>Literally can't use Android Studio on my new Ryzen laptop

What the FUCK? No one told me about this.
I'm never listening to AMD shills again.

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enable svm in the bios, you fucking retard.

OP is going places

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You're too retarded for this. Just give up.


>buying AMD for productivity
oh boy.

> Jow Forums - Technology

nice damage control


>has problem enabling svm
You're not cut for development, give up.

Why can't AMD stop being slow and useless?

>OP is retarded
>It's AMD's fault
What did they man by this

>Ryzen laptop
Does that store sell unicorn farts too?

>i-it's your fault!!! too stupid for BASED AMD!

Enabling svm is to complicated for intards who are scared of entering bios

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>can't into BIOS settings
>blames the hardware
peak coom brain

What if he uses Windows, that won't help him.

>his OS doesn't support SVM
>blames the hardware

To be honest I didn't know you had to manually activate virtualization and Google only told me to turn it on on Windows.

OP I have a ryzen laptop too. Only thing that helped me was enabling Microsoft Hyper-V.

Enable virtualization in the bios you dummy.

>using Android Studio emulator
Imagine being this retarded

My ANUS gaymershit B350 board has SVM disabled by default. Odd.

The error message tells you as so.

>t. legit retarded
Aa usual, OP is a fag.

No? It tells me my laptop doesn't support virtualization, that's it.

>scared of entering bios
Yeah, unlike failmd, where you spend most of your time there trying to make their shit stable.

ok give me a better option

Ah, yes.
The BaitThread

Use your phone. Android Studio can push debug build to your phone.

Thats not convenient nor necessary

thank god i went intel

Same thing happens on Intel. Had to enable Intel VT-x on my laptop, and desktop when I first got them and my school's new lab computers all via BIOS.
It doesn't tell you, yes. It just says your machine doesn't support it. But with that you should in the future automatically assume that it does and the setting in BIOS whether on AMD or Intel is disabled for some reason.

It's more convenient than an emulator.
Emulators are not real phones. Performance is not the same. Usage is not the same. Emulators aren't even running on ARM like 99.9% of phones, they run on x86.
If you do all your development on an emulator, instead of the bare minimum, you're asking to get fucked, or you don't care about the quality of what you're building to begin with.

>and my school's new lab computers all via BIOS.
If your school lets you get into the BIOS on their lab computers you need to fucking leave and go to a real school.

you are so fucking stupid LOL

Why do ALL these threads start with OP being a retard?

I distinctly remember it saying I need to turn on VT-x in my BIOS when making a new emulator. Maybe they removed it in newer versions. Or maybe it couldn't detect the support for it because the CPUs are still relatively new. Either way, OP is a retard.


I work for their IT Department for internship
One of the Professors gave me the BIOS password for one computer lab room to set things up for some database administration and intro to linux classes where they're using Oracle Linux and Centos in Cuckbox
All of the other computer labs in the school I don't have access to

>he fell for the Ryzen meme

Good job folks.

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all my intel boards shipped with virtualization disabled as well

Yes, this is standard.
It's considered an advanced feature, and can be used for nefarious purposes (Blue Pill, etc).
So it's disabled by default.


Just imagine that, kek!
>t. triggered amdrone

Incel who cant even describe or define a problem. "MuH uNStAbLe AmD". Inb4 gaming ipc.

>read thread
>Get worried
>Open thread see solution in first post

Alright upgrade to ryzen is still go
If it makes you feel better OP my current Asus Intel board has some error the keeps virutalsation from being turned on even when on in bios needless to say I won't be buying Asus again back to gigabyte for me

>incel, incel! xDDDD
Wow, I don't think I can recover from that one.

Don't worry, I'm sure you have many coping methods at your disposal.

>Nobody told me

You're a retard. You can use it no problem on linux btw, it's on google for not providing a proper VM , the one they provide in windows is intel based.

Use a real phone anyway , the moment you have to use the camera or a million things that conflict with it being a VM you're gonna switch anyway.

>Use a real phone
But then people will spy on him

Fucking your mom is the best one.

Just remove the sim card then , unless you need it

Also , no , the unemployed larping retards above have no fucking clue. Even if you enable SVM it's not gonna work on android studio on windows unless they fixed it somehow last year.

That's why i went for a 8400 instead of a ryzen 1600 some time ago. It was for a work partner and he does a lot of android development in windows so i knew it was gonna be a pain.

