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Fuck these anime generals. Death to the OP.

Dynamic fonts is neat, but otherwise MIUI 11 is so underwhelming so far.

你好, someone translate the chink for me

bird and insect sound as notification sound confirmed.
Switching to Android right now

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> after bullshit high rent, social security, gas and groceries you're left with like 1K for yourself
A thousand dollars a month is still a lot. If you have a thousand free dollars a month, then buying a phone for 500-600 does not seem to be a problem even without a loan. However, here in Russia we have very cheap cellular tariffs (I pay about $10 for unlimited Internet and this is considered expensive) and the contracts with the carrier are not common here.
t. Russian with OP 6T

whats that?

the chinks copied airdrop

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Xiaomi presentation, Mi 9 Pro 5G, MIUI 11, and Mix Alpha

Okay, screen casting without needing wifi is cool

OnePlus 7 Pro

> Mi 9 Pro 5G

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Good? My biggest concern is the RAM usage. Is 7.1.2 Nougat android version too heavy for 3GB RAM? LG is a good brand? Thanks in advance.

why am i even watching this i'm just going to buy from the budget note range anyway

ChinkPlus 7 Pro


should I switch to iPhone 11 pro from my shitty android?, In my country new iPhone 11 series are all getting cheaper, 150$-200$ less compared to based price xs series. But still I'll miss Android's adaway and YTVanced so much if I switch to iOS

I don't use phone for gayming, I use just browsing webs, social autism and I just need a good battery phone

Fuck, I want a Mix Alpha.

Welp, that looks like shit. I'll stick to my Mix 2S for a while longer.

Literally the most futuristic phone since the S6 edge.


On Android, I need to limit my data usage by app, since my plan allows "unlimited" usage for certain apps like Facebook, Spotify, etc but not for regular browsing or other apps. Is there an app that allows me to do this?

Thanks lads

But what would I use the back for besides selfies?

It's really cool but what's the point?

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cheese :)

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It doesn't matter. That shit is unique.

You can be sure to break the screen if you drop it.

To see what's possible
Same, it the marketing is very Tesseract
>what's the point?
>It's really cool
Live twitter feed, or sports scores, or stock ticker etc

>while its charging we light up the entire display :)

LG budget phones are trash, avoid them

I actually quite like the idea of turning the phone over for multi tasking, but I don't like the idea of on-screen buttons..

This will cost a kidney

FUCK my phone died.
What are the best phones currently rootable?
Budget of 200-500€.
Gotta have a headphone jack and no notches. Nothing chinese please.

If possible give me some options please, i like to obsses over the choice until i'm a nervous exhausted wreck.

Just wait for the Alpha, bro.

Pixel 3a

>entire phone is body is screen now
OLED was a mistake

>sweaty palms always covers my phone in grease
>screens now cover more and more of the actual phone

I might need to wear gloves just to use my phone soon.

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Lol, the new Mate PRO looks like a fucking joke compared to this.

RIP cases

It will be a miracle if the new Mix cost less than 1k.

Official theme song of the Mix Alpha frame

My phone's dead now though, I kinda need to hurry..
Also the mix alpha will be chinese, which I'm hesitant to use without lineage. Though dat 108mp..


OnePlus 7 Pro

Redpill me about Xiaomi.
How the fuck can a company appear from no fucking where and be 4 years ahead everybody else.
Are they actually the chink government trying to dominate the entire smartphone world?

That's chinese, dude. I'm not gonna use a chinese phone without lineage.

there's lineage for it




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Almost $3000 USD for the first, limited batch of Alphas in December

Wait, what? It's not on their site, is it unofficial? I couldn't find it when i looked earlier.

I just bought an s9 plus on eBay and the Fucking paypal took money from my bank account and not my PayPal balance. Now my bank account is overdrafted of nearly $300!!!!!!!

I immediately canceled the order and told the seller and PayPal about it and now I'm waiting until the morning to hear back and I can't sleep.

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>the chinks copied airdrop
Apple didn't invent WiFi file transfer though.
>Wait, what? It's not on their site, is it unofficial? I couldn't find it when i looked earlier.
XDA, no? Where did you look?

There's your problem. They aren't your pals at all.

So, Xiaomi couldn't make a competent foldable phone and now they're selling the Alpha as their greatest achievement and most ambitious project ever. Nice.

you can actually buy the thing?

Aggressive chink marketing module, just drop 2-3 new phones every month and some of them will succeed. They also have entire market covered, from dirt poor ~100€ phones, to mid range to fucking 180% screen ALPHA phones.

Only if you're an alpha male.

Like concept cars, expect the production model to be somewhat less cool

I looked in Lineage's site and made a cursory 'mi 9t lineage' google search which only turned out shady unofficial xda forums stuff. I'm probably missing something obvious and I have no idea what.

