What is a must have sleeping technology?

For me its the tatami mat. My parents bought me a queen size matress for my apartment but i threw it out and got one of these bad boys and havent looked back since. Its better for your back too, plus the rest of the world sleeps like this maybe its time for us burgers to catch up!

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is this weebshit?

I literally did the opposite. Bought a king size mattress and bed recently after having been sleeping on mats on the floor for 10 years.
Really enjoyable, I guess it's just change that's initially nice.

>japan is the rest of the world

How is tatami weeb shit? This is how the Japanese sleep and no one makes fun of them for it.

I have this. So comfy.

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Because OP most likely isn't Japanese and yet is still imitating primitive Japanese traditions.

What does it do? Any benefits?

Englishman here from the country who invented everything, colonised three quarters of the planet and brought correct British civility to the masses;. The only reason this shit was tolerated was because of lack of raw materials on the Japanese home islands. If you are saying to would prefer one of these to a modern memory foam mattress then you're talking out of your rear end. Mind you, those memory foam mattresses will fucking remember your obese Yank carcasses alright!

Well what's wrong with that? Is it like a poltard larping as a nazi?

>for me it's the big mac
I love this fucking meme.

I have one of these and use it this way.

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I sleep everyday on a hamoc, im a banana

>inb4 Ostrich pillow shill

>t. Munter roastie
Whats that

Wtf. Do people actually use this? How autistic do you have to be to pull one of these out

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we don't sleep on tatami mats, "we" sleep on futon on top of the floors, whether it's tatami or wood
most people in modern homes with tile flooring sleep on regular western beds just like regular western people

Lol another westerner larping as a esteemed Japanese man. Give up the act, even if you live there im way more in touch with the people and culture of Japan.

Another tatami thread in Jow Forums. Fuck off, weeb.

I sleep one Tatami+Futon for two years now. I have skoliosis and never had back pain + love the morning and even ritual of preparing/packing my bed away

It helps your back from long hours on the chon

No fat burger

no one cared who i was until i put on the mask

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You should get a bed or at least elevate your mattress from the floor. Bugs gather beneath the mattress

>tfw want to get a tatmi mat
>tfw have humidity issues

>tfw japan is as dry as a desert

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>hurr durr we english
literally ruined the entire world by spreading the jew virus, and now you sods are so piss drunk even milenials are blowing you the fuck out on jewtube.

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How is that Brexit going on, mate?

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