Do any of you guys ever start wondering whether this place is doing damage to your brain

Do any of you guys ever start wondering whether this place is doing damage to your brain

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I talk more with people on Jow Forums than irl so yeah probably

isolation alone has been shown to cause brain damage after 3 days

damn well then I'm permafucked
now you've actually made me curious

not like I use it that much

wait but by isolation you mean total isolation right,
like not even basic human interaction like going to the grocery store and shit

This. There also has to be something wrong with you to be here too


it means isolation like this

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Yeah I thought so. There's probably some relation but that's still much worse than just living alone, not having friends and just hanging out here instead

I used to think that it hurt most people in lots of ways, psychologically and until recently I did nothing but lurk for that reason and I was mostly seeing gay posting and anime shit but I'm starting to see the better side of Jow Forums and starting to post more and enjoy it. Some cool people do come here, the other day I was actually cheered up by a couple of guys.

i've always been completely isolated long before i even learned english and started going to Jow Forums
so i think im fucked either ways

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Well as far as this board specifically it sort of comes and goes.
It does have its moments but it's the periods between those moments that can be fucked
It definitely started off with an interesting combination of people I can tell that much

no, my brain is fucked anyways. Also my reading comprehension score on the SAT got boosted 100 points after I started browsing Jow Forums regularly

I like how crazy the in between moments are desu

Yeah it did. I couldn't really get into the place when that was happening though. I've been coming to Jow Forums for 2 years or so but /b/ for about 8. I'm not good with dates and time, that's my rough guess.

I can't go to /b/ any more because of the degeneracy and general attitude towards women (no I'm not a woman myself but have a healthy respect for most of them.)

The last straw was when guys started adding each other to Kik and jerking off together. It made me sick.

Yeah I guess even the non-moments can have their moments.
Or maybe one man's moments are the other man's non-moments.
Fuck I don't know if that even makes sense

one man's pee is another man's lemonade

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Fucking hell. I do a routine checkup on /b/ every full moon and it's pretty goddamn painful to watch. But to be completely honest even in between all the drivel I did get a certain sense that it was on a very slight uptick. Like the /b/tards know the place is full of shit but they're selfaware about it. And I even get the sense that there's maybe... slightly less porn than about I would say... three or four years ago? But that's just my perception and perception of the internet is very unreliable
what would your dad say if he saw you making posts like these

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my dad would say "Good job son you make me proud"
also my dad was one point away from failing an Asperger's diagnostic test.

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Now that you mention it, that's probably right about the porn. Maybe I'm just moving in a different direction in my taste towards life.

And, shit. I would buy a pass (because fuck the capture) and keep adblock off if fucking hiromoot didn't put god damn squirting ads at the top and bottom of the page and MAYBE a different model of moderation habits (but maybe not, maybe its best to stick with the devil you know, considering the only time I have been banned was years ago when I was testing tor, to see how it worked etc.

doesn't that mean that posting here is at least slightly better then not interacting with people at all?

nothing to damage there lole
i do know it does damage to your soul

Nope, I have a social life and just come here to banter, not argue.
Back when I was depressed though, if not for a certain (very cute) guy I would probably have been stuck the way I was.

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Minus the cute guy (because I'm hetero) this place is now filling a void for me. I know the feeling somewhat.

>sperg gets far enough in life to cumme in a uni-level educated bagene and make a shitposting commie peeboy
we're all gonna make it lads
yeah those were kinda my thoughts

I get what you mean, but
becareful that you do not get too involved
For me, the draw is the freedom of speech and discourse that I can do here(Jow Forums in general) so I've decided to join an upcoming debate

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also are you implying that I'm gay



also he helped my mom get the degree by helping with her homework . he has a genus level IQ


degenerates like you belong on my cock

I don't know how long you've messed around on the internet for mate but just don't get too attached. That voidfilling can go away as quickly as it came to you and you have to be ready and willing to deal with that. Social interaction on the internet is some of the most ephemeral shit there is and it's exarcebated even more when you stick to anonymous image boards.
Damn that's kinda neat actually. Everyone wishes to be the cool bigbrain sperg but most of us are just plain sperg

Well, your name, the fact I see you gaypost at times and the "found a cute guy" sort of had me thinking that, lol. No hetero guy I know says or does those things.

And I enjoy the freedom here as well.

How can I motivate you to stop stuffing your face full of burgs, you absolute unit?

uwu daddy, give it to me.


confirmed for gay
71kg now btw
fake news lole
you should find someplace outside of here user

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how tall are you

I've been fucking with the internet for so long I can't even tell you how many years. Met many loved ones and even some people I wouldn't piss on to put them out if they were on fire. I've dated and lived with girls not in the same area but different countries.

Problem is, those days are pretty much gone for me. It did slowly replace my real life but some turn of events took place and now I'm pretty much alone.

Lmfao. About the gayposting? Hmm. I dunno. None the less..

I've tried other communities, it just never stuck

good boi, just a little more

>tfw you're trying to gain weight and instead lost 2kg today
life is pain

177 according to the clinic
172 according to lazers(oof)
Find someplace irl other than here, it'll make your life infinitely better user!

Yeah? You don't have to leave this place, I get the allure, just find somewhere else so that you don't spend all your time here.
Stay strong niggy
We are all gonna make it

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I see. I just about clambered out of my hermit lifestyle myself. I'm still in the phase where I look back every once in a while to see if I'm really out of it, or I'm just pretending to feel better. Being alone for a lengthy period of time is interesting. It's not fun, but it's interesting.

In any case sadly I have to fuck off until later tonight, I've got too much shit to do. It was genuinely nice just having a random talk with all of you guys, see you around

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See you soon belgie
Good luck with whatever you are doing

See you later Belgium.

8 hour masturbation marathon ofcourse
bye guys

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stop caring about dead boards and appreciate my dead board instead

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aye, i will
go to pool fatty, I'm literally dropping a kilo every visit


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just STOP

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Fuck you

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>2uhus in gachi

Welcome to your own hell

double the epic. double the IQ

I can't believe you sickos enjoy these monstrosities

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lol I won't stop ever

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Hey buddy, I think the reddit club's two floors down

lol thats why you stop using it lmao lul