Why yes, i have sex. how could you tell?

>why yes, i have sex. how could you tell?

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The 9900K is faster and cheaper faggot

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again, faster and cheaper

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Just some retard trying to make it seem like he is actually buying this shit and just selected the most expensive options while having no clue why it is expensive or who it is meant for.

Look at his storage choice 8.8K for 4TB kek. For marginally better latency at that...

Until Intel lowers the it's price on their memory solution shit will continue to not be bought. It is just not worth it for the price.

4 core less
half memory capacity
half memory bandwidth

>meme tech

You do realize that that piece of shit site's scoring is biased to lower amount of cores (for CPU) and to gaming performance (for GPU), while OP is obviously making a workstation build, meaning that site is useless.

You can argue that 2080ti and 9900k are better, but please don't do it with that site. Gamers Nexus have pretty good benchmarks for workstation tasks with consumer products, maybe check out there

Yeah, just trust a grimey nerd that dresses like a middle schooler. With dumb long hair that’s never cleaned.

>sperglord processor
Yea, no.

>just blindly trust a gaming site to tell you workstation performance
>site which recently changed it's scoring algorithm to favor fewer cores cause it was bribed by Intel so Ryzen 3000 wouldn't decimate them
are you mad that i am right?

750W PSU is a tad overkill

it actually warned me that it wasn't enough when i added a 12tb seagate iron wolf.


>paying $400 for an OS that's going to be deprecated in 4 months
based retard

>why yes, i have sex. how could you tell?
Your Dad said his butt was sore

>implying OP is a top

He buys Intel in 2019 so he's obviously a bottom

Fair point

Get a second one for RAID-1. Mechanical hard drives are untrustworthy.

I'm sure you keep backups, but no one wants the hassle of being offline while you restore 12 TB over gigabit ethernet.

>windows 7 professional

Anyone can pay a whore nowadays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

literally and unironically have semi-consensual vaginal intercourse with a human female whilst she sobs gently and begs you to stop

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>inb4 who gave you the dime all did

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>$3182 for a 500GB hard drive
It's not even 10k or SAS.

>modern intel

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But it's a travel star, son, just like your old man!

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>96 GB RAM

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Based burn. OP forever butthurt.

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How many times did you have to sell your body to make that much?

>all that and only one physical cpu
You will never be chad.


Based case

>intel acquires userbenchmark.com's and many other reviewer teams' staff prior to Ryzen 3000 release
>Ryzen 3000 is released and is destroying Intel in everything except gaming, where it's off a couple of percent
>"whoops let's fucking change the score so only gaming matters"
Source: reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/chuu8h/userbenchmark_changed_the_way_they_calculate/
(i know it's reddit, but it's more detailed than i'm willing to write)

>When Ryzen 3000 launched, score was = 30% single core, 60% quad core, 10% multi core
>Then Intel paid them to change the score to = 40% single core, 58% quad core, 2% multi core
Just ramp up those single and quad cores...i3s are better than workstation i9s now

>plebbit as a source
>r/amdrones to make it all worse
Waa, waa, Gaymd sucks because of shintel and novideo!!!

your inability to comprehend simple change in calculation algorithm such as
>30% single core, 60% quad core, 10% multi core
>40% single core, 58% quad core, 2% multi core
should classify you handicapped enough for a free parking spot

Here, take their own site as a source

Fuck off, gay retard. Don't keep tranny Su's cock waiting.