Arume Survival - Lol fagetverse Act 2 Episode 6

The year was 2049 when some space alien dickheads invaded, they just happened to all look like human females. They abducted or killed most of the world's population. Then, after a year had passed, the only thing that stood in their way of assuming complete control over the planet was the Resistance. The Resistance was comprised of a network of small, human militaristic groups that were spread out across the globe.

Two months later, the Resistance made smaller-scale efforts to fend off the Arume threat. However, progress was only being made on said small-scale. The Arume still controlled large areas on the Earth’s surface and the Resistance were in for a hard fight if they were to try and force them off of the planet.

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Rolling 01-49 is usually a failure and 50-98 a success, with dubs being a critical success. However,
rolls are situational and they usually won’t be taken into account while doing mundane tasks.

Intro Song:
We'll pick up where we left off...

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Try to get closer to it, slowly.

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>Keep walking with my guard up
"What do you mean we're boring?"

"Alright, I'll wait"
>Look in the general direction of the explosion from just outside the pharmacy

You slowly start making your way over to it, coming out from behind the rock and moving towards the water.
You can hear whatever it is breathing heavily.
The silhouette comes lower as if to crouch down, as you walk into the shallow water that laps against the beach.
The water doesn't feel cold, though.
The large creature is a good few metres away.

Hanako: "Well, uh, wh-what interesting stuff can you tell me about humans, then?"

As you poke your head out of the door to the pharmacy, you see a large fireball fade into a smokey plume in the sky.
It looks to be a good distance away, maybe just outside of the city you're in.
Georgia: "Can you see anything?"

“Should we go check it out?”

"Not sure what to tell. Things have slowed down for us. Not much to tell anymore."

"Who are you?!"
I yell at it, expecting an answer

"Gigantic ball-shaped, smoking explosion, right on the edge of the city. Ground level and gas-based, if I had to guess... We should probably get going soon"

Fulldoddy: "It could be dangerous..."
Faith looks at her map.
Faith: "It sounded like it came from the south... Sooo... we'll probably go past it on our route to the Resistance Base. But, I'd like to avoid it, if at all possible. Besides, it's getting dark and we're not equipped to fight in the dark."
She puts the map away.

Hanako: "See, you're all so boring."
She almost looks chuffed.
Hanako: "Hmmm, I wonder who's sharing tents with who tonight..."

After you yell at it, the monster moves slightly closer, bringing its massive head closer to you.
You can see a glint on its two black eyes as there's a crack in the cloud cover above.
You also see long, shining teeth protruding from either side of its mouth.
Its head is shark-shaped and huge, with the head alone being about the same size as you.

Georgia: "Wait, I think I've seen something like that before... Did you see a lot of fire? You're right, though, we should probably move out of here."

"Yep, that's why I guessed it was gas. We're not getting bombed, are we?"
"Can you stand?"

>Look around the surroundings.
"We'll figure that out later. Don't think about it too much."

"Easy now."
Pat its head.

Nod and keep moving

Georgia: "Nah, I don't think we're getting bombed, we probably would've heard more explosions... Yeah, it was probably gas-based, but there isn't any gas running through the pipes anymore, so I wonder what could've caused it."
She holds her hand out an arms-length in front of herself, watching it for a second.
Georgia: "I'm still a bit dizzy, let's just wait a couple of minutes more..."
She flops her arm back down beside her.

Hanako: "Oh, so you're not curious right now?"
The forest you're moving through is dense, but it looks like it's starting to thin out, as it's not as thick as earlier.

You step forward and reach out a hand to pat it.
The monster stays still, its heavy breaths unwavering.
You touch its snout and it feels slimy and wet, the creature moves back slightly as you pat it.
As it rears its head back up, the slight moonlight illuminates gills running down its thick neck and a pair of shoulders shine for a second, giving the impression that it could have arms, but you don't see any in the darkness.
The clouds close up and you hear the monster splash back into the water.
Your hand still feels slimy and you're jerked awake as the tank knocks into a tree stump.
Your hand is covered in saliva, it looks like you dribbled in your sleep.

Faith stops the group.
Faith: "Okay, it looks like the forest is going to end soon, so we'll set up camp around here. Fulldoddy and Jun, scout out one-hundred metres in all directions, make sure we're safe here. Everyone else, let's unpack and set up the tents."

Clean my hand and get a handgun, then help these guys unpack

>Start unpacking and setting up shit.
"Why do you care suddenly? It's just sleeping."

