1.0 version of Nim is out

1.0 version of Nim is out.

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Don't be deceived by the "compiled to C" narrative.
If you naively write away your code the performance will be worse than java.
If you tweak a lot with compile and GC settings and know a lot about the internals of NIM you can in theory achieve the speed of C++ but your code will look ugly.
Then why not use C++ in the first place?

Nim is one of those languages that doesn't deserve attention


I use Rust but I love Nim. Congratulations. ;)

¡ regret saying that now when looking at nims website

KYS mexinigger

Its no Julia

FINALLY. ONLY TOOK THEM ABOUT 15 YEARS.... I wish I was exaggerating...

Are you kidding!?

No the project started mid 2000s

¡ can't breath

¡ find Him interesting but not worth using


Almost. wasn't me

What is nim and why should I care?

Kind of language that gets worse the more you use it. It's got the right idea in a lot of places but fails spectacularly elsewhere. Shame.

It's a language that complies to C, C++, ObjC, and JavaScript. It's Python like in syntax and has lisp-like macros. It is also a language that was grown over more than a decade. It has many warts.

Could you elaborate more on that? I'm interested

I wish they didn't use Pythons syntax

looks more like pascal syntax desu

>transpiled language
into the trash it goes

Ruby's syntax is easier to read.

*cough* Typescript *cough*