>unironically shunning Kotlin because of its corporate backing

Yeah it's a shame that you have a language that is continually heavily worked on and improved through rigorous practical use by a company, free of charge.

It's a shame you have a language that will never be destroyed by trannies trying to oust anyone who doesn't hate their penis.

go back to Python you fucking faggot.

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What's the point anyways? Kotlin requires JVM which is not free. I don't know how OpenJDK performs against OracleJDK.

>I don't know what I'm talking about:the post

OracleJDK IS based on OpenJDK, with the only difference being that it only updates every three years unlike OpenJDK updating every six months, and that it has long term support.

You are not a weapon of Java user.

forgot to provide sauce

What are some performance comparisons? I guess it's nice that OpenJDK stays uptodate.

There are also Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JS so it's not only a JVM language.

Here you go

Wanted to say this. Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JS is another reason I like it so much.

kotlin can compile to a native binary and also JavaScript (for the web)

We're not shunning it because "some corporation" generically supports it. On the contrary, it's because a dodgy shit tier corporation supports it.

Damn, this attack on free software is serious.

There's nothing dodgy about Jetbrains and Kotlin's license could not be more favorable, imho.

but sure, go back to your depreciating, CoC supporting language until the council of trannies decides you don't hate your penis enough to use their software.

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>want to program in kotlin
>have to use a shitty intellij IDE
>b-but you should use intellij anyways
kys, shill.

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intellij IDE > any of your shitty vims and emacs

JetBrains literally has a tutorial if you wanted to bathe in the cesspool that is Eclipse. kotlinlang.org/docs/tutorials/getting-started-eclipse.html

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>The problem with open source is that it's open source even for people we don't like!
I don't understand how these people, who run around wielding an absurd amount of power in comparison to their representation in the general population, still find a way to make themselves victims in their own mind. Just own the fact that you're a villain. Everybody already views you that way, anyways.

>kotlin requires JVM
>me compiling to native c binaries from kotlin code

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i can tell you're from florida and you're gay

Imagine waiting 5 minutes to start programming.

show us the size of a hello world translated from kotlin to c

i bet it's as bad as '90's perl to c

Try a computer from this millenium.

JVM is deprecated garbage, which is what 99% of kotlin code will run on.

hey op

ya douche bag

show me the size of a 'hello world' translated from kotlin to c

I have Java as much as the average pa/g/eet but you must respect the JVM, it's quite good.

Who cares retard. Binary size is the LEAST of 99.99% of people's concern. I'm more curious how the gtk binding works in kotlin.

The question would be more how the size grows as the complexity increases.

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Not that I dislike C, but, I'm definitely not gonna spend my time transpiling to it like it proves anything

JVM is almost universally agreed upon to be a great piece of software, which is one of the reasons Clojure, Groovy and Kotlin use it to begin with.

But if you really hate it, there is nothing stopping you from running Kotlin ntively.

Kotlin is syntactic sugar. I literally see no reason to use it over Java. If I want powerful features, I will use Scala. Also reminder that if you use coroutines, you're retarded.

>Also reminder that if you use coroutines, you're retarded.
Haha, because your lovely scala doesn't have them? Well the JVM will soon have them so you will be able to use them.

No because almost everyone uses coroutines the bad way, teaching them bad habits and fucking with thread safety. Non-brainlets do multithreading with RxJava or Akka.
>Well the JVM will soon have them so you will be able to use them.
You don't even know what coroutines are, do you? Lmfao JVM will have fibers soon, which is a completely different thing.
OP confirmed for zoomer faggot who just started developing Android apps without knowing dogshit about Java.

>muh Java
Fuck off boomer. Kotlin is syntactic sugar which means it lets you develop faster, write code which is more concise and not having to go through hoops when implementing some basic features that Java lacks.
Stay on your Java while we all benefit from learning new things.

>No because almost everyone uses coroutines the bad way
And what's the good way then?

>RxJava or Akka
There is Kotlin/Flow if you need cold reactive streams.

Arguing whether java or some literally who syntactic sugar for java that nobody uses is better. The absolute state of this board.