"Maybe a car carrying a gas cylinder just crashed or something... What do we need to do next, stockpile food?"
>Sit next to Georgia and wait for a couple of minutes

I unpack and set up my tent. If I’m I help others

You wipe your hand off and grab a spare Five-Seven that the group had with them.
You unpack and set up one of the tents.
It looks like there are four three-man tents in total.

Hanako: "No reason, I just thought you might be interested with so many lovely ladies around..."
She pops a smug as she talks.
You set up a tent with the help of Hanako.
It looks like there are four three-man tents.

Georgia: "I've got some cereal bars if you're hungry right now... but, I'd like to find a new place to stay. The old warehouse I was in before got compromised."
After a couple of minutes, she stands up and dusts herself off.
Georgia: "Okay, I think I'm good now."

There are four tents in total, you help set one up with Faith, Natasha tries to help, but she just sort of gets in the way.
Faith: "There, that should do it, all the leaves on the floor should make these a lot more comfortable... hopefully..."
There are four three-man tents in total.

After all the tents are set up, everyone grabs a sleeping bag.
After a bit, Jun and Fulldoddy return.
Fulldoddy: "There were no signs of any Arume in the area."
Jun: "Huh, what about me, do I count?"
Fulldoddy looks really confused for a moment, before awkwardly saying...
Fulldoddy: "Probably."
Jun: "Uh, what do you mean 'probably'?"
Faith: "Okay, everybody, it looks like we're in the clear. We've got four tents that fit three people each... We probably should've brought one more..."
She pauses for a moment.
Faith: "Whatever. Alyona and Jun, you two go with Hanako and watch her for the night. I'll go with Lyla and Natasha."
Vladimir: "Vlad, Vlad, and I can all share."
Faith looks over to you three and Fulldoddy.
Faith: "Okay, now you four will have to..."
Fulldoddy: "I can keep watch if you'd like."
Faith: "All night? We should be fine if the perimeter is clear..."
Fulldoddy: "I don't need the sleep."
Vladislav: "I don't know how you do it, comrade..."
Faith: "O-okay, then, Carter, Gyro, and Lars can all share the last one. Everyone good?"
Jun: "Yeah, of course! Sorry if I kick you in the night, Hanako, I tend to move around a lot in my sleep... Hehehe..."

Nod and lay down in the last tent

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As you go to enter the tent, Vladim comes over to you.
Vladim: "Comrade, the night is still young, do you want to come and drink with everyone? It's been long time, I'm sure you have some good stories, no?"

"Not hungry, I just thought we might need to store some. You're right, though. Any ideas on where to go?"
>Head to the exit and look around

"Good grief..."
>Enter the tent and relax

Georgia thinks for a moment.
Georgia: "Hmm, maybe somewhere on the outskirts of the city? I'm sure they have some big, walled-off houses over there, it could be comfy."

You see Vladim talking to Gyro about everyone relaxing and drinking before the sun goes down completely.
Hanako walks over.
Hanako: "You gonna go lay down?"

"Sure, I bet you guys have some too."
Get adrink and tell'em about the robots thatcher Austrian waifu (JUST) and that one crazy arume and that time i used a LMG agaisnt if i'm not wrong an airship, oh and the time i found a waifu with wings too

"fine by me."
lay down in the tent and close my eyes

"just in case don't touch my coffee in the tent"

"Odd request but ok"

"Got it. Should we check out the explosion site while we're at it?"
>Begin walking

"gyro... you look like you've been through hell. it's a miracle you found us here in france."

You join everyone sitting on some logs, a lot of them are eager to hear your stories.
Vladimir hands you a glass of vodka.
You start with how you ended up getting captured and taken to Italy and how you escaped when a giant robot smashed the base.
Faith: "So that's why you disappeared... We all thought you were dead."
Vladislav: "Baha! A big fucking robot?! That sounds amazing! Comrades, do you think we'll see some if we go there?!"
Alyona: "I hope not..."
Jun: "Damn, I didn't know the humans had such things..."
Faith: "Yeah, neither did I..."
Vladim: "Well, what happened after you escape, comrade?"

As you're climbing into the tent, you see everyone is chilling on some logs, listening to Gyro's stories.
The sun hasn't quite set, yet.
You lay down in the tent.

You both head out of the store and down the street.
Georgia: "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious, but I don't think it'll be very useful. Besides, it's probably just people and Arume fighting, or something..."
It's quiet as you're both walking towards the outskirts of the city.
There's a smoke trail that's coming from the direction of the explosion.

