I am a cute boy lole

I am a cute boy lole

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are you "Hungary" for some food cute boy?

I can only eat cum from big dicks
every thing else just tastes like ash

Annddd now I'm finally gonna filter your entire flag.

You’re a faggot is what you are. Anyways want to help me in my 2nd day of Retribution?

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How cute is the question. How much can you obtain?

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Hungary cant be coot bcoz you hung and so no feminin bepis

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fuck off faggot
nobody is cute unless proven

Same wtf

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i have my proven cute card sir please say im cute

How did you get that card, lad? Looks like a cheap chink copy to me.

no bulli i had to get it somewhere

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>lying on the internet about being cute
this is the most afwul of things you could do, you do realise that, right?

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kill yourself, retarded faggot

are you a proxyfag, or are you really a rude Swede?

im not using a proxy

Are you scandi or are you an immigrant?

i am swedish, now stop replying to me

Fascinating, an actual rude swedish person!


>mfw ugly boy

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you're cute in your heart
let it shine~

nobody is gonna hold me and kiss me if just my heart is cute im so lonely

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hey wanna meet, i'm ugly af as well

holding and kissing doesnt have to be visual!
find another only-cute-in-heart-person~
lights off
sometimes you have to work with what youve got

This thread is big gay

I don't live in russiaaaaaaaa
this makes me feel better user
and that's a good thing!

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that sucks, maybe some other time then

i hope you feel even better soon :x

1. you're ugly
2. you're fat
3. I don't like you
In conclusion you aren't cute Q.E.D

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no thats me

Not possible.


prove it