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>GNU/Linux questions?
>PC building?
>Programming questions?
>Good, cheap, laptops?
>Cheap electronics?
>Buying headphones?
>How to activate any version of Windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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Is youtube-dl supposed to beep when it starts and finishes a download now?
If yes, how do I turn it off?

i want to nakadashi lain

beep? like from the terminal beep?
>rmmod pcspkr

>tried /mu but no /sqt/
What's a good website for audio rip of the youtube? Thanks.

get mx red switches

I've already spent conciderable effort to minimize the effect of my environment on it, from learning an more ergonomic layout, trying many keyboard, and changing habits. It's just not going to happen. It's not terrible at the moment, but I'm not sure I'd hold up for whole career.

What's wrong with your hands?

RSI. I'm not 100% sure, but likely tendinitis and some light carpal tunnel.

You can be a full time Java developer by copy-pasting exclusively

If I download a web browser on Linux , not from the software center but just from online, will it update itself like it does on windows? Or does it need to be attached to the repository?

Is there a UK website where people can upload their 3d printing plans and you can order a print? I'm sure I've seen something like that but can't find anything.

I've been working with vue.js for a while but now i am out of a job. Most companies in my region only want react.js programmers. Can anyone recommend a decent but quick crash course on react.js that i can do in a week or so? I have a few interviews lined up next week and i dont want to fuck it up.

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user, get yourself checked by a doctor. I'm serious. I used to have this issue with my neck and back. It wasn't painful but it felt very sore. It got so bad that I couldn't even use a computer for longer than 10 mins. I needed physical therapy to fix it. Back then I was using a laptop full-time which fucks up your neck and back. Also, it didn't help that I have a bad sleeping posture. Get it fixed asap before it gets even worse.

You're right user. I'm actually coming up for an appointment soon. I hope it's at least treatable to some degree.

can someone pill me on git? just a quick rundown

Is there a way to get an Android camera to turn on at a certain time and start recording video? I thought IFTTT was for stuff like that, but it seems to only do stuff that widgets have been coded for?

I have an Android 9 phone and Android 7/Lineage 14 phone.

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Are the screws in 140mm the same distance from the edge as 120mm fans? Would like to know if pic related works with 140mm fans.

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Can anyone recommend a freeware programm for converting plc3gui to pdf? Still looking for it and can only find shareware and programms with watermarks.

Lets say I have a 2 GB movie file.
Can i use `split` to split it up to copy just the parts over to another computer on the 1GB usb drive and then somehow safely join the files?
if so how?

Winrar lets you split archives into whatever sizes you want and I'm sure 7zip does too. You can also chose to not compress the file since it'll be quicker.

Somehow some random drunk Ukrainian texted me on Whatsapp.
He wrote something like
>Hello, Masha! I'm writing from my brothers number. My phone broke, so I gave it to repair. Currently I'm using dumbphone)
After I told him he's writing to other country he asked my name. Didn't said it, obviously. But sent him pic related and asked how are they doing in Ukraine.
Doesn't answer me anymore...

My question is: what should I ask/send next to him?
Side note: is there Whatsapp/android exploit I should be aware of?

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p.s. found out about Whatsapp remote code execution vulnerability. However, don't think that Ukrainian tries anything fishy... Because before Whatsapp message, he called me few times, not through WhatsApp, but to my number.