"Well probably not. It's still pretty early."

i'll go listen to what gyro has to say for a bit then.
>go sit with them

"That's true. We should still take a look at it after the patrols fuck off, though"
>Try to spot one of the houses she mentioned

(i kind of forgot most of it so maybe you can help out)
Tell 'em i went to a smalll town found an austrian girl and stuff happend

Hanako: "Wanna go listen to your friend's stories? It seems like those Russians are enjoying it."
You see the Vladim and Vladislav looking like they're having a great time listening to the stories, while everyone else is just listening intently.

You head over to the group and sit on a log next to Alyona.
Alyona: "Oh, I was starting to think you'd gone to sleep..."
Vladislav looks over to you, he's visibly drunk as usual.
Vladislav: "Comrade, you're not going to believe this! He says he saw a giant robot over in Italy!"

Georgia: "I guess it couldn't hurt."
After walking for a bit, you come out of the main city streets and start to see some houses amongst the fields just outside of the city.
There's a walled-off house just up the road ahead.
Georgia: "Hey! That one looks perfect, c'mon!"
She starts running over to it.

You tell them how you ran through the mountains and found a car, before heading to Austria.
You also tell them how you met Marie in a small town just across the border.
Vladislav: "Oh, you found yourself a woman, comrade, congratulations!"
Alyona: "Wait, I don't think it's like that..."
Faith, listening intently: "Well what happened next?"
(You travelled with Marie into Germany next, where you met the winged Arume)

You hear Gyro continue his story in the update above.

Tell 'em I travelled with Marie (may she rests in peace) into Germany next, where i met the winged Arume

"Got nothing planned so I might as well."
>Go join the group.

>Walk into the house after her and take a look around

"what? he was in italy? what the bloody hell has he been up to..."
>drink some vodka to try and numb myself

"i think you're getting too attached to the prisoners BOAH"

"Nah. Hanako has been an aid, dude."

You go and sit on a log with Hanako.
Everyone is there, and Lyla is leaning on Faith, asleep.
Vladimir: "He's saying some very interesting things, friend... I'm really starting to realise that this war is bigger than just us..."

You get a glass of vodka and sip some, it takes the edge off of life.
Vladim: "Apparently, comrade, he was captured back in South Carolina, before he was taken to a base there by that Arume with the spears... the same one who took your arm."
Jun is staring at you and your glass of vodka.

Gyro tells everyone how he travelled into Germany with Marie, before seeing something fall from the sky and going over to investigate it.
He tells everyone about how it turned out to be an Arume with wings who spared both of them and flew off.
Faith looks serious for a second.
Fulldoddy: "Now this is most interesting..."
Faith, to Gyro: "Hang on, you're saying you met an Arume with wings? What did she look like?"

You both climb over the wall and see a large house.
Georgia: "What a beautiful place..."
You two walk up to the front door, before entering.
Inside, there's cobwebs, dust, and dirt everywhere but it seems to be in good shape, regardless.
Georgia: "Okay, let's split up and check this place out..."

"just be careful, in the end they are loyal to the arume not us."

>fuck drink the vodka quick before she tries to get some

"whatever happened to that spear cunt?"

"blonde and kind of tall (i think)"

"It's pretty nice, it's been a long time since I've set foot on a house like this..."
>Go look around the rooms and check if there's a broom or something

Halton flashbacks

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"yeah the spear arume that took my arm."
>have flashbacks as well

"She's dead"

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"I can believe that."

Hanako pouts at you.
Hanako: "What if I've changed my mind and I want to work with you guys now?"
Alyona: "And why would you do that?"
Hanako: "Uuuuhhhhhhhh..."

Faith stops to think.
Faith: "Hmmmm..."
Vladimir: "What did her wings look like, were they kind of metal-looking?"

You both go looking throughout the house.
Georgia, loudly talking from another room: "Oh, did you use to live in a house like this before the invasion?"
The downstairs seems clear.
There's a small room just off of the kitchen that has a couple of brooms in it and some feather dusters, as well as some other cleaning tools.

"Yes have you seen her before?"

"see... can't trust them."
>make face like pic related
"the only arume we can trust is jun... and faith."

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"No, my grandmother did when I was a kid. She passed away before the invasion, thankfully"
>Acquire a broom and begin THE CLEANSING
>Focus on the cobwebs first

"Quit the antagonizing ain't Jun an Arume too?"
>Look towards the little cunt.


"she's a resistance soldier first, and an arume second. we saw what happened back in america when we became lax on prisoners."