OnePlus 7 Pro retard, it's got solid software.

lol you're too stupid for this just get a Pixel

But shitty battery life with 90hz screen, and what's the point of buying it if you don't use the features

What the Xiaomi trash is missing is official Android support and a bakers dozen LTE bands along with CAT16 support (gigabit lte)

>What the Xiaomi trash is missing is official Android support
Redmi K20 Pro got Android 10 literally the same day as Pixels did:

lmfao no it didn't I've been using Android 10 since March.

lmao retarded smartphonelets, complaining about battery life when all they ever needed was a nokia phone that lasts two weeks

Why would you buy a Mix Alpha when you can get the Galaxy Fold for less?

10 hours SoT, and what do you mean won't use those features? You don't want a godly display experience?

Because the fold is permanently marked by your fingernail.

>lmfao no it didn't I've been using Android 10 since March.
Yeah, the beta version, not the stable release. And Pixels weren't the only phones to get Android Q beta, K20 Pro got it too, along with a few other Xiaomi phones:

To milk chink whales, their fentaly/ghostcity empire is producing multiple braindead millionaires by the days

lmfao did you read the notes?
>fingerprint module doesn't work
>can't change screen color
Oh god it reads like one of those XDA you tell me whats broken lists.

I bought a redmi 4x a few years ago and its finally starting to give me issues is there any replacements for it currently and not in a phablet size?

or a RN7 and a bottle of testosterone you nancy

this desu. meanwhile OnePlus rolled out their stable android 10 build a few days ago.

1900 mAh battery no thanks
> RN7
6 inch phone is there really no 5 inch phones with a good battery on it?

well it is a beta after all.

Xiaomi rolled out their stable Android 10 build almost a month ago

*stable beta

>well it is a beta after all.
That shit wasn't broken on Pixel devices, it was more like a release candidate, I could even use Google Pay, the builds back then are effectively identical to the final release for me.

>powering pixels you can't see
>adding more cameras that you will never use

Phones are doomed

What's a decent phone at 150€ with a metal backplate and removable battery

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android should just man up and get all the phone manufacturers together to eliminate the selfiecams to give affordable allcreen phones
i have no friends and i'm ugly that's most of the android demographic, why bother innovating a solution for a problem that never existed

The triple/quad camera fad is actually one of the best we've had in a while. A variety of focal lengths to choose from is very important if you care about photography.

>still no stable Android 10 for 6t
1+ was a mistake.

I'm still waiting for my periscope 10x lossless zoom lens on all flagship smartphones.

Plenty of people who can afford the Fold can also get the Alpha just for the exclusivity factor. Alpha also looks cooler when you're clubbing.

Well the fact Huawei dropped the periscope on the Mate 30 Pro doesn't bode well.

Why do these zoomies care about updates so much, I just disable updates on my phones.

>I looked in Lineage's site and made a cursory 'mi 9t lineage' google search which only turned out shady unofficial xda forums stuff. I'm probably missing something obvious and I have no idea what.
There's nothing shady, the phone is very new and builds aren't official yet. That's how it works. It takes time.

Just deposit your paypal balance back into your bank

If that's all you do then just get a Galaxy A70
So Pixel or Essential instead?
Features, maximizing hardware, security, the fear of feeling left behind

I see. Thanks, user.

Is the mi 9t camera pop-out thing ok? It sounds like it's bound to get sand or something in there and stop working within a year.
And anybody knows if the mi 9t Lineage has that thing where the camera pops back in if you drop the phone? Not that I intend to drop it, but you never know.

>The panel has 2.15 mm thick bezels on top and bottom and a camera strip on the back, with the lenses protected by a sapphire glass. The edges are pressure-sensitive and will provide notifications. There is no speaker or any other holes - the proximity sensor is ultrasonic, audio is available thanks to “Display Acoustic Technology” and there is advanced palm rejection technology.
>The main camera has a huge 1/1.33” type sensor and a Tetracell technology, which is meant to output 27 MP shots pixel-binned shots. The Ultrawide shooter below has a 20 MP imager and 117-degree FoV, while the third snapper is a 12 MP telephoto lens.
>the frame is an aerospace-grade alloy, while the back strip is ceramic with already mentioned sapphire glass protection for the shooters.

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>try to unlock the bootloader of a old moto g phone
>says puid not identified then says unlocking bootloader not possible
so that's it? So I can't just unlock the bootloader? or is there a way around it?

>Is the mi 9t camera pop-out thing ok?

What a turd. Just give me my Xperia XZ1 aesthetic back I don't want this zoomie bullshit

Battery drain tests are in. youtu.be/VFYAACe2Nmk
The 11 pro max officially has the greatest battery life there is on a smartphone. Which means I'm getting it, even if I only bought Android phones since the HTC Desire.
How do I cope with no Jow Forums browser app, though?

Thumbnail is missing ROG Phone 2