AMD about to kill Nvidia

>rx 570 performance for 100 bucks and 75 watts,40457.html

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That is just the 1650 lmao


Where's my 5800.

where's 580 performance

Except the 1650 costs 170-190 dollars and is slightly worse than the 570 nonetheless

Goodbye bros, it was fun while it lasted

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nvidia wojaks are so rare

Good. Polaris needs to go already.

>4GB of GDDR5 memory
>It's also impossible to tell if the Radeon RX 5300 series will be based on the Navi microarchitecture. Given the choice of GDDR5 memory, the Radeon RX 5300 series seems closer to another Polaris rebrand.

More AMDrone hype over literally nothing.

A polaris rebrand is possible considering that it might be an OEM only part

There's no point in dieshrinking polaris when navi exists.
Why would anybody do that when they can just cut up a navi?

who said anything about this

I hope they make another 570/580 card that is even cheaper, and then really fucking cheap second hand, like, I have bought 570 and 580s for 90 to 130.

75w and 100$ price tag.

You cant just magically reduce the power and money cost of silicon without reducing it's size.

Where'd u get the numbers? Maybe it's an rx 560 rebrand.

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not sure but i think rx560=rx5300 and rx570=5300xt

>ancient shit but slightly less of a housefire

Classic amd.

$100 for 570 performance won't be happening, screencap me on this.

because no one is deluded enough to think amd was even close to being competitive in the last decade or so
hopefully that changes once their 7nm+ big die card comes out next year

>AMDfags waiting two years for a 2080Ti competitor
>it'll be preempted by a 3080Ti and left in the dust as usual

There hasn't been a single reason for buying a novideo gpu in the last decade. Literally worse performance, price, features, drivers, quality in any price bracket. Is that your definition of amd not being competitive?

Your post is the definition of delusional.

It's just facts kid.

He proved you wrong, man up and accept it. There really are people deluded enough.

When confonted with reality, nvidiots start screeching autistically, why am I not surprised?

I have a use case for tensor cores. But also, there is no 5700 mini anyway and I'm making a mini-ITX build