Faith: "Yeah, she attacked us on the aircraft carrier as we were travelling over. Sounds like she was the same one you ran into. She must be really fast..."
Vladislav: "Or was really fast, until she took a two-hundred-millimetre shell to the face! Bahahaahah!"
Vladimir: "Right, anyway, what happened after you met her?"
(You started travelling down the south of Germany before the ship came down from the sky and started dropping off troops everywhere)

Alyona and Hanako both pause for a second.
Alyona and Hanako, at the same time: "Huh, but Faith isn't a..."
Alyona: "Ooohhh. Haha."
Hanako: "What?"
Faith, to Lars: "Shut it, Corporal Pervert, I'm not a damn Arume!"
Jun looks distracted, staring over at the Vlads and their vodka.
She snaps out of it, after hearing her name.
Jun: "H-huh, uh, yeah. But I've been working with the Resistance for over half a year now."
She sounds really chuffed as she speaks.

You start cleaning while Georgia checks upstairs.
Beginning with the cobwebs, you start cleaning the small room you're in.
As you're doing so, a big ass spider drops off of one of them, falling onto your head.

I started travelling down the south of Germany before the ship came down from the sky and started dropping off troops everywhere

"when i first met faith i thought she was an arume... and part of me still does for some reason."
"she seems to get really mad about it, like she's trying to hide something."
>fuck it, give jun some vodka

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"I'm aware you one-armed bastard. What's your problem anyways I'm just tryna enjoy my night."
>Get something to drink.

>Pet the spider, set it down on the floor and then keep destroying his home and family violently

"it's nothing, here HAVE SOME VODKA WITH ME."
>hands you some vodka

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>Get shitfaced

>Continue smoking

Faith: "I'm not trying to hide anything, it's just really rude to call people an Arume when they're not. Hmph"
She pouts like pic related.
You pour Jun some vodka.
Alyona: "Hey, do you think that's a good idea..? I mean, Jun's clearly pretty young."
Jun, excitedly staring at her vodka: "Age is just a number!"
She chugs the whole thing.
Vladislav sees and immediately starts cheering her on.
Vladislav: "Oooraa, comrade! We need more people like you!"
Jun stands up, swaying backwards and forwards.
Jun: "Fffffffuck yeah!"
Alyona: "This is why I don't drink..."

You get a glass of vodka from Lars.
Hanako: "Here I was thinking I'd been a good little prisoner..."
You start drinking and it starts to affect you shortly after.
Hanako isn't drinking.
Faith: "C'mon, guys, you don't want to have to walk with a horrible hangover tomorrow..."

You carefully set it down on the floor, it scurries away.
Afterwards, you go back to destroying its home.
You clear out all of the cobwebs in the room.
Georgia comes walking in.
Georgia: "Oh, nice. Upstairs is all clear, as well. Here..."
She grabs the other broom.
Georgia: "...I'll go start cleaning the other rooms, we'll have this place looking good in no time."
She heads out to another room on the ground floor.

Gyro tells everyone how he then travelled through the south of Germany before the giant ship attacked Europe.
Vladim: "Ah, yes, I remember seeing ship from our ship... That thing was fucking huge, even from so far away we could tell."
Vladislav is running around and 'dancing' with Jun.
They're both drunk, though Vladislav almost always is.
Faith, to Gyro: "What was it like on the ground while the ship was attacking?"

You continue smoking, ignoring Natasha's voice.
The sun has almost set.
You hear it again.
Natasha: "Geralt..."
After a second you hear Rem call your name from behind.
Rem: "Geralt?"

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>Ignore her too and think about the intricacies of life and the concepts of morality in such a post apocalyptic society while i enjoy my smoke

"I need this, and quit thinking about it Hanako."
>Chug down some more.
"Interesting story by the way."

"Good to know"
>Begin THE CLEANSING once again.

playfully hit faith's shoulder "relax i don't actually think you're an arume!"
>i actually do think that
>to alyona
"you'll come around eventually, it's in your blood!"
>hand hanako some vodka
"let's see if you are really resistance material then!"

"Well i kind of got into a cave and got an LMG, then I MOUNTED IT AND LOADED IT and started to shoot down smaller ships, so i guess it was neat."

Can i join? If so can anyone tl;dr the story?

The tldr is right in the OP

I read that but i want to know the current situation with a bit more details.

just play the game and you'll eventually learn what happened like the rest of us did. join the discord as well.

You should just find out in character desu, it's what we all did.

As for the character ill go with the name viper
As for the weapons:
>Msr Remington with a flash hider
>H&K USP .45 suppressed
>Swiss knife
>1 frag, 2 emps

You continue to enjoy your smoke while pondering about such things.
There's just a crack of light left on the horizon.
Rem: "Hello? Geralt?"

