Version One

Anyone may run, modify, distribute, sell or otherwise use this software as they see fit with the understanding that it is provided without a warranty of any kind, so long as they are heterosexual. This license bans all homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, and other assorted queers from using or interacting with this software in any way. Homosexuals may not run, modify, distribute, sell, fork, or otherwise use this code in any way.

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>they're too dumb to realize we can just fork whatever we need.
This people will label open source projects as alt-right fascist and force companies to use only "noharm" licenses, just like CoC in open source.

Fucking based. If things continue the way they are I'm going to use this type of license on my work.

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You try to enforce your dumbass license, or even notice if some random fag is using your software. It's pointless just like this shitty "Hippocratic License".

This is the best license I've even seen in my life.

These trannies think they're better than RMS so of course they want to make their own licenses. Too bad they have zero understanding that these licenses will not hold up in court.

I don't care if a few individuals break the law. If you do anything big worth money you will be in breach of a license and I can sue them.

I personally look forward to the license war.

Combating retards by acting like one yourself.

Ah yes as compared to bigbrain cucks who combat retards by living in their moms basement and never doing anything of importance, ever.

What's bad about living in your mom's basement and doing nothing of importance?

Is there some Tranny God we must please through important acts that are outside of our mom's basement?

>can't into closed source

Imagine being a loser like this guy.
Imagine being trained since birth that "being a loser is OKAY! inaction is cool never do or say anything that pushes back against mediocrity EVER!"

What is with all these people creating new licenses that are not Free and Open Source Software licenses?

What is "open source" anyway? I know what free software is (and anything under that 'hippocratic license' definitely isn't it), but not "open source".

>KEKLv2: free to use, free to change, free to distribute...unless you offend my delicate sensibilities

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Open Source is just a spin off from Free Software where the focus is more on the development model, not the freedom. Supporters believe that Open Source development is a superior model for developing software.

>Destroy gpl
>Destroy opensource
>Your move nazi
The time has come for the wtfpl to shine

That doesn't really help. What defines it?
For example, free software has the four essential freedoms as described in

What makes those unfree licenses not "open source" if the source code is open?

Yeah fuck like regulations and shit amiright? Who cares if they pay taxes, they're human beings!

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I don't actually live in my mom's basement but I sure as hell don't see anything wrong with it.

Actually I think it's a good thing in many ways, look at how Asians do it, they live with their families for life.

Americans have this weird trip where you feel like you have to "graduate" from your parent's house and "do something important" to be successful.

That's not how I view things. Simply caring about those close to you is enough for me.

More like an attempt to deactivate ethical aspects of free software in order to make it more palatable to corporations.

>Jow Forums is always right and just trying to help
>they're always the target of hate and slander
This world is a terrible place.

until the don't give a fuck chinese literally copypaste your code and create a superior product like WPS office

>I don't actually live in my mom's basement but I sure as hell don't see anything wrong with it.
Opinion disregarded. Stopped reading.

The definition was originally taken from Debian for their description of Free Software. Can find the current one here.

Of course, they basically push the focus away from the freedom aspect of their software.

You're either a guillible retard or a malicious shill either way fuck off

I'm neither and your words mean nothing. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish.
Oh he said fuck off I guess I have to leave. lmao

You must be young then.
Once you get older maybe you'll feel like you should spend more time with your parents. They raised your poopy ass for godsake go spend some quality time together before you all are dead.

Wear that mom's basement dweller status like a fucking badge boys, take care of the ones we love.

>our labor

>The software may not be used to threaten the well-being of underprivileged individuals or groups.
so if they use this software to kill white people its ok
fuck off

fuck whitey

That's what you get when you let retarded trannies and diversity hire quotas into the space.

fucking transfucker, I hope it offs itself soon

Yer gonna laugh because she wrote about it from her POV:

Wonder why her co-worker freaked out? We dont know, but I'd guess she got worried about dealing with Cora in light of what she did earlier

They just want control. It's not about the four freedoms to them or any freedom at all actually. They are the opposite of free software, even worse than proprietary software on this path they are going.

Now we can see the new enemy. Woke software.

How dumb do you have to be to fall for Qatari state propaganda

Uh oh, spotted one!

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>Open source
>not Free software

I'm about 3 clownworld eperiences away from losing my shit, going into the streets and screaming about niggers and gamergate.

thanks user.

Here's an idea. We use his license in shitposting Git repos that do stuff like rearrange phrases from Mein Kampf into ASCII art.

>our labor
Who the fuck does he think he is?

Good idea, I'll make the logo

Yeah, it's pretty funny because they've probably never contributed to a large project used by any "evil" organizations.
I suppose they're also implying that the work of someone else in the open software community is inclusive of everyone?

directly contradicting the idea that information wants to be free

I know the contributions of Ada Lovelace are blown out of proportion, but you must remember that:
She realized the full potential of babbages' machine beyond mere mathematical entities. The countess of numbers may be overblown by modern progressives, but don't minimize her role in computing sciences, humanities, and mathematics.

no u

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>Implying governments and big corporations dont do that better and at larger scale than some people on stormfront
>How gullible are you?

Is this why so many people go on and on about "muh jews"?

He's probably on Microsoft's payroll and this is just their latest plan to undermine FOSS.

Based Flipanon is less tired of life than I am and thus can explain it better than I can

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stormfags are the real jews
its called state funding, fbi infiltration, and controlled opposition, just like isis.
basically pol is just like muslims
yes. pol is just like sjws.

Don't worry, I think everyone here would use "he" in person to make sure she doesn't feel welcome


>a literal handful of unemployed controlled opposition vs the wealthiest and most connected group of humans in history, who can literally get away with war crimes (dropping white phosphorous on civilians)
It's incredible how Jews always try to play the victim. Literally always.

completely transparent samefaggot Israeli astroturfer. The public is turning against Jews.

It’s a man you idiot

All the problems they’ve caused would be my guess


How many people even browse stormfront? How many of those are involved in this "swamfront" bs(nice link to your source, faggot)? Israel hires tens of thousands to plaster the internet with BS.

Ehmke is 1000% right and all you folx should check your privilege. I'm looking forward to the morals clause being incorporated in GPL4 and Apache3 and required for posting code to GitHub and contributing to every major project except OpenBSD (who'd never let you contribute anyway)

none of this will actually work, ICE will ignore the license and continue to use all their code to carry out genocide on the Latinx population

but at least we'll get to feel smug about all the good we're doing and that's the real point.

How can women be smart enough to do that I though they were all dumb

Considering they constantly complain that Free and Open software isn't run like a corporation with a bloated HR dept. Yeah I'd say it's a guarantee these 'people' are corporate shills.

We can kiss the 4 freedoms in the Linux world goodbye, now that Stallman is gone. Stallman was the only guy with the clout to tell trannies to fuck off with their bullshit.

wtfpl is open source

also checked

Let's meet up user and get plastered instead

o i am laffin

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Someone should drop that ugly tranny freak.
That being said, fuck off to Jow Forums.

Yeah, but the license does not leave space for changes like the ones suggested by Emke.
You are allowed to do with the wtfpl material whatever you want, no matter who you are and that is final

not technology

>banning US companies that use your people as cattle to harvest data from them and feed the algorithm is bad
>you should allow some -berg from the states to take your people's data or you are the bad guy

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Stop giving these people power.

His source is ((wikipedia)).

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The Nazi tactic was to accuse your enemies of what you're guilty of

which is literally what you guys do. You accuse this of the Jews when you did it first. Fuck Zionism but for real, you morons will believe anything

everyone can't benefit from open source software. that would be racist!