Pc repair shop owner here

pc repair shop owner here.

I got this laptop in today with a bunch of soot-looking material near the cpu fan. it's all over the blades, but there's no burning smell whatsoever.

What on earth caused this? I'd appreciate any thoughtful answers.

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pic 2

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intel cpu

pic 3

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printer toner

last pic

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that's exactly what it feels like when I rub it on my fingers, but it doesn't stain like toner would.

thanks for that!

>no burning smell whatsoever
Maybe it isn't soot at all.
Maybe you have a stuffy nose.
Maybe the material didn't have a smell when it was consumed by fire/heat.
Maybe, maybe you are a liar.

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No problem user! Try not to breathe it in!

Also, that last pic looks like vulcanized rubber particles.

oh no, I can smell just fine :D And maybe this did happen a long time ago. Thanks.

TJMAX of 100C

Owner is a heavy smoker

tobacco smoke is red

if you live in a big city and have just the slightest draft in the corner of your window you'll see stuff like that, I imagine it's just picked up from polluted environment

ask them where they've been using it

smoke dust and tar isn't charcoal black like that

could it be perhaps plastic from a badly-molded fan blade or housing?

I'm guessing it was in an industrial setting. Some type of metal work, warehouse, machining, or garage.

Just to add to my reply I made my reply on the first photo, after looking at the rest it looks like fine metal shavings.

You mean yellow

it was strictly for home use in a suburban neighborhood of 100k population.

the user doesn't smoke.

The fan housing looks fine. I can't see any scrapes or wear that would shave off the blades.

thanks guys.

please see
The laptop was more than likely sitting on a rubber mat.

shit was on fire, yo

this is DUST from cars exhaust
this notebook was used outdoors in town, near car heavy street
or in house with always open windows at street with lots of cars pass by (assuming hot climate)

I broke the blades while ripping them off the motor.

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also stove with bad chimney

man I kinda doubt that.. his office is upstairs and in a residential neighborhood that's kinda tucked away

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Rip, time to get a replacement

You already figured it out


fan melts

ash spreads

interesting thought. I'll ask the customer.

ehh he lives in a pretty modern home with electric heating.

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no I broke it. It was intact before I started this investigation.

it IS an older AMD...

but how does overheating create all that black crap? Forgive me, I'm a high tech janitor, not a scientition :D

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wait how about this...

since there's a lot of what looks like scoring around the intake grills of the laptop, whatever was pulled in to the intakes immediately got blackened and then gathered in the fan, where most of the mass is.


shit overheated, huh? and just burnt up all the dust that went through it.

I'm gonna go with that. Thanks for all the sleuthing, guys. Stay Jow Forums

oh, and someone fix chinkshit.xyz where it goes to random aliexpress and banggood pages instead of /csg/

and since I never post on Jow Forums and don't plan to again, here's my thanks to you all.


>>What on earth caused this? I'd appreciate any thoughtful answers.
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It is definitely laser printer toner or girls makeup of some kind
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It just looks like it worked in dirty/industrial environment 8+ hour workshifts

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maybe a car workshop

Immagine lungs of people that works there.
I would also report his ass for "Occupational safety and health" violation.

could be just plain carbon dust, perhaps the pc always sat near fire or used to be used in a pencil factory or sth

Its smoke residue from someone smoking something next to it like a cigar or weed. Or maybe their pc sits next to an incense burner/candle.

that doesn't look like soot at all.
dunno what it is though. does it smell like rubber or anything? maybe it's plastic?
can't tell. but it doesn't look like soot.

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This black powder accumulates on fans because of the air pollution where I work. It takes many years to reach this state though in an office environment

Can it be that metal-like material that slowly sediments on components the more you use them? I don't remember the name ffs sorry