Regarding yangimps

It's a group of paid shills for a meme candidate that are raiding Jow Forums from lefty/pol/ and hitting here as well to try to manipulate the easily persuaded and gullible of an apolitical board. They are literally the imptrash you want to murder so badly, but worse.

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People who believe there's paid shills on Jow Forums are either mentally ill or just really, really stupid

INB4 the usual commies.

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This person is horribly naive.

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OP is paid anti-Yang shill.
How much are you getting, OP? 45c/post?

Topkek on the roundabout. I'd throw commies out of helicopters for free if I could.

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Shitheel neets paving the way for the ruling class having more power. Your opinion is worthless.

It's funny as fuck to me that people seem to think that Jow Forumsditors supporting yang is either the result of a shill campaign for or against him
Ockham's razor you retards; he wants to give people 1k a month of course NEETS would flock to him

paid shills are actually a thing tho, but i doubt they'd be here of all boards

Why wouldn't they be?
50% polulation U.S. citizens expecting the apolitical.
This is manipulative imptrash and we should shitpost it directly to hell.

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yeah but thers like 60 of us regulars. i doubt shills would come here of all boards. Jow Forums sure but Jow Forums? i doubt it but im all for shitposting

*Sister board. They're imp'd and they learned about this place long ago. (Where do the banned of pool flock?)

I know, I'm not sure about the paid part but I know those yang faggots all congregate in a few discord channels. Fuckin gay if you ask me.

They'll come here than claim they've got a foothold on Jow Forums despite the fact that they are just shitting up a slow ass board.

Probably paying some low lives like $20-40 to shitpost about their candidate.

or its people who want 1000 dollars a month you fucking dipshit. Its free fucking money you retard
>Inb4 whos paying for it
the rich are, go cry about it

i want to be rich retard

>Its free fucking money you retard
It's taxpayer money
>the rich are, go cry about it
People who have jobs

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I will literally register as a Democrat to vote against your stupid forced Gook meme man in the primaries.

Gangweed has no political affiliation you dumb Gook shillster.

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Imptrash is always bad for the impressionsble. do you think the word "free" has any value? That commie chink
filth will spend half of our national budget with that on that alone. What makes you think they're not going to tax it back all the same?

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>Expecting better of those whom question society as a joke.. a meme

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Now yuo see how it rlly be

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The alt right? You truly are not from here.
Apolitical board.

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controlled opposition

A cuck and a shill. Why are you lacking the balls to debate you ideas with Jow Forums?

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I'm independent because my state has mixed primaries

T. poopy head

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Literally shotgun your face off imp.

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gangweeders have a strong anarchist theme. so they are political

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Put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

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do you honestly think I would die from that puny human

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THE PEOPLE WANT 1000 per month fuck off capitalist dog

Top kek. Only the worthless neets.

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My fellow gamers, politics are just society's way of keeping us from uniting and rising up. Anarchism may describe us best, but labels are just another tool of society, our only identity is that of gamers and gangweeders.

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poopy diaper face

>Implying you won't become alcoholics or junkies if you aren't already on that sub-living wage dosh.

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Selling your soul to a politician for 1000 society bank notes?
This really says a lot about our society.

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now yuo see...

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how do I not live in a society

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i shill for him because its funny as fuck and upsets people to the point where they come up with elaborate conspiracies about it


So in other words, you do it for free?

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no , he does it for non monetary rewards

that's all there is to it really yeah

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Literally go to Jow Forums cucklord.

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Start by slonking gangweed, than sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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Irrelevant country detected. Opinion discarded.

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Lest I waste any more of my time on you.

nobody cares

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Grow balls and take your ideas to Jow Forums or immediately release your pics and join the gayposters. You're not proving that you have anything of value to say here.

why so societal...

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You are weak. It's only natural I'd call you out on it. Going to bed. Do your own thing bnat. Inb4 blackpilled haircuts.

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you are a fake gangweeder...

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