How do you guys relax?

I do spent too much time in front of a computer and sometimes i need to get off and relax.

What do you guys do to archive it.

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go outside and play for 20 minutes every day

I start watching my favorite tv shows and doing shots of Bacardi. In an hour the stress has melted away.

Go out for a run
Do yoga
Listen to music
Watch films
Write about stuff

If you ever, ever feel like you're just monging in front of the computer - I know it's a huge cliche - but turn it off and go outside. Even if it's for a 15 min walk. You'll feel noticeably better.

have dinner and drink a bottle of wine every evening, at the weekend drink a couple of bottles of wine on a Friday, visit the countryside, or the seaside on Saturday and Sunday
also masturbation and sex help a lot
oh and watching TV

That's a lot of wine. I'd try to scale that back, if I were you.

fishing or shooting
maybe a hike up a local mt with my dogs and some ham radios and operate up there for a day.

This. That's a lot of brain damage per day.


I do 10km runs every two day and I ride on the local touge at least once a week.

I would like to run, but i feel kinda awkward when i'm running.

i kinda have social anxiety. I would like to overcome it but i dont know how. I dont think too much about it, it just come as it's a natural thing.

>What do you guys do to archive it.
I learn english

unironically /nightwalks/

The only real solution to overcoming that awkward feeling is just going out for a run. I wouldn't worry too much about what other people think about you running on a public sidewalk / road.

I smoke cigarettes.

This post brought to you by Philip Morris International Inc.

Something like this. Near where is live is a forest. I just take a walk for 30 - 60 mins and enjoy the sounds of nature

>[muffled kavinsky - nightcall playing in the distance]

I dunno how you fuckers relax with that much alcohol

I have to use weed or edibles

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imagine relying on drugs and alcohol to relax

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I bet you drink coffee just to stay awake.
Nothing wrong with that. just pointing out the (potential) hypocrisy in your statement.

imagine relying on coffee just to stay awake
imagine not getting a good nights sleep every day

Both cause long term brain damage that -LITERALLY- cannot be reversed. It works but the cost of your overall well-being.

Caffeine can secondarily cause brain damage by inducing insomnia if you take over 200/400mg per day or take it after noon but it primarily just blocks actual adenosine from binding to adenosine receptors which can ironically help people get better sleep if taken early in the morning.

Weed is the strange one though. It DOES cause permanent brain damage but we don't know whether it keeps doing this after 25-30 years of age.

I coom

It ironically HELPS people get better sleep if taken early in the morning (how much is another matter) by flooding your brain with adenosine after the ~8 hour crash.

imagine needing a drug to make you go to sleep
sort your shit out

Alright, I get the fucking memes lad but some people have genuinely cured or at least greatly supresed their insomnia by taking caffeine early in the morning. It would seem natural as humans have been conditioned to take caffeine in the morning. Now people are chugging caffeine during the day sometimes unknowingly which would explain why 10% of the population has been diagnosed with insomnia.

Insomina is usually a psychological or a lifestyle problem, you should deal with that instead of leaving it unchecked and taking drugs to make you go to sleep