Got the ISP termination warning for violating DMCA again

>got the ISP termination warning for violating DMCA again

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I got my first one this morning.

Never had any problem because I live in a first world country.
Yes I torrent
Yes I use more than a terabyte monthly
Yes I host a website at home

dont worry user. Most of its scare tactics anyways

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>sister found the hidden hentai seedbox

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Use a fucking proxy

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Oh no. You only have like 20 left before they "kick you off" and then you can just join another one as a new customer and get a lower bill

I've pirated pretty much every media I have consumed over the last 20 years, have yet to receive a letter.

Do americans really do this?

Stop being a filthy pirate, switch to Linux today and free your conscience.

something something hollywood jews
ISPs just send out warnings, in the end they don't really give a shit and you only get in trouble if you turn yourself in.

But this is literally 1st world problem.
t. Live in eastern yuropoor and torrent all day everyday
Where do I put all my stuff after downloading all the time with my cheap 1Gbps connection? Why yes, I delete and never seed. Seeding is for cucks.

>living in a cuck country where it's a crime to download something that doesn't hurt anyone
Jokes on you, in my country it is only illegal to distribute copyrighted content, downloading is not a crime.

stop using dht


that would be helpful if you weren't forced to do both while torrenting.

amazing cope but that's only the beginning and you know it. Not forcing you to cease torrenting is the equivalent of yielding their already-dominant position in enforcing IP laws and having the whole system crumble because every company that doesn't extract or process raw materials depends on IP in some way. What we have right now is just a very casual attempt at enforcing IP laws by scaring you, and it will become very dystopic very soon. Let me remind you as an example of how triggering stuff like FaceApp and the NNs shopping naked bodies over people is to normies and specifically actors who "hold the rights to their persona". All you need is either a second fappening or a good enough NN to actually make believable fakes and the dystopia will be well on its way following the mass outrage, ESPECIALLY following the outrage of people using it on minors about which the media will not shut up until the entire net is policed and every incel is denied access to neural networks

holy based

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The justice of my country only goes after big download site owners who profit from copyrighted content, "ordinary" people who download for their own use are not considered criminals.

>Implying america is first world.
Im European aswell, just not poor.

pieces of shit

get a seedbox instead of netflix subscription if you live in a cucked country

>US is not first world
Well, it's not you who decides.
Neither am I poor. Just my country. I earn above average.