Why are people so obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes?

Why are people so obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes?

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Its a combination of features that only white people can naturally have

Because the Jews are.

red hair with blue/green eyes = black hair with blue/green eyes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> blonde

They are sexy

Everyone wants to be at the top

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It's the most beautiful and only comes from a small part of the world.

Why are people obsessed with the symbols of peak fertility and peak beauty that only occur naturally on the dominant and most intelligent subspecies of human?
Can't fucking imagine why.

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nobody is but you better be white

Fucking this.

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this is not politics.

people on Jow Forums's Jow Forums board aren't concerned with the same things as the people you meet in your actual life

sauce? for pic

The average person you meet in life is little more than an asleep character from the Matrix.

source -> Jow Forums

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apparently the yang gang doesn't care about blonde hair or blue eyes. they are chinese supremacists.

It's recessive.
It proves fidelity.

It's exotic.
For me, it's in my genes to be attracted to them as I am also in possession of these traits.
Darkies can fuck off and stop diluting our amazing genetic mutation that is the envy of the world.

> being this new

yes because in a majority blonde country having a blonde kid proves your wife never cheated on you with your blonde neighbor..

bet you stink of shit la and you got no mates

>Black hair, green eyes, skin as white as snow

Blodes are fucking terrible because more often than not they're out trying to get tans.

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Ask yourself why threads like these are considered Jow Forums worthy while ones like this are axed within minutes?
death of the liberal class

>B-bet you smell!
Good one there. Real high brow comeback. I assume you're a paki? Or vote labour? When the time comes you'll be put against the wall, faggot.

>not posting the high-res version

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Because it is a VIP pass into the master race.

The rest of us with brown hair and green/brown eyes are like "Am I white? I'm white, right!?" even though we come from 100% white European families lol.

You posted your picture before and that's what you look like.

do you not realise how mental you sound loser

I don’t know. I’ve never found any particular hair or eye color to be more attractive than another really. I don’t find women in any other race to be very attractive at all though.

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It's aesthetically pleasing on an evolutionary level.

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I am more obsessed with red hair and green eyes. Nothing better than redheads.

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I can't say I'm obsessed, but of all the features I find that fair skinned, blonde women draw my eyes the most. Sometimes I don't even realize it unti later.

she's not blonde

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One of the most soulful and intelligent looking phenotypes, beats the stupid shit brown and black of the rest of the world

because only people has those features

Are they? Most people I know like brown hair, tan skin, and don’t care about eyes.

More for me, I guess. Sad though, fuck this tan meme.

Got me one like that, can confirm these are the best.

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This, and also it just looks better.

Ditto. Green eyes and red hair is the true patrician combo.

Partly because people wrongly believe it is a sure marker of racial purity and/or Germanicness, this in spite of there being blond/blue-eyed Jews and in spite of the fact that a non-Germanic nation, namely the Finns, are the blondest/bluest-eyed nation in Europe.

People are stupid.

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Ashkenazi Jews aren't white, Shlomo.

because its rare

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>tfw live in one of the highest blonde density countries and I end up with a brown haired girl.

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>Why are people so obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes?
They're rare.

Among the rarest and most beautiful, many are aggressive towards these works of art because they cannot physically have these features without having to be sliced under a knife. It just seems so otherworldly nowadays when most on this world have darker skin, muddy eyes, and charcoal hair.

Basically, "they hate us cuz they ain't us."

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Brown hair and even black hair is also okay if it's not curly. Curly hair is a nigger jew faggot cuck.

if her eyes are blue she's better than a blonde

because we are the chosen.


It can look the best with top quality genetics.

im facial blind, still looks good to me

I have curly blonde hair. What does this mean? Give it to me straight please

Everyne needs to look into Rhesus Negative bloodlines to understand this.
Red\blonde hair and blue\green eyes all come from the Rh- line.

Redheads sprout from neanderthal genetics, and most are dumb as ever living shit. Gimme blonde + blue any day.

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Well it's just a personal preference. For me personally, curly hair is Satan's asshole. I'm sure there are curly hair lovers out there though.


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Is this true?

Did you that 1/3 of Ashkenazi are born with an affliction called
Maple Syrup Urine disease.
Funny old world sometimes. How chosen and blessed they are.

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I all beautiful white people, we have amazing traits. Personally I prefer pale ginger women with green or blue eyes.

Just wiki red hair

>A DNA study has concluded that some Neanderthals also had red hair, although the mutation responsible for this differs from that which causes red hair in modern humans.

this chick dyes her hair, look at eyebrows

why are you so obsessed with making the same identical thread, Paki?

The epithome of the beauty.

Haha. Thanks for the info.

you forgot the eyebrows

>When the time comes you'll be put against the wall

With your opinion which is of no consequence at all?

Because it's beautiful and white.

Looks kinda neat sometimes

Where do you think you are? Nigger??

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i don't know, green eyes are cuter tho