180% screen to body ratio

>180% screen to body ratio

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I don't want people knowing I have an anime background on my phone.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear ;)

I can only imagine how fragile this phone is.

Why? When would you ever have a need for the fucking screen on the side and back?

and its only 2800 dollars, what a deal

>pick up your phone
>accidentally open 5 apps and dragndrop 12 icons

>108 MP 1/1.33" sensor
>Titanium, ceramic and sapphire
>Limited production

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how do you even hold this thing

imagine dropping it

Fingerprint all over the fucking place. Makes casing pointless as you can't utilise the extended screen. Though does it support touch on all of its screen or what?

Btw this shit must be made from the same plastic like material on all those foldable gimmick smartphone.

all wrong

it doesn't fold so they can get away with bent glass.
looks like it would be a bit and a half to replace it tho

>ads in the settings app

fuck Xiaomi

Maybe in pajeetland, rajesh. Been using xiaomeme since 2015 and I never saw a single app in miui. Unless you count their built in software, like their music app - but no sane person uses them.
t. europoor

It's the best solution I've seen to the notch so far, I think other manufacturers have made rear screens to display selfies but this is the most aestheticelly pleasing and not skuffed way.

It's also a massive flex on normie phones.

Fuck the price tag though, probably a licensing rape from Samsung to suppress it in the west. If this phone was $1500 it would destroy Samsung and apple in the flagship market

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what the fuck i need to turn the phone sideways to see my notifications, time and battery life?

Don't you love it when some new technology comes out and the companies don't know what to do with it so they just start incorporating it in every imaginable way to see what actually works?

That's just in lock screen, I'm sure when you unlock it it will have a notification bar

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*blocks your path*

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>falling for yet another vaporware product from Xiaomeme

They don't even have a physical product. it's just CGI render vaporware like usual

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did he use it

Watch the presentation before having such a strong opinion you cretin

He was asking a question you dumb faggot

Looks like 90-95% to me, because of the camera strip an top/bottom bezels.

How do they come up with a stupid number such as 180%?

One that could of been answered by watching the presentation

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Front face is 90% screen
Back is 80% screen
Sides are 5% screen each
...or something.

Did we get dimensions?
I wonder how thicc this qt phone is to house a big battery
I wouldn't get it unless it has a 8000mA battery or more to support all that screen

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The one the back seems useful for taking selfies with the good camera.

Other than that I can think of 0 uses.

Wait, this isn't a folding phone?
What the fuck

b-but i thought only apple revolutionized...

chink gimmicks... kek

>tfw this doesn't fold out into a 4:3 tablet

>All those people recording
Does not even one of them realize how retarded that is?

bro how the fuck do you hold it?