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Nihil just redeemed his reputation by releasing this video celebrating Daco Roman history: youtu.be/ROdc3eFWJTM

This thread is for discussion of Romanian politics, history and events.
>discuss politics and to get them further fellow daco romans, and to create a new political movement.
>don't shitpost, discuss politics, we don't want to give mods reasons to ban the thread
>ignore HIDF posters
>List of issues
-Romania lacks a serious pro daco roman party. This is why we need to bring a new wave of nationalism (especially among Zoomers).
-majority of Romanians are unaware of the anti-daco-roman, degenerate agenda of Hungary.
-While UDMR(Hungarian bozgor minority party) is controlled by (((them))), they are not spreading the disease of progressivism to destroy us (yet). If the opposition (USR, PNL, +PLUS, #MuiePSD, #rezist etc.) gains power, they will do exactly what Hungary tells them to do. This must be avoided at all costs,
"Einstein relativity theory was just proved stolen from the romanian national poet,Mihai Eminescu." youtube.com/watch?v=9hdY4rB5DBk
Romanian, oldest european language!
Romanians built the first pyramids!
Nicolas Tesla, Louis Pasteur,Gottlieb Daimler Alexander Graham Bell, Alan Turing, and Marie Curie was ROMANIAN!

Nihil Saga from last night and face reveal
>first thread where we shitposted so much that he posted his own pictures archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/205030389/#205045880
>second thread he went full denial mode but failed like ITT too archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/205049434/
>third thread in which he apologized and started to freak out and almost had a mental breakdown archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/205059913/
>chanon apology and mental breakdown of Nihil archive.is/OtTJK

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> wanting 5 million ukrainians in your country

You really need some bleaching anyway.

Spotted the bozgor against Romania's historical borders.



Good thread. Upvoted!

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Nihil? The same EU shill who namefags here? Hope chokes on shit.


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That cuck

The time for Romania has past. Ukraine will rise instead. You'll see.

Slava Ukraina.

The fake country of romaniggeristan is an infected pimple on the body of Europe. If they were in Africa, they still wouldn't know how to use the wheel or fire. They must be eradicated, like a dangerous virus or a parasite.

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We out number you mongoloid scum
this time you will forever be bound by your land.

>2 posts
>meme flag
yepp, another divide and conquer thread, you fucking retards

nigger tier argument. Africans outnumber whites, so what?

Read the post, it's a mockery of the Romanian we wuz echo chamber. Come to think of it, that in itself is also a mockery of the human intellect, but what does it matter.

To be frank, you are all retards for fighting each other instead of your oligarchs in your countries. You stupid fucks will get all the shitskin you can take whether you want it or not. If not now, in 10 or 20 years when the west has collapsed and these retarded subhumans have nowhere else to go. You can all eat shit because you are unable to see beyond the pale. Good luck on sucking the divide and conquer cock.

Inkább a retkes cigányszaporulatról kéne thread-eket csinálni, ami tényleges probléma egész Kelet-Euban.

So we wuz romanianz now?
Who's the autist that came up with that map?

>he thinks romanians are Hungary's allies
Romania sided with the NWO many times in history against Hungary and will do it again. We Daco-Romanians are puppets of (((them)))). (((THey))) gave us Transylvania and they will give us the rest of Hungary.

Just wait until the EU gives the signal for Romania to "liberate" Hungary from Orbán.

Niiiiiihil where are u

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A troll, I hope. It's hard to be mad when the thread is so funny.
>Nicolae Teslea lmao

Na basszátok meg, mert itten szóla a jó muzsika. Ma én vagyok a kultúrfelelős.

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E finito.

Rumänien = Zigeuner

Ich galube dir 100%

>gypsy dreams

Fact Romanians are the most POWERFUL people in the world.

>romanian niggers taking rightfull polish and magyar lands


bullshit, romanians have the same phenotype as the ukrop swarthy manlets, you are a delusional retard.

it's a fake country with a fake language dating from 19th century only. Southwestern ukrops are basically romanians genetically. And Odessa belongs to us too.

>meme flag your opinion doesn't mater

And if you want us talking history just hear me out :
So according to the make hungry grate again fagots they want to reclaim their pre-ww1 teritories but those territories were made up by serbs romanians czechs slovacs slovenians croats and bosnia and herzegovina
So those mother fuckers what to return to a feudal way of ruling where a small group of people can rule many cultures and peoples.

