Every time I keep telling myself that I'll never buy AMD again, and every time I end up doing it again anyway

Every time I keep telling myself that I'll never buy AMD again, and every time I end up doing it again anyway.

Fuck this company.

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There's always some stupid shit with it, like idle power consumption going way up when you connect a second monitor, buggy drivers and missing cool features like VR SPS.

All gpus dont throttle when you plug in a second display. Amds drivers kick ass thats a old meme. and VR is for autists.
Navi kicks ass and so does turing.

It's no as bad as previous gens that idled at 50-60W, but still way worse.

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I bought the same POS. Constant freezes in desktop doing basic web browsing and and BSOD in Lightroom. Tried every driver they have released and get the same results. Were you guys joking when 5 of you told me to get it in PC building thread? wtf

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Why do you give a shit about power consumption? 35 watts? Thats nothing. quit bitching about numbers. I bet the lights in your house take more then that. Do you complain about them too? Everytime you microwave your ramen you use 800-1000 watts. Oh no the Microwave is now bad too! You ex console fags always find shit to bitch about lol. Every single card in that chart is fine. Good grief..

Your ram is probably fucked up.

The ram on the gpu or on my motherboard? My 32gb pass 48 hours of memtest

The ram in your pc. Memtest is kind of crappy and wont catch everything. Mine passed too yet caused random crashes. Try raising your trfc or give it a tad more voltage. If your using ryzen raise the SOC voltage. Memtest wont tell you if your SOC is unstable. It's def not your gpu. Keep tuning.

I told you to buy ECC RAM. You could have prevented this. Why didn't you listen?

The computer has never had a hiccup with my 980ti. I put in the 5700xt and all hell breaks loose.

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>It's def not your gpu

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Oh god no not the idle consumption
That's a terrible fucking disaster, i dont know what would i do if my idle power went to 60w probably kill myself.

That's vhow i know you're a genuinely troubled user and not a paid shill.

I jumped ship to Nvidia after using ATi/AMD for 12 years and I honestly couldn't be happier, so much less headache and regret.
Nvidia is a shit ass company but things just work (including FreeSync now) and since they are popular, everything focuses optimizations for them.

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All those people you posted in that pic are dumb and so it dont surprise me they dont know how to fix shit just like you.

Yup. Check your power cables. Check your ram. Gpus and drivers work different. You must be new.

>oy! pay more for less performance and YOU have to fix your own drivers!
AMD GPUs were a mistake

>lol everyone is just dumb

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Nice try shill. None believes your made up sob story.

>pay more for less performance
To be fair, it's still a hundred euros cheaper than the RTX 2070.

fuck out of here with your cherry picking dude

My Vega crashes from time to time. Mostly when playing youtube videos but sometimes while gaming.
I don't remember whether this was happening when i had one monitor, but now i have two and it happens.

Maybe the monitors are related, sometimes my secondary goes dark for a second or the primary flickers.

I tried disabling XMP, run cpu at stock clocks, keeps crashing.
Lately i disabled hardware acceleration in browser and maybe something updated but my browser begun crashing instead of entire system.
I still get an occasional gaming crash though.

Its nothing to do with amd. Ive been building pcs since you were a sperm. This kind of shit has happened all the time with all kinds of hardware. In the past pc users loved to tweak their shit it was part of the fun. Nowdays we got people like you who expect it to be a console and dont have enough brain cells or patients to find out the solution themselves and go on Jow Forums and bitch at other people instead and try to insult a company.

It could be many things. i guarentee you its a background processes thats causing issues... people really dont know wtf they are doing.

>i wish you had to have a license to buy pc parts. It would prevent bitching morons.

>cherry picking
Lmao at the cope.

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I'm still never giving Nvidia a single sheckel, but when I'm going to update my Vega i will seriously consider what Intel are going to have to offer

Ther igpu drivers are fucking impeccable and i hope that translates to discrete.

You people would of died before the days of plug and play. instant strokes.

Ah, yes.
The BaitThread

Sfc /scannow

>why yes i think it's perfectly natural that i have to pull out the wrench and fix my shit every five miles on the road on a brand new car

Go buy a prebuilt then

>All gpus dont throttle when you plug in a second display
Honestly curious, why does this happen?

I would prefer idle power to be as low as possible because my room gets really hot.

Were not talking about a prebuilt car. were talking about custom built pcs built by amateurs that have random parts tossed together from various brands were people expect them to work 100% out of the box.

Have you ever modded a car As in put another engine from a different one into a car not made for it? No probably not because you aren't very smart. But that also comes with its share of bugs and requires tuning.
You want easy? Buy fucking dell or go back to xbox.

You think buying a prebuilt will magically fix AMD's dogshit drivers that make your PC crash?

Amd does not have dogshit drivers. It just has dumbass users.

>the users are the problem, not faulty drivers
Jesus fucking christ, the amount of denial in this thread is something you don't often see.

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Because the gpu requires more data to be stored in ram for the increase in resolution and so it keeps the ram in its performance state to insure responsiveness instead of power saving. So people dont complain. But instead they complain anyways.

No denial. just truth. Ex console boy. Go smash up your keyboard.

I'm glad I didn't fall for Team Waitâ„¢ shilling.

My 5700XT uses about 8-19W at idle with triple 2560x1440p screens.

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Somehow Nvidia can make do with a third or less, though.

Fucking hate this shit just bought a ryzen 5 3600 and 5700xt and the 3600 only boost to 3.9 ghz and goes up to 90c with stock cooler. I had to diable pcb and thermals are at 65c. Also gpu goes about 90c. Fell for the amd meme fml, never again.

I don't really know if it's relevant but I had a very tough time using an NVIDIA GPU on my AMD CPU.
I had to use an AMD GPU for it to be truly happy.
The other thing that helped was tweaking the c-states, during the use of my NVIDIA GPU, this kept my system stable.
I do still prefer AMD over Intel but they have their faults in quality control, and maybe lack a necessary R&D budget.

At this point is just diminishing returns. Come on now, not even 40 watts? Do you remember Fermi?

>60hz monitors in 2019

I don't even play enough games to justify 144hz. I prefer maxing out games I like to Ultra at 60hz and have enough headroom on GPU utilization that I don't need to run it at 100%. And besides, there aren't even graphics cards that can do 1440p/144hz properly yet anyway.
>get a 1080p/144hz screen!
No thanks

I'm guilt myself of cringe, then. I don't have the money to buy a 120Hz so I settled to overclock my monitor to go up to 71Hz and even by that I can tell there's a slight difference.

>AMD Cards from MSI
found the problem

Nothing wrong with MSI.

why in the holy name of fuck

why not?

>Amds drivers kick ass thats a old meme.
I take it you haven't used a vega or navi card?

Who am I kidding, you're some r/amd retard who loves to shill AMD's drivers as being amazing while people can't stop having issues with the chink designed drivers.

>>all GPU's don't throttle when you plug in a second display

fake and gay. t.noVideo 1660Ti user with a 144hz monitor via DP and 75hz monitor via HDMI. GPU stays at 300Mhz core/405Mhz memory consistently until you launch a game.