I just fixed the notch problem. It's unbelievable these big companies haven't thought of this yet

I just fixed the notch problem. It's unbelievable these big companies haven't thought of this yet.

>a fucking notch
>a fucking pin hole
>a fucking tear drop

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Just a bit too late bro, xaiomi already sent the notch packing

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>falling for yet another vaporware product from Xiaomeme

They don't even have a physical product. it's just CGI render vaporware like usual

Rotates the bar 90 degrees doesn't fix the notch problem it just rotates it.

Next they'll remove the rest bar leaving a 90 degree turned notch


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What if we just got rid of the front facing camera? Like what the fuck is wrong with this idea?!?!


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ZTE AXON V already did it

too based for the phone industry


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Face unlock is too popular I guess. Never cared for fingerprint or face recognition myself, seems easier to circumvent than a passcode.

Notches should die in a year or two when cameras are put behind OLED screens and they just set the screen to transparent when the camera is needed. Or, you know, just include a couple of small bezels like every other device in existence has. I know, call me crazy.

>more wasted area than i if it were a horizontal bar

You should be a phone manufacturer :)

>just give it a bump instead of a notch
>just pop up the camera when you need it
>just put a second screen on the back and use the main camera for selfies
I just wish I could find tape to cover the cameras that wouldn't peel off in my pocket
I'm not going to be happy when the crack the camera behind the screen thing
Then I'll have to tape over the screen

>lose more screen space
>round corners
>no fucking bezels
Useless. Make a rectangular screen, popup camera and add bezels because holding phones with small or non-existent bezels (especially curved edge) is a fucking nightmare. I want useful bricks and not useless screens.


Roasties would riot.

Just get rid of the zoomer shit front spying camera.
Place sensor under screen as already the industry does.

I swear all you absolute RETARDS don't understand the solution is not to slap big fat bezels on a phone but to disregard touches that happen on the edge of the screen in software.

No, that's even worse.

How many legitimate touch operations do you start from very the edge of the screen (other than the top)? None.

Anything that has swiping. Clover, for example. Browsers. It would be even more fucking inconvenient to make a dead zone where people are expecting touch to work.

Going back and forward between pages in a browser.
Switching apps.
Etc etc

reminds me of the galaxy edge.

yeah, lets just disregard the primary input in the places you are most likely to interact with. false negatives are surely going to solve people's frustration with false positives!

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You start a swipe by touching the side of your phone? What kind of a fucking retard does that? Do you drag your finger across the entire screen until it falls off the side of the phone?

And no, it's not about having completely dead zones, but recognizing that a touch that's like 4 millimeters into the edge of the screen and not moving can be ignored.

Waterfall display is a meme, it's shit.

Horizontal space on the phone is the most valuable space.

starting from android 10? literally all of them. the back, home, and menu buttons are being replaced with edge swipe gestures

>You start a swipe by touching the side of your phone
Yes, that's how Kuroba tabs are accessed. And even if it's not necessary, I still do it because I hold my phone with 2 hands and it's easier.

What constitutes
>very the edge of the screen
to you?


>asking if Jow Forums does something like only an autist would
Well of course you do, why did I even ask?

I thought they solved it by using under-display camera?

>not moving can be ignored.
You need to introduce input delay of 0.2-0.7 seconds for this to work and even then the action of grabbing your phone will still be movement as your skin will slide on the screen.

notch problem?
what's with all these stupid ideas to fix a problem we didn't even have until recently?

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>Implying OnePlus didn't already solve it

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>>And no, it's not about having completely dead zones, but recognizing that a touch that's like 4 millimeters into the edge of the screen and not moving can be ignored.
i think you have a really naive view on how simple it is to implement a detection algorithm like that and have never had to deal with the anti-jitter and edge correction on some of the early capacative touchscreens. they really aren't solving it beyond just hoping people live with the inconvenience, just like headphone jacks. Not to say it can't be done but its kind of a foolish waste of effort if you think about what purpose it serves, it is just a handicap for bad engineering

...the edge of the screen? what semantics are you trying to pivot on here? the subject we are discussing is pretty clearly defined in this conversation. i don't think you're going to be able to re-define it to try and motte and bailey this one

The notch isn't a problem if you make it look aesthetic.

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except notches really only exist so that they can shave margins on their panel sales. being able to disregard 3% of the surface area of the panel is 3% better yields at no cost. its not about aesthetic, its about (literally) cutting corners to save pennies

Why yes,this feature doesn’t work from the middle of the screen.

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Based and redpilled

it's already fixed
it's caled a bezel
you fucking zoomer retards

how about you don't put a stupid ass camera staring at your face at all times


this post seems familiar.


this but with a camera instead of a keyboard

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My Mix 3 is the comfiest smartphone I've held in my hands. Only the Nokia 6300 had a superior feel when being held.

Except when they added the notch (in oneplus' case) the screen actually got bigger. Dumbass.

>he doesn't have a Mix 2S
Who gives a fuck if the bezel is like half centimeter on the bottom?

that's kind of hot

That might work actually.

Now we only need to add a similar one in the bottom for symmetry and two other ones on the sides so you don't give unintentional touches when holding the phone. This might work guys.

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i like how you're calling me a dumbass because the bigger screen has less pixels than the smaller screen, because they had to cut a literal hole in it

They make panels at different sizes, you know. different screens have different pixel sizes. but they all come out of the cooker square, they cut the notch and corners off. i'm glad you're enjoying your phone screen with cut corners but i would never spend my money on a lower quality product like that

This is probably the future. Big glass slabs without any distinctive features on the front. And since almost everyone uses some kind of case, smartphones become brandless slates, and at a glance, only by case can you tell two phones from each other.
And smartphone companies aren't going to like it. We'll probably end up with two or three companies still making smartphones in a few years.

They also increased the number of pixels to maintain pixel density... dumbass.

Like this?

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