If anyone is considering REALLY working as a developer know that if you use docker it is a 100% easyer to do it on Linux anyway , and in Linux this problem doesn't exist cause the VM provided by google is not intel.
Docker in windows is as backwards as gaming in linux.

Just use your phone, retard.
The virtual machines are slow as frick anyway.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Fuck you cunt

Im sure you will cope.
whats the uNStAbLe issue your trying to push out of your ass? Make a New thread for it and dont forget to post sources.

Not if they're hardware accelerated you retard.

Ah, classic AMD. Where nothing works out of the box and you have to constantly be digging info about why your shit hardware doesn't work only so you can babysit it when you could have been doing something productive instead. What a classic.

Go see a shrink or off yourself. 1 stability issue solved.

how is google not providing a proper vm have anything to do with AMD?
Use Linux (wich makes perfect sense for programming) or buy the worse , more expensive intel cpu.
At least it's better now that AMD cucked intel so hard they have to sell you intel retards 6 core i5s.



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>I did and all I got were drones foaming at the mouth, as in every thread. Discourse is out of the question with these cultists.
>Only thing I'll put out of my ass is a big shit on your dead body.

The exact same thing happens on Intel for the exact same reason.

Fucking idiots

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Intards are SO fucking stupid, holy shit. You shouldn't be allowed to use a computer without supervision.

So there is actually no way to use hardware acceleration reliably on Windows with a Ryzen CPU? Pathetic. May have to install fucking Linux fuck this planet

Holy shit, pajeet...

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>So there is actually no way to use hardware acceleration reliably on Windows with a Ryzen CPU?
Not true. It is equal for both AMD and Intel on all major operating systems. There's just a lot of retards here who cannot read.

You can use hardware acceleartion , just not on Android studio because the vm images are not proper. They emulate intel based android devices so they have problems on AMD hardware.
This doesn't happen in Linux because the linux version of AS has access to proper vm images.

VM works better in AMD because you get more cores for less money.
Anyway , the VMs fucking suck for obvious reasons , they don't have access to half the features the phone has anyway. Just use your phone or get a phone that supports the API version you're targeting.

Phone isn't an option, so only thing left is change to Linux. Cool.

Wrong. My intel PC has no problems on Android or Visual Studio. Can't fucking do it on Ryzen.

Seems like i was wrong.

I've been on frontend land so didn't use it for a while and it seems they did do something recently. Check this.


Still , if you have to use a local backend environment you're gonna use docker , and i guarantee you it's 100% easyer on linux , the exact same with spinning apache , nginx or whatever.

Never late to stop being a pleb, i prefer windows , but Linux makes more sense sometimes.

Wait until you buy an Intel laptop and run into the same issue.

>it doesn't work on AMD
>b-b-but muh coars
lmao this shit never changes

That was the first thing I did and its useless. I wanted to learn Linux but I don't have time to make the change now for fucks sake

its actually more likely an intel product doesnt support this than an amd product because intel cuts virtualization, hyperthreading, and other features from tons of their models while amd usually doesnt.

even my b360 motherboard has virtualization disabled by default you have to enable it in the BIOS

You can change processor brands, but you can't change your stupidity.

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Is this for real? Holy fucking lol, Jow Forums is retarded.

Android Studio uses Intel's virtualization technologies only. Even if you enable AMD's virtualization in the BIOS Android Studio's emulator will not work.

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"Enable SVM" it's written in op pic idiot. Read.

>has to work using SVM
>gets a laptop that doesn't support it
even if it doesn't, it's your fault for being a retarded consumer and not making sure your purchase is what you need
I'd recommend sticking to apple devices

It wouldn't work you asswipe. Android Studio on Windows uses Intel's virtualization tech only because Google devs are retarded. Even if you enable virtualization in the BIOS, the emulator won't run at all.

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>idk what a VM is but i'm qualified to post anyway
you need to go into the bios to flick on Intel VT-d/x as well, dumbasss

Unless you're autistic/poorfag/ultrafag (unironic freetard/poor/iphone user) you should have an Android phone that supports the API you're using anyway.

If you're making an app targeting gingerbread/kitkat grats on being a masochist , buy any old phone.

Using AMD (on windows) to develop on android studio is the worse option , but using Intel is still a shit option that i would only use for a high school project at most.