Which 3rd party email client do you use Jow Forums, and why is it Thunderbird?

Which 3rd party email client do you use Jow Forums, and why is it Thunderbird?

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Because it still lets me check RSS feeds alongside emails without having to switch between programs

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serious question, whats the point of using these and not just going to your email

I use it at work where I've got a decent cpu. On my 2500k at home it freezes himself during mail checking, with two live and one gmail account.

neomutt on the CLI, Thunderbird is literal bloat

i use it for email, rss feeds and twitter. i just start that shit up in the morning and the internet comes to me automatically

No, thanks.

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it's shit.

The same point of using an app instead of the website

The organization that comes with having all of your different email accounts feed into one place. Plus it's an additional layer of security & privacy from (((Google))), (((Microsoft))), or (((Yahoo))) tracking your usage and feeding you targeted ads.

>except this one program that I like

unix philosophy everybody.

I have several mails.


Spark is worth a look if you have a supported platform.

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>Jow Forums is one person

I use thunderbird with my personal mail server, 2 gmails for spam shit, and company mail
just werks

i dont use it but i like having it on my desktop, looks comfy next to the firefox logo

Claws Mail

i just use seamonkey.

This. Opening Thunderbird means opening up another Gecko instance if you're already running firefox, while Seamonkey shares the same engine for both things so it opens instantly and it's always monitoring your mail while you browse the web. I wish they had enough developers to move to Quantum though.

email clients are bloat
i just use my service's web interface

Because I get to see in real time when I get an email instead of refreshing

Organization and the fact that I just need to press Super + M for Thunderbird to open giving me instant access to my multiple accounts.

but Outlook is literal cancer

That's why I'm not using it.

how is it in terms of privacy?


>email clients are bloat
>i just use my service's web interface
I'm willing to bet your web interface somehow manages to use more RAM than Thunderbird as a whole. To transfer fucking text.

That's alright, I have enough RAM.
But imagine actually installing a program to download and display a bunch of fucking emails.


Thunderbird with the vcard and enigmail extensions is kino.

I am not always connected to the internet.

It's called being a grown up kiddo.
Fucking web based piece of shit


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t. Underage zoomer

I really don't like the UI of Thunderbird. Every mail client on windows is a bag of dicks and I don't want to use Outlook. I just wait until I'm on my macbook to check mail lol

0/10 bait

No I'm being serious, Apple Mail is actually good and very simple. I use web-based gmail on Windows because the mail clients are just that bad.

I hated Mozilla with a passion, and Thunderbolt had been shit ever since Mozilla depreciated after ousting Eich. What alternatives are there for Windows?