Just formatted to windows 10 getting ready for install

Just formatted to windows 10 getting ready for install.

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Yes senpai I’ll install you.

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This is the peesee it’s getting installed on. Oh happy day it rebooted!

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It’s doing something fun...

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Turned off creeper mode... hopefully daddy bill lets me use it...

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Oooooooo pretty

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Holy crap I got pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How? It didn’t even ask for a product key?!? Is Microsoft just giving pro away for free?

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Light theme is way prettier than yucky dark mode blegggh

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Getting the driver for my gpu. Bye bye windows 7. This was way easier than I anticipated! :)

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Getting updates...

Hope they all work...

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You will never experience what a truly comfy OS is again.

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What is this zoomer pajeet bullshit thread?

Updates incoming :D

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Nothing I’m just really fucking high...
I stalk miss windows 7

Damn that was quick...

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shit bro no one asked if you had boomer os

I really like how fast this pc is. I ordered it off of eBay... slapped a sata 480gb sad in it and a gtx 1060 inside. Fast as fuck...

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It was like this with windows xp. Everyone somehow held onto it as if they owned the source code. I could install arch on it but I wanted to have windows 10. Here’s the vid card specs.

I can’t wait to play some vidya on this bitch.

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>formatted to Windows 10
So.. NTFS?

Nice clean start menu...
Now to download gimp, Libreoffice, VLC, etc

Going to pick up a 1440p 144hz display tomorrow, buying one from a friend who has 3 for some reason. His rtx 2080 ti can’t push the pixels. Might buy a mechanical keyboard as well.

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I’m assuming that’s what windows uses. I’ve always just used ext4 with Linux. Here’s the mouse I’m using for this build.

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nice room

My wife brought these plates home from work. We have no room for them. Most of the mess is computers I’m fixing and laundry I’m doing. We both work full time jobs so the trailer ends up messy all the time. 2 teenagers and shit makes it even harder. Cys came once when it was like this and didn’t say anything. It’s clean in here just disorganized.

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I hope that's ltsc.

Windows 10 is so incredibly boring. It works too good. Maybe that’s a good thing. Getting ready to install it on my laptop next. Acer aspire 5250 with 4gb of ram, dual core amd old as fuck processor with a 1tb laptop hard drive.

What’s itsc?

This is going to be the hard drive in my laptop. It’s going to be raped with windows 10 next. You can almost hear it begging me to stop. Shhhhhh little hgst just let it happen... @_@

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Here’s the ram I got for free from my friend Scott. Say thank you Scott.

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LTSC, it's the long term service channel of windows 10 enterprise. Lots of people here like it because it doesn't have any of the windows store crap. It only gets security updates, no feature updates. Whether this is a pro or a con depends on the person.

Can you believe I lost the access panel? Guess I’ll cover it with box tape.

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I still use a very old netbook, so probably won't upgrade from 7. If it wasn't for my SSD, I would still be using XP.

Setting the hot order. Can you feel it mr krabs?

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I’m not sure why people hold onto old outdated software. Windows 10 is faster than 7...

What about the specs of that notebook? As far as I know, Windows 10 runs like shit when installed on HDDs

Amd e350 4gb ddr3 ram 7200rpm hgst 1tb hdd. I’ll keep you posted.

>Windows 10 is faster than 7
Borderline unusable on HDD and on SSD the speed-difference is barely noticeable with 7 being snappier on some cases.

I don't really know. The thing only started to hang a little on some websites this year. I would feel bad throwing a perfectly usable peace of hardware away.

Nice, that's a really old boy

Dat windows flag, installer sees the hdd and has began copying. See you after the install. I’m going to go watch an episode of Dexter.

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I think you’re just used to ssd speeds chief

Taking a fair bit longer to install but the laptop is so old I’m surprised it still works. I only use it on business trips anyway. Modding stuff, and the like. I’ll be buying a new one After I buy my property.

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Windows 7 is now no more in my house. I’m not really sad to see it go. I was at first but instead of trying to live in the past, I’m just thankful for the incredible experience it provided me. I’m installing all my software on my desktop and it’s a lot faster than windows 7. This is actually installing pretty quickly all things considered. Activated as home. I wonder how Microsoft knows. It’s a windows 7 laptop. Cortana started talking to me. I’m so ducking high that it scared the living duck out of me.

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I’m going to finish drivers tomorrow. I’m going to bed. The hdd isn’t holding it back. It’s really fast. Faster than 7 ever was on this piece of shit. You all have a wonderful evening.

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>Faster than 7 ever was on this piece of shit

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Then don’t idgaf

Hey, I'm using a Samsung laptop with the same processor and RAM, the only difference is the 320GB HDD. I'm running Windows 10 Home 64 bits on it.

I bought the 7200rpm drive as part of a deal. It’s faster than 5200rpm laptop drives. SSD will always outperform anything though. After several hours of testing, windows 10 is smoother and faster than 7 in almost every way.