New ReactOS update

>Microsoft nightmare
>Based on leaked win7 dll code
>Still cool

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thought they were at feature parity with windows 2000

Doesn't matter, even the 125 year copyright law won't protect Windows by the time ReactOS is usable.

You think it would be able to run like modern programs if it was only based on win2000 code retard

>leaked win7 dll code
When did it happen?

Too bad it doesn’t work.

Never, some asshole complained they were copying names and macros but never checked to see that it was all documented on msdn.

>still can't recognize USB drives
worse than useless

Any day now!

have they added in multiprocessor support yet?

This new update is pretty smooth. Not usable, but probably 10 major bugs away from that point - if you confine yourself to the subset of programs they seem to test with. And really this is what grandma would need.

so, can it run windows executables, games and very demanding programs like compilers or encoders, on a windows 7 level?

userland is very much the same code as WINE, so if the RectOS kernel works, it would run Windows programs as well as WINE (i.e. very well).

I don't know how complete the kernel is though.

god, im just waiting for this to be usable so i can ditch trannylinux and still have privacy

>leaked win7 dll code
They purposefully avoid all leaks si that microshit could not sue their ass.

Bit of a fool's errand there - ReactOS being completely compatible with Windows means all the privacy-invading shit will work too.

Windows 7 source code was leaked few years ago iirc

React is still a piece of shit.

im waiting for the day they get my 13 year old hardware working, probably wont happen

nope. latest windows source to be leaked was 2000.

They recently finished the USB stack. It didn't get included in this version though.

At least 3 years more until beta.

Nope. They're not even working on it.

Not even close. I mean, theoretically it could but you'll bump with many fatal bugs for sure.

You and me both. Are you helping the project in some way? Donate something if you can't bother learning C.

Being OSS you could block or remove any feature you don't like. It's not like they are implementing telemetry.

Fuck you


made you react

How functional React actually is?
Can it run say PS and Zbrush without ussues?

Older PS might work. The new ones definitely don't.

But no, it's not functional. Still in alpha and it will stay so for some years at least.