Can you guys stop being so slow

can you guys stop being so slow
im trying to have fun here

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stop being a woman

i will try

Have a thing.

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Would you let gigachad eat you out?

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Well what do you want us to do then?

What would woman on Jow Forums want?



dumb fujo

femanon here ama

im a tomboy gf actually.

>fat belly
dumb fujo

Can we fuck?

There are no women on Jow Forums.

Would you be fine with showing us your face?

There are at least 3 females with vagina and XX chromosomes on Jow Forums


my tummu cute stfu

Ah so the ones from that discord server of yours, huh.

I don't use discord you homo

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Heh, that's something a closet discordfag would say.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

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Lay off the gummy bears fatty!

Fair enough. It's probably the smarter thing to do