Jow Forums clover has been comprised! I posted a screenshot in another thread and got pic related...

Jow Forums clover has been comprised! I posted a screenshot in another thread and got pic related. This is NOT a fucking drill! Floens what the fuck!!

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Here's a link to the thread. You click that image and it flashes to my original image. What the actual fuck is going on??


Race condition. Also you can have your entire image replaced with someone else's sometimes.

you deserve everything you have coming to you, phoneposter

Call me a newfag all you want but that was jarring

What a surprise. Jow Forums users are also newfags.

dumb phoneposter

I don't get it

Oooh, I didn't know there was an app called clover, I get it now


>Jow Forums poster
>retard and a newfag
Wow didn't see that one coming
It's an old bug, been around for the past few years at least.

>She doesn't know

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Probably 4chans thumbnail system having an autistic spasm, I wouldn't worry about it.

[Spoiler] Why did he leave /b/ros?[/Nothere]

Jow Forums has done that since day 1 newfag

Been around since 06 and have never had it happen to me. Especially with some bullshit spam image like that



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It's rare, so I wouldn't be surprised if it never happened to you.
But it has happened occasionally for more than a decade. If you haven't seen it occur before then I would doubt your claims of how long you have been here.
It has long been known that collisions can occur in the thumbnail generation process.

I've seen the effect and always assumed it was something done by the poster. Like a gif of the other pic for a few frames then switch to the other image. Never paid attention to the file type I giess

Been around since 10
I've had it happen several times while circlejerking
It's an old thumbnail glitch that will swap the thumbnails of two recently posted images

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Either you go dilate your wound or you tell me wtf happened to my post


I've been on here for like 12 years or something and never seen that before

>I've been on here for like 12 years or something
sure thing buddy

lol a couple of those actually told you

>Jow Forumstard

Based loud lesbos

Not OP

>doesnt read thread
>acts like a retard
Based retard.

Look up "Jow Forums thumbnail glitch". It's been a problem forever

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