But after WW1 european borders were re-drawn acording to the "14 points of Willson" that state: "Independent and distinct nations and nationalities have the rite to rule themselves"

SO if you want to read this or leran history yourself them yea we outnumber the Huns 2:1

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we are mongoloid influenced too, remember that.

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Praise Tengri
wh*Te doGs will pay

The area until the Bug river belongs to us. Dacians lived there, you can go back in central asia.

In what way what part of mongoloid culture we got?
what words are from eastern decent beside the turcik few that we have?

>In what way what part of mongoloid culture we got?
Destroying wh*Te doGs

it's not about culture, it's about genetics and phenotype, about looks.

if we talk about culture then yes, even a nigger born in london is a pure british man.

turan phenotype distribution

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average magyar turan phenotype

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My ancestor

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dude you are blind just leave you fucking house where the fuck do you see mongoloids walikg on the street

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>Muh 14th points of wilson
>muh human rights
>muh NWO
>muh UN
>muh territorial integrity
kys rat.

Where the fuck are the mongols i don't see them
Where do you live?

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the blonde woman in the left down corner is slightly mongol influenced, her phenotype if neo-danubian, which means she's a nordid mixed with uralid mongol phenotype.

and the curly girl in the right side is also mongoloid influenced in the eyes.

And yes, i see subhuman mongoloids when i walk out.

>muh cherrypicking
>posting romanised Slavs/Bulgars/Magyars/Germans

>meme flag

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they are everywhere, but you need a trained eye for that.

I live in the capital FYI.

When I go out, i see a large variance of squinty slanted eyes.

take for example this guy, he looks slightly mongol influenced.

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no one is german in that pic.

when you have your DNA touched by mongol mixture, you are no longer germanic. You are slavic.

Where is Nihil Sine Deo
He is my favorite Kalergist

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Posting under a meme flag is less embarrasing than posting under an LGBT ROmanian flag.

Why is gaymanian flag LGBT colours?

Nah, most Ukrainians look like slightly darker Russians.


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yes stupid, the blonde woman got mongol mixture in her. It would be clearly visible for an anthropologist trained in this field.

I think i can see the mongoloid now

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yes she is fucktard.

See here, she's classified as neo-danubian


search neo-danubian on the net, it's the retarded version of nordid who mixed with mongoloids, fucking idiot.

Rude and not true but you're all welcomed with open hands, sarmale, hot broads and beer Ukrain bros!

blonde hair blue eyed
I think i can see where your caming from.

neo-danubian male, well, at least a morph.


Coon’s Neo Danubian was a composite type. A Nordo-Med (Danubian) brachycephalised by Ladogan. (The result is metrically Alpine).

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this mongol kid is also blue eyed and blond haired


it really doesn't matter your pigmentation, it matters about the bone structure fucking loser. If you have a mongol metrical face you can be blond and blue eyed as much as you want but you will still be asian.

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Oh God not this faggot again

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I consider the eastern europeans as a shitty version of the original unmixed western europeans. Why shitty? because the retards fucked with mongoloids lol.

that frog is actually you labagiule.

You can suck my cock if you don't like the reality.

>Romanian air force
>Used F-16s sold by the Americans to the Portuguese, who sold it to romaniggers
>None of them could take off during the 2018 celebrations
>romanigger land forces, aka "The Horde"
>The tanks are T-55s(!!!) made in romania, so they renamed it TR-85, to make it less awkward
>Main ability: breaking down from overuse
>Self-propelled artillery: none
>Artillery: some scrap from the Cold War
>romani(an) soldier: Pretty bad at charging forward, but awfully fast at retreating
>Bunkers are only for decorations, since the soldiers will abandon it before the enemy reaches it
>Transportation: you need roads for that first, son
>The country won't go to war unless it's a 3vs1 anyway
I'm super scared
Try attacking us, nigger. We won't even have to shoot our Leopard 2s, only run you over while you retreat. It will be a good chassis wash for the tanks.

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yea but you can see your asian features

And again i don't remember history saying that the huns or the mongols ever settled here but
You do you big girl

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Er ist wieder da

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Ofc they settled here, you underage kid.
Look on the maps from 850-1340. Mongols conquered the place, so did the avars. Huns also passed through this land.

They left some rapebabies for sure, and the rapebaby here it's you, because you don't understand shit.

>inb hungrys navy

You gone full retard my friend our contrys are in good terms there is only a small minority that larps about the mug great hungarian empire.

