Wageslaves btfo

Wageslaves btfo
Normalfags eternally btfo
NEETdom mastered

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yeah you should totally build your life on the words of some alcoholic
whatever makes you feel less useless, I guess

Shut the fuck up and flip my burgers. Don't serve me vodka because it's shit like the niggers who produce it.

Yeah without us quote-unquote wage slaves you wouldn't be sitting there comfortably, neetcuck.

>you wouldn't be sitting there comfortably
Look at the slave trying to take it out on others after a rough day of 12 hours work for a piss poor salary

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unfunny volcel goes for another round of trying too hard

it's funny you want to feel like some powerful authority when you're basically a panhandler supported by society out of pity

>seething this hard

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I don't feel no anger because you have nothing to be jealous of. I just feel pity and disgust for you, Mario.
a real man is independent. he believes in trust and authority takes his fate in his hands. it is what women want. it is what men respect.
but you're not a man. you're needy like a baby and will forever remain one. you're forever in the mercy of a welfare state. you have no achievement in life. you live by excuses and mistrust of the "system" because you already living a lie. no woman would want a loser like you who can't take care of himself, let alone of other. no man would respect you or treat you like a man.
the further you delve, the more pathetic you become.

Based and redpill


>proceeds to write down a wall of text out of sheer butt pain
>is forced to go to work and put up with people 24/7 with no spare time to enjoy his life
>meanwhile I'm living the dream
>b-but you're not a real man!
There's a sound advice, next time your lesbian/tranny/roastie boss comes around lick her shoes clean with your cucked tongue so you might get your to pay your bills in advance.

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I would be fine with that kind of life. As long as i could watch my chinese cartoon by the weekend it'll worth it

based russian

Chinese cartoons better than the shitty jap ones?

Mario, you might have money to scrape by. But you already lost the most important battle: the one in your mind.
You know how I know that? Because you're obvious as hell. You're angry and bitter, Mario. Nobody likes angry and bitter loser.
You know what I know? You constantly want to discredit, demean the succcess of people. Why are so butthurt about their success? I'll tell you why. Because you feel threatened by it. You feel afraid you're in your 20s or 30s but you never grew up. You never got a life. You're incredibly jealous of others and yet you realize you can't ever match, and it hurts your pride even deeper. You're the loser. It's all your fault and nothing is gonna fix it.
So you play sour grapes. You desperately want to show you're the "winner". You turn everything upside down to have the "last laugh".
And yet your denial fools no one, Mario. Everyone sees how pathetic and miserable you are, and keep away. You turn people away, and get even more butthurt about yourself. You need to inflate yourself even further. And the cycle repeats. And you spiral lower and lower with every day.
The cause has always been you, Mario. No matter how hard you run, no matter how hard you deny or twist, you can't escape the judgement, because the judge is yourself.

Keep spewing shit i'm not reading your diary of a sperg

Why are you poking fun at wageslaves

my actual fw wageslave ruskie typing novels arguing with a neet while he's on break

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Tell me who you are quoting, Korbo.

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Because they're fun to troll and genuinely get angry which means they actually hate their life more than it looks like.

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Based and redpill

>real man
Yup, let society brainwash you into thinking what a real man is all about. 80% of the men that have ever existed never reproduced yet here you are falling for the same slave trap they fell for because real men get a job and start a family. Kek


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Welfare leeches have more kids lol

working is epic.

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