Post rare WWII photos

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Why is he saluting a pube?

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african genes

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Who is he hailing to? Who was behind Hitler?

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Nazi's had the best uniforms. Prove me wrong

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How the fuck would they know anyway, did they have some blood samples?

What about a video?

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Take this , too

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I got some scans of an rare manual someone posted.


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I'd ask about vids from red army soldiers raping German women, but that's not rare.

They have raped them 2 million times.

Gott mit uns.

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5/5 this makes for a nice phone background if you crop and morph it correctly

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You better be saving this shit niggas

Very cool user. Thanks for sharing.

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What a pity. An entire generation of well meaning, honest, hard working, trusting, naive peasants whose country and lives were destroyed by the egotistic machinations of a mediocre Austrian corporal.

It wasn't really rape after the war, the Germans where starved to death as retaliation and would trade anything they had for food including the consent of their woman. War is war.

No problem, I'm sure if you use them to search the archive for the thread you could dig up more. I think it was actually a fairly rare booklet, not something given to every soldier. Neat piece of history.

the biding of the Anglo for their masters

Also bump

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This one is especially interesting because it describes the three groups of races and whom belongs to which according to the doctrine at the time. Solves the purity spiral nicely

I wonder if hitler ever got tired of seeing goering carrying around that stupid cane staff thing.

thank u

Start shit get hit

I like history

>Implying they weren't 100% on board after carring wheelbarrows full of worthless cash to buy a loaf of stale bread just 10 years prior.


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>destroyed by Hitler
epic b8

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They don't even have a body lmao.

His icy blue eyes are really shining here.

his people truly loved him. I wish there was a leader now I could love that much

>For Hitler, however, more than for any other statesman in the modern world, it would be impossible to expect that he should keep the word of Germany against her interest, in any international bargain, agreement or treaty. Because Hitler is himself the nation. That, incidentally, is why Hitler always has to talk so loud, even in private conversation—because he is speaking with seventy-eight million voices.
>Few foreigners respond at all, yet apparently every German in Germany does. It is because Hitler is the mirror of every German’s unconscious, but of course he mirrors nothing from a non-German. He is the loudspeaker which magnifies the inaudible whispers of the German soul until they can be heard by the German’s unconscious ear.
>Without the German people, he would not be what he seems to be now. It is literally true when he says that whatever he is able to do is only because he has the German people behind him or, as he sometimes says, because he is Germany. So, with his unconscious being the receptacle of the souls of seventy-eight million Germans, he is powerful, and with his unconscious perception of the true balance of political forces at home and in the world, he has so far been infallible.That is why he makes political judgments which turn out to be right against the opinions of all his advisers and against the opinions of all foreign observers.

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They said they had skull shards in Russia, although I don't know if this study is based on those. Nevertheless the veracity of that depends on if you believe he an hero'd and didn't move to Argentina

Blaming Hitler for WWII is silly. It would have happened regardless of whether he was involved. The situation was so fucked after WWI that it was inevitable, and if Germany hadn't started it (even though it was actually the british) the Soviets would have instead.

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Spanish troops in the eastern front at Krasny Bor.

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Based. Hah.

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>letting niggers fight against your white brothers

you burgers are disgusting I hope you all die painfully

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I've never seen any of the vids. Just pics of the aftermath.

I don't know German.

Life is entropy, get with it, idiot

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lol Italy wtf were you thinking?

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>Post rare WWII photos
Before Hitler betrayed us all

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buncha jerks being mean to Hitler

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Lmao what a fag

Very commonly posted photo, not rare.



gotta wear your bling to war

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herrenvolk which is translated to master people was used in my kampf.


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Jewish pets.

That turned out to be the skull of a pig, kek

Don't look at me, our government has been actively working against its people since 1860.

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Could you elaborate?

I don't normally agree with anti-NatSoc posts. In this case, though, it's very on-point. Pic related.

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does anyone have any photos of nazi stuff in the protectorate of bohemia and moravia?

prague mainly

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Yeah the real blame for WW2 lies on Ludendorff or more accurately Wilhelm, Von Moltke, and Franz Joseph

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Love these threads

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Ah yes, the Kaiser, a man who had a full stomach as his people's children had to prostitute themselves to put food on the table. Can't believe those evil nazies stole his country

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Absolute propaganda. It makes sense that a shitty beaner believes Anglo victory propaganda.

kek imagine what the officers that were supposed to protect him went through that night


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i hate my country

Oh the Weimar republic is Anglo propaganda?

I want to breed one of these white american southern stallions

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what happened here?

lol dont know, mystery

The Weimar Republic wasn't inflicted upon Germany by the Kaiser.

Beaners confirmed for absolutely retarded (again).

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>asks for rare WWII photos
>post shit everyone have already seen in their school text books
What a fucking nigger

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someone please post the one with him blindfolded and the naked women

You know i feel really bad when i see old America images before HFCS and TV hit them. They used to be all European, would speak only English and had beautiful roads with great homes and wonderful shops. Their men and women would dress well and nobody was fat. There is a serious cultural degradation in the world.

Soon it will be just like Mexico

Kinda strange, even if fake.

this makes me sad......what could have been........

The Kaiser was seriously critical of national socialist Germany, calling them well dressed mobsters and you are implicitly stating that the natsocs ruined his country when they were the ones to do anything while the Kaiser was getting fat in the Netherlands you stupid nigger

ok, sure. i just wanted a good laugh.

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The NatSocs didn't support the monarchy and put Germany where it is today. The Kaiser was right.

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>Implying that isn't America already

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The Kaiser was a monarch and pit Germany in the Weimar Republic