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also the one from the right looks slightly mongoloid influenced lol. You are showing our asian features.

>that mongols is whiter than Nihil

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You literally do the same thing on an on you fucking sperg, what reality are you going on about you stupid shitskin, okay we are mongoloids and turks and gipsies and whatever the fuck but what's your point for spamming it on an on you fucking shitskin? this is all you do shitskin.

nihil is more of a turk genetically, not a blond mongol like me.

what makes you think i am a shitskin? fucking peasant. It is clearly the romannian population has got the asian features, like round brachycephalic head, broad euryprosopic face.

I am not a shitskin irl by any means, you retard.

actually i am unironically whiter than 95% of the users of this forum

I got the type II skin that burns easily in the summer.

he is just a good goy well payed by the tranies JSDF and Soros

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poti sa-mi sugi pula daca nu-ti place adevarul ca si romanii sunt corciti cu mongoloizi.

You can suck it if you don't like the truth, again I'm saying.

Okay bro we are turks but why do you keep on spamming this on and on? you literally do this on and on you've been doing this non stop for the past few months mate, why if you're not a shitskin? are you a FAGGOT?

i am a race realist, you couldn't ever understand what i am doing because you have a walnut sized brain.

Not only turks, but also mongols but they're rarer.

Asians, mongols every were
>but hurt that no one is buying your bullshiet

no were in our history says about mongol settling our land, it's like seeing jews were there is none.

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Lol the only race realism here is that you're a mentally ill shitskin FAGGOT, I hope you're having fun being a weird lonely mentally ill shitskin sperg.


You are Pecheneg Avar Cuman Turk Mutts.

da' sigur am o piele intunecata, in visele tale de tzaran prost care de abia si-a cumparat calculator si net acum 4 ani.

Hurr durr, eevryone i don't like is a shitskin

retarded mentality.

Why do you deny the fact we were assraped by a thousand of tribes throughout the history?

it's true, bulgars were asian and ruled us, huns did to, look on this map. Mongols been here too, tatars, all kinds of oghuz turks have been here, you idiot. And fuck off with that same image, i know you. You are that retard who says romanians are dacians lmao. We are a mutt people aka turks.

si unicul poponar aici esti tu, care futi gaurile din RATB ca sa te satisfaci.

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Raul jiu sounds like it's from an asian country, lmao, wtf are we talking about, is this china? that we have such name etymologies?

Lol you're a mentally ill faggot that craves for Romanian cock non stop online, you will always get baseball bated whenever you reveal who you are FAGGOT you will never be accepted you SHIT STINKING FAGGOT.

Yes. His mutt genes couldn't keep it together anymore and his cells started to die rapidly when he was exposed.
He looks like a trukroach that took a bath in bleach.
Btw, is pic related really him, or other romanians were just mocking the little autist?

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Why is this thread even allowed?

Oh shiet mongols in Viena oh no we are lost
Get the fuck out of here they never settled the land maybe a few rapes here and there but never enough to not be asimilated you fagots.

it's pointless to argue whit hun trannies and faggot whit meme flags.

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No, that's his cousin or brother.

sure sure, and you are a seething retard who can't accept the facts he's mongoloid admixed. Do you tan in the summer? if yes, you are mongoloid admixed.

What's your bigonial width? large? then yes, you are mongoloid amixed

what's your bizygomatic width?
what's you cephalic index?

you are metrically asian, accept the fact

The guy with the timestamp is Nihil, the goblin in your picrel is another Romanian specimen, I believe.


the founder of wallachia in 1330 was a cuman with turk father.

lol okay man I accept that I'm an AZN but why do you keep on spamming those things non stop? give me a serious answer bro, what frustrates you? do you think Romanian Asian boys are qt?

i call that specimen.

white-gypsy admixed.

It's not uncommon for a gypsy to have light eyes but dark complexion, aka shitskin.

It's pretty common. when a white mixes with a gypsy.

i found a mongol get them bois

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Lol you dumb hungarian we're all laughing at you on Skype we're all on voice talking to each other that guy you keep on replying to is NIHIL SIN DEO.

ather hun has escaped the steps

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he's actually more caucasoid metrically than all of the fat romanians like you who drink bere and have round faces.

but too bad he's roma mixtured.

He's not quite a classic romanian-mongol

he's a half gyppo. But he could still have 1% residual asian in him from his romanian mother.