LG invents stuff

>LG invents stuff
>iSheep hates on it
>years later
>Apple copies LG
>iSheep raves about it

Well? How will you defend this one, iSheep?

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based basedposter

The iPhone was already years into development before the Prada was announced bro

The Prada was already years into development before your lagPhone was announced street shitter.

What's your point?

That you shit in the street.

Not an argument.


You shitting in the street isn't an argument.

>You shitting in the street isn't an argument.

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Nice self portrait SoiBoi.

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he's right you know

Samsung Ultra Smart F700
>The SGH-F700, marketed as the Ultra Smart F700,[1] is a mobile phone manufactured by Samsung. Using Vodafone as its network provider, the phone was first introduced at the 3GSM World Congress that was held in February 2007. Sales to the European market started November 2007

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Man I got pissed off having to use iTunes just to copy some songs onto my Rokr had to convert everything too


They just reminded Steve he invented the PDA... the grandaddy of tablets and smartphones back in the early 1990s.

Galaxy Note before the Galaxy Note.

The Newton

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t. iJeet


The iTunes phone was designed and made by motorolla. They just licensed iTunes.



>nobody heard of the Prada phone until iPhone

They invented the PDA? Are you retarded user? The PDA was invented way before the Newton. BTFO iToddler.

other manufactures implements stuff in a half-assed manner whereas apple refines it. just look at audio zoom between the note 10 and iphone 11.

>apple implements stuff in a half-assed manner whereas other manufacturers refine it

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Wrong. Just like everything else, it was stolen and marketed the shit out of it.
I'll give apple that, they're really good at marketing. And stealing.

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>being this delusional

>he immediately switches to Indian jokes after getting proved wrong

>>he immediately shits in the street after getting proved wrong

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Lol I'm on an Android right now. Why can't you get over the fact that the iPhone didn't steal the LG Prada?

iphone was just a shitty imitation of the prada
deal with it




>Prada design completely finalized and submitted for IDF design award in 2006
>more than a year before steve poo announced his copycat clonePhone
thanks for proving OP right

>iPhone and lg Prada came out same year
It takes more than a year to take something from concept to reality but you will just call me an apple fag despite the fact I have never and will never own an iPhone

>The LG Prada was announced shortly beforeAppleCEOSteve Jobsannounced the long-rumoured[10]iPhoneon January 9, 2007.[11][12]There was much speculation that the latter's design "copied" that of the Prada,[13][14]although there were only 28 days between the announcements and the iPhone had already been under development for years.[15]

Cope harder iJeet.

>The accusation doesn't hold much credibility, however
Nice job not reading your own links.

>The accusation doesn't hold much credibility, however. Although the phones have undeniable similarities, the iPhone features a more sophisticated user interface. For example, the iPhone used the flick-to-scroll gesture now common on smartphones; the LG Prada used a desktop-style scroll bar. The two phones were likely developed independently.

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>one had scroll one had swipe
Oh well that explains everything then.

The author of the article you linked didn't post any concrete proof that apple stole LGs design. He even said they most likely didn't.
I'm going to work now, I'll finish arguing with you about this soon.