Am I the only one still intentionally avoiding the video?

Am I the only one still intentionally avoiding the video?

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I really don't get what this video could teach me


what video

maybe youre not used to go see for yourself
maybe you got used to believe what others tell you

Sometimes I watch police shooting videos to learn how to avoid getting shot by cops, but yeah there doesn't seem to be anything to gain from this.

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should teach you how to not die in a mass shooting since you seem to have a lot of those
1. don't pretend to be dead
2. if you're gonna hide do it far away from the crowd
3. if you're gonna run, get behind cover first instead of staying within the shooter's line of sight

It's not that shocking. It's just a dude driving the car, entering the mosque and shooting a bunch of people in heads 2-3 times and driving over the bleeding muslim female screaming for help.

I have no desire to see it. I've seen enough horrible things on the internet for a lifetime.

pretty boring, dude is absolutely methodical about it

That’s a shitty meme.

im not clicking that.

why would you intentionally avoid the best video Jow Forums produced in 2019

Saw it with a colleague. Laughed for hours watching it and reading the manifest knowing that our Trollfactory works. And come on, thats the ultimate troll Jow Forums and meme culture has ever brought up.

Yes you "gain" nothing from it, like it is with every film created for entertainment.
Also if you see the 50 dead people it doesn't seem much, but if you look 3 generations further he has prevented ~5000 future terrorists.

your'e clicking that.

This, /Thread

probably, if you've been here for the last decade it's not that shocking, and a decent lesson on not what to do in the event of a mass shooting

>hide behind locked doors
>run (not at the shooter)
>don't play dead or huddle in corners

>hide behind locked doors
For incompetent mass shooters (the majority of them) sometimes a locked door is all you need to make them move on and shoot someone else. Eliot Rodger is a good example of this.

>run (not at the shooter)
From what I heard, the guy who tried it got pretty close to saving the day.

>don't play dead or huddle in corners
Playing dead works extremely well in most other mass shootings, especially Columbine. I agree about corners.

That's a shitty meme and yet another pointless normal/ moral fag thread.

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>From what I heard, the guy who tried it got pretty close to saving the day.
Very. If just one other guy joined him they most likely would have taken him down. This is what people need to do in these situations

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If only the people in this situation were part of a hive mind...

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>From what I heard, the guy who tried it got pretty close to saving the day.

I guess you haven't watched it. He ran at the shooter from a group of about 10 people huddled on the floor in a corner, all of whom hadn't been shot at yet, but were witnessing the shooter execute another group huddled in another corner.

After that guy's failed attempt to tackle the shooter, he gave everyone in that corner one bullet each from a distance, ran outside, ran around the perimeter of the mosque (most likely checking for armed defenders, which is the NZ version of a swat team), ran back inside and began shooting every person in there in quick succession with a headshot each at close range, even the ones who weren't moving or groaning. No survivors, basically. There was literally piles of bodies.

Then he ran outside and got a lucky long distance shot on a woman running away. He caught up to her and she was lying on the ground crying for help. He just strolled up to her and gave her a shot in the back of the head at close range, then ran over her body while driving away from the scene.

He left the mosque about 6 minutes after arriving, and apparently police arrived about 1 minute later from a different direction. I'm really curious to know what would've happened if he'd stayed for that extra minute and cops arrived with him still there.

The ruthlessness and meticulous approach he used was surreal as fuck to watch, especially being filmed from his perspective. I'm pretty de-sensitised to this sort of stuff, but that level of ruthlessness really got me to be honest.