Is Ubuntu the best Linux Distro for a brainlet with a laptop?

Is Ubuntu the best Linux Distro for a brainlet with a laptop?
Need something that works on a Zenbook without tinkering much or needing to install extra packages.

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Nope, they ship garbage GPU drivers now that hard freeze the computer while chanting "year of desktop Linux" and sacrificing a virgin.

Use xubuntu

If ubuntu gives you problem try xubuntu/lubuntu/kubuntu, every other "distros" are carbon copy systemd trash anyway so don't bother, just use the trash that actually works a.k.a. *ubuntu.

Use slackware


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Use EleMenTAryoS

It's fine.

Laptop + Linux = shorter battery life

>Not being able to get his own drivers
What a pleb

and then you steal the macbook

Absolutely false

no. xubuntu is

>what is tlp
>what is lower screen brightness
>what is igpu framebuffer compression
>what is igpu downclocking
>what is powersave governor
>what is rfkill
Yeah you're talking out of your arse mate.

Brainlets like Windows, so you would better off with some X11 or KDE.

Most desktop and window managers utilize X for display, so I don't really understand your statement here.

based retard

Try fedora because "it just werks"

Yes it is

Try UbuntuMATE. Even with minimal install (low resources) it's pretty complete and polished. Runs a lot of apps too. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's kind of designed to be user friendly. The community is aiming at a larger demographic of users that want stability and quick useability right out of the box.

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Manjaro with KDE would be the most braindead distro to use. Ubuntu is just trash

Is PopOS any good?

Why is it still called Ubuntu if Unity is dropped?


The best OS for laptop always was Windows.


ubuntu if you want older but more stable software (no major suprises or massive changes)
manjaro if you're ok with living on the newest versions of every program you use.

How old are you?

Default Ubuntu is always good enough for everyday needs.

Fedora or Opensuse

Love that comfy classic Ubuntu look. That was the default DE when I first used Ubuntu

Unless there is a specific peace of software you need to use the latest version of Debian is the way to go, amazing performance, stability and reliability.
Even if you do need to use some program in the latest version, it is very possible to install it from outside of the default repos and use only that one packages latest version while enjoying the stability of the rest of your OS.

I think Fedora is kind of better becuase cannonical's customized version of Gnome (while more familiar to windows / osx users) bring some inconsistencies and actually make it worse. Fedora ships it vanilla and that is arguably better.

Both are stable and you'll be fine with any of them.

why did they make the default version of ubuntun so intensive?? such a bizarre decision

Debian is good if you're willing to tinker a bit, It's a long term investsment, and it's worth it.

Xubuntu is the way to go.
no matter if gnoo leenux guru or brainlet. It just werks for everyone.

no newbie is going to want to use debian, the software is so ridiculously out of date, doesnt even use normal firefox

>It just werks for everyone.
a fair amount of users report heavy screen tearing problems with xubuntu.

tell me exactly which features that you'd want to use the current versions of debian's packages doesn't have?

Next version will have the new version of xfce.

its pretty ridiculous not having the latest version of an internet browser on a laptop. also doesnt have the newest version of libreoffice. the desktop also just looks very old in a tacky way due to having really outdated environments. and probably a bunch of other software you would use on a daily basis.

>"year of desktop Linux"
Seriously I've been seeing this meme for years now. Nothing ever changes. Just some startup shits out another "user friendly" distro with a UI that requires a high end GPU to run smoothly.

>muh Debian old
It depends on you, idgaf if it's old, it's the most reliable distro for a student or for work ( unless you need bleeding-edge shit for developpement which is rarely the case)

as i said, you can just install libreoffice from outside of the default repo if you need any features from the latest release, which you do not
de's are 90% extensions and theme/icon packs, after 30 minutes of customization you can't tell the difference between an arch and debian desktops
firefox is installed in the esr version by default, which you can just remove and install a regular one, if that's still too old for you just refer to my first point and install it from outside of the default repo, but chasing the latest version of a web browser is retarded anyways, what you should do instead is install gnu icecat, also based on esr, because it respects your privacy and doesn't spy on you

even if you need some bleeding edge packages you can just compile them from source, use a 3rd party repo or install a .deb of it, while you still have all of debian's stability in everything else

if you're going to go out of your way to install packages outside the repository you might as well just use a distro that has them
if you use a distro like arch, your whole system will be an unstable mess of """bleeding edge""" packages
if you install just one or two latest releases of programs that you know you want to use your entire system is stable and thoughtfully tested, you only have a handful of packages that might be unstable because they didn't went though the same testing process as the rest of your os
there are so many debian based distros chances are you can just add a 3rd party repo that hosts just the packages you need and it will work/autoupdate with the rest of your system, just like you'd be using a distro that natively has that package

That is a not admitted xorg issue with broadwel or later intel chipsets; you must cut off C-state cpu idle states to C3 (draining a lot of battery) or use a wayland compositor like Gnome wayland. Then no more freezes.

Why go through all that if you can just use Ubuntu and easily install up to date software and PPAs?

>UI that requires a high end GPU to run smoothly.
You talking about unity? That wasn't a startup. Deepin? Not more resource intensive than gnome3 (I'll let you guess why) and also not a startup.

try distros in the following order and pick the one you like the best:
linux mint -> kde neon -> ubuntu mate -> xubuntu -> xubuntu -> ubuntu

use Trisquel