Hanako, to Carter: "I know, I know, I was only joking."
Faith, to Lars: "Yeah, yeah, just be careful, you don't want to wake Lyla..."
Lyla is leaning on the other side of Faith, fast asleep.
Hanako looks over to Faith.
Hanako, to Faith: "C'mon, you know you want some to take the edge off..."
She smiles at Faith and goes to accept the vodka from Lars, but she's quickly stopped by Alyona.
Alyona: "Woah, if you think I'm going to spend the night in a tent with a couple of drunk Arume, then you've got another thing coming."
Hanako: "Aaawwww, come on, you don't even know if I can handle my drink or not..."
Alyona: "I-I don't want to risk it! Just look at Jun..."
You can see Jun stumbling around with Vladislav as they attempt to sing, but they're both trying and failing to sing different songs.
Hanako: "I guess you have a point, at least she'll probably fall asleep quickly..."
Alyona: "We can only hope..."
They sound defeated at the idea of having to share a tent with Jun in the state she's in.

You sweep up all of the dust in that room and chuck it out of a window.
The room is relatively clean now, the kitchen is next.
Georgia: "You know, I kind of enjoy cleaning, it's been a while since I did this kind of thing."

Gyro talks about how he fled up a mountain from the attacking Arume, ending up in a cave with an LMG, before using it to shoot down some smaller Arume airships.
Vladim: "Woah, that sounds amazing, comrade!"
He inaccurately pours some vodka into his mouth.
Vladimir, to Gyro: "Wait, there was just an LMG in the cave all by itself?"

Pick a name and wake up.
Don't forget to roll after you post.

"There was a SAS guy called Thatcher, he was hiding, you could say i was lucky to meet him"

I'm woke

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"Hmm... I guess it's nice to do mundane things like this, after running and scavenging"
>C L E A N S E T H E K I T C H E N

"if alyona says no, then no"

You get everything, apart from the EMP grenades.
It's the evening as you wake up, the sun is just setting.
You're laying on a bed in some abandoned house, you can see trees out of the window in the bedroom.

>Achieve singularity through smoking

>Grab my stuff and go look for something to eat

That 00:00:00 post tho

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You both start to feel tipsy and you feel yourselves sway a bit.

The sun sets on the group.
Lars and Carter keep drinking as Gyro continues his story.
He talks about how he met a man named 'Thatcher' in the cave and it was he who gave Gyro the LMG.
Jun passes out on the spot after dancing a bit more.
Vladislav looks surprised.
Vladislav: "Woah, comrade, don't sleep there, it's dirty!"
Faith: "For goodness sake... We'll have to continue this another time, Gyro. It sounds like you went through a lot, though."
She stands up, carefully picking up Lyla as she does so.
Faith, to everyone: "We'll have to continue these stories tomorrow, it's important that we get some rest. Goodnight."
Hanako: "Yeah, I'm beat from all that walking... See ya."
Faith carries Lyla off to her tent.
Hanako, to Carter: "Goodnight."
Alyona, to Lars: "See you in the morning."
Alyona and Hanako carry Jun off to their tent.
Fulldoddy gets up.
Fulldoddy: "I'm going to climb a tree to keep watch, get some rest."
Vladimir: "Right. C'mon, brothers, get in the tent."
The Vlads go to their tent and Fulldoddy climbs up a tree.

You can feel yourself slowly becoming a cleaning powerhouse as you dust, sweep, and de-web the fuck out of the kitchen.
Georgia starts humming in the next room as she cleans.

It goes dark after the sun sets, you continue to smoke.
Rem puts her hand on your shoulder.
Rem: "Geralt!"

You pick up your stuff and mover out of the bedroom, searching for something to eat.
However, as you move into the house's kitchen, you find that it's completely devoid of any food.

Sleeb in tent


"Well... Shit"
>Get out of the house and look through the house next door

>Throw the cigarette away
“What is it you want”



You head back to the tent, along with Lars and Carter, who both bring some vodka with them.
After getting snug in your sleeping bag, you manage to fall asleep.
You have a dream...

You both head back into the tent and continue to drink.

You manage another glass before you pass out in your sleeping bag.
You have a dream...

You continue drinking, but don't fall asleep.
Both gyro and Lars fall asleep in their sleeping bags.

You make your way outside and, after walking for a bit, you find the next house along.
It seems you're in a rural area, specifically a forest, where the houses are spaced quite far apart, but you make it to a house eventually.
After entering, you manage to find some canned foods in the kitchen cupboards, including some canned fruits that can be eaten cold, as well as some other things, like baked beans and corn.
The packaging is in French, but you can work out what's in them.

You keep cleaning when you start to hear a vehicle approaching.
It's also evening outside and the sun has set.
Georgia: "Crap, do you hear that?"


>explore this dream