Make sure you make a Yuropoor blow it out his ass today...

Make sure you make a Yuropoor blow it out his ass today, for every assblown you are doing a great service to the greatest nation on Earth!

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I don't think telling yuropoors to blow it out their ass means that they do it. Are you suggesting Americans forcibly give Europeans rimjobs? Because that's what it sounds like.

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Fuck off smartass.

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stay away from my bum you creepy mutt

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I'm not gay you retarded leaf, I'm simply here to tell you that America is the greatest country on Earth.

yeah whatever man just remember to stay out from behind me or I'll deck you

Let me see your bum uwu

Get out of my thread you fucking faggot.

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Try me, pussy.

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Last warning man.

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This thread is incredibly based and factual, no water boilers shall escape the ass-blasting.

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thanks duke

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Glad to hear, my brothers.

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ty duke

Say, what brought you back here, Duke?

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Won't lie, I'm blowing one out my ass right not. A nice brown log for this white porcelain toilet. Ooooh yeah

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You’re an inspiration for birth control

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Boredom, probably will be a one off visit sadly. Are you the Americanon who posted with me by any chance?

Fuck off Andy

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For a little while I was, though there were probably some others. I've only recently come back to the board after a long hiatus myself.

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Ah, I see. Same here.

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