Mom found the .jar

>mom found the .jar

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>mom found the shared objects

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>my neighbor found out about the tranny porn I was downloading off of their network

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>dad found the goatse directory

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>mom found the rape .rar

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>one .man
>one .jar

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>mum found the 1tb veracrypt file called "homework"

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>oni senpai found the .sfs puppy liveDVDs


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>black coworker found the .rs domain

>username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

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still never been caught to this day

>root is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

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bf found the .ass subs

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>gf found the .blend waifus

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>mom found out that I still use winrar instead of 7zip

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>I shot the .sheriff
>Did not shoot the .deputy

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>Sudoers incident reported straight to RMS

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>SIL reassigned the epoch

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I really, really like this thread

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>mod got the joke in my nickname and realized it's a racist pun

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t. diggernick

g-guys, where do I hide my cute and funny

>I fought the .law
>mfw the .law won

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>mom sold my /8 at a yard sale

>browser autocorrected to nigger while typing niggle during class presentation

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>dog found the .log

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>OP starts with one of the wholesome millenial cat memes
>thread devolves into shitty zoomer badly edited cat memes
Reproduction was a mistake

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>china found my open ssh server

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>I found my old porn folder

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>fail2ban blocked the chinese IP

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>Mom found Andy's .log(s)

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>Parole officer found the distributed hash table

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>cat found her peace

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fuck.... he got all my keys...

>dad unzipped his turing machine

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i miss my cat

>windows search function didn't find the file I know to be there

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I miss my boye that I had to give up...
I feel you, user.

>mom found the naked bananas

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>Mom found MY naked banana

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>at sis' housewarming party
>she gets email from new isp warning her for SisLovesMe torrent

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Same. Stupid parents.

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>mom saw the freudian hostname

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Good thread

>user-kun found the thread

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>milkman found the nop sled

>girlfriend said my Itanium was Very Long and let me pop her stack

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>Mitchell can't find the iPod

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Delete your input and try 2nd time. It actually works

Good thread anons I'm dead

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>dad reverts a bug fix because it "wasn't reproducible on the latest version"

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>sent in my resume to a place i wanted to work
>check the domain i sent it under

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>mom clicks on The_Final_Solution.exe

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>mon found that I use world readable /etc/passwd to store my passwords

where is it actually reported ?

>mom found the programming socks

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She'll just think you had a girl over. This isn't so bad.

root's mailqueue



>She'll just think you had a girl over
Haha, no.

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