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I'm a Scala dev you fucking double digit IQ moron.
>Kotlin is syntactic sugar which means it lets you develop faster
Why don't you provide an example?
>some basic features that Java lacks.
like what?

The good way is not using them at all because the only reason to use coroutines is if you don't know how to code functionally. You could feed couroutines with functions but that would be retarded.
>There is Kotlin/Flow if you need cold reactive streams.
Lmfao have fun dealing with backpressure. You'll have to fuck around with suspend which is one of the most retarded implementations I've ever come across.

Android will soon be replaced by Fuchsia and as soon as Android is dead, Kotlin will be dead as well because nobody apart from some very few snowflake retards uses Kotlin in backends. It's all Java and Scala there.

>I'm a Scala dev you fucking double digit IQ moron.
Sure you are. I pity anyone who works with you. You sound like an insufferable cunt.

>Why don't you provide an example?
You started flinging shit so burden of proof is on you.

>like what?
How about pattern matching?

Also TornadoFX is fucking garbage, not even compatible to JFX 10+ which has brought many additional features. Even ScalaFX keeps their shit up to date.
>I pity anyone who works with you.
Nobody works with me. I'm self employed.
>You started flinging shit so burden of proof is on you.
Lmfao what? You claimed Kotlin would make development faster, which is utter bullshit.
>How about pattern matching?
Literally the only important feature that's missing in contrast to Kotlin. Thing is, Java will have pattern matching soon anyway cr.openjdk.java.net/~briangoetz/amber/pattern-match.html

>I'll stick with Java
>I'm a Scala dev you fucking double digit IQ moron.
Do you have a cognitive disability by any chance? Scala is literally syntactic sugar over Java. All of those languages literally work on the same ol' JVM so you must be a stroke survivor or something.

>Nobody works with me. I'm self employed.
I can definitely see why. I also refuse to believe that you can be an INDEPENDENT (that means not answering to anyone and not on any team) as a Scala dev. As I said, an insufferable cunt you seem to be.
Fucking boomers.

>Scala is literally syntactic sugar over Java.
>Syntactic sugar
Imagine being this retarded. You don't understand what syntactic sugar means, right? Everyone knows that the implemented features are not JVM level features.
>I can definitely see why.
Uhm, do you? The pay is better and I don't have to answer to a cunt who calls himself boss.
Lmfao imagine being such a clueless wagecuck. I'm develop data analysis solutions for online marketers and guess what language I use to code that shit (the backend at least). My choice, isn't it?

>I'm develop
*I develop

>I-I work ALONE y-you WAGEKEK
It always baffles me how mad boomers get when they feel they need to prove something on this board.

W o w
Where is this anger coming from user ?
Holy shit calm down your tits

I really don't give a shit how this wagecuck makes his money. The more wagecucks, the better but he's wrong about Kotlin. It's a meme language and it won't survive in the long term. Without Android, Kotlin's dead.

>being THIS mad
I guess being a very smart person working on very hard things must be taxing on your mental health.

>1 min difference
Imagine samefagging on Jow Forums

>functional programming
>scala dev
>using wagecuck unironically
>data analysis solutions
>I work for myself

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>45 Posts
>13 IPs
Lmfao JetBrains shills

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>Security fixes happens in private forest without public code reviews

>fucking around with python yesterday
>have to sign a mile long "we're collecting all of your data" waiver just to install pycharm

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Tbh you have entirely matched my expectations regarding the autism of the average Scala fanatic.

Only real reason for that is that enterprise backends tend to be conservatice and that kotlin is a relatively new development. Kotlin as a backens language combines the best out of Python, Java and Scala.

Can i program in notepad++?


>Lmfao have fun dealing with backpressure.
Ohhh I see. You don't know what you are talking about. Show have said so from the beginning. Backpressure is built-in into coroutines. You don't even need to do anything retarded like using onBackpressure***() like in RxJava because it's dealing with automatically due to how suspended functions work. Read about Kotlin's suspended function before opening your stupid mouth.

That link is extremely outdated