Here it is

The last set of earphones you'll ever need.

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> not wireless

>sounds worse than superlux chinkshit, costs 5 times as much and is even less durable

Solder a jack plus pic

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no one will disagree that they are decent sounding cans given the price point and user group but coiled cord is a pain and anyone with a half decent setup will want a 1/4 plug. so really the only thing it's got going for it is that it sounds ok?

reminder some audiophile headphones like the Sennheiser HD650 will turn you gay over time becauae the male vocals of it sounds really good
On the contrary, STAX headphones will strongly strengthen your heterosexuality and your love for Japanese women because of how excellent female vocals sound on them
OP's picrel will just give you hearing loss and tinnitus if you listen to it for recreation

>this faggot thinks Sennheiser sounds ok
this has to bait

>t. staxcel

Move over faggots.

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I dobt see any earphones

What's the name of the material that's covering the earpads? That stuff is terrible.

I have the 7506's
ordered some better pads for them about a month in and they have been great for the past 5 years
Every time someone talks about them in HPG Jow Forums directs them to other headphones
probably why they are so good, since Jow Forums is always wrong and all that.


That's not the sennheiser hd 280 pro...

7506 have been the industry standard for a long ass time, can't deny that

For mixing yes, for any sort of casual use then fuck. no.

>with headphones

>and is even less durable
V6s are fucking invincible though, that's why they're so popular among TV sound guys and other audio people working in field conditions.

Where get some velour pad replacements my v6 pads evaporated

Mixing with headphones is fine
Mixing on anything is fine as long as you know what and where to place things.

Personally I use two monitors and high end headphones they all have different purposes and are different references

It’s the person not the gear

Get a condenser mic and reclaim your pads

True but the headband is flaking a lot after 8 years of daily use, and there's no replacement for it

>T. poorfag who hasn't heard anything better, just bought into meme with his christmas money despite being 30 years old

Shrill, fatiguing sound. Shitty soundstage. Pads are too shallow and will disintegrate on you. Used only retarded manchildren like OP. You clearly haven't even tried anything else, and you tout your faggotry out in the open. Cope harder.