Can we have a good old fashioned basedboy hate thread?

Can we have a good old fashioned basedboy hate thread?

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resemblance is uncanny

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fucking hell, forgot about that fucking webm. thats sad

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I clean shave every day just to be as far removed as possible from that scene

>old fashioned
basedboys are e relatively new thing

>preferred option in black & white
really activated my almonds

When I want to talk trash about Jow Forums I do it in /v/ checkmate drumpfkins

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What's the difference between basedboys and MAGApedes aside the hat?

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>t §oyboy

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Us black males love onions more then you White crackas muh cock is huge!! Onions foreva cracka! #RememberTrayvon

The eyes.

If you see the tops of someone's eye whites beware, you are not dealing with a human being.

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That’s why my 92yo war vet dad kicked my ass into shaving


I'm shaving tonight, fuck that

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