Gay thread

gay is okay

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inb4 shitposted into oblivion like all its predecessors
A recurring gay thread is a great idea tho. Just beware as it also summons Normie.

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>gay is okay
citation needed

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Citation: my ass faggot
seething fagmark

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Where is your bf? is the OP?

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Fuck off pooftah


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The chemicals are turning the FREAKING FROGS GAY!


Here's something to consider tho: isn't it better to try to concentrate all gayposting in one thread instead of having it scattered all over the board?

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the gay is NOT okay

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Why that ghei pic then? homoboi

because gays are DISGUSTING. I'm just showcasing their faggotry

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I can assure you, I'm 100% straight

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I might have caught feelings for a man and I don't know how to react, I don't even know whether he's gay or just wants to burn them alive

ask him

Cute pic

are you Ukrainian or a proxyboi
I agree

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Ask him how he feels about gays. If he wants to burn them alive and asks why you wanted to know, just say you were concerned about them making their way into Ukraine (New Russia).

I already did so, numerous times actually, but he never gave a clear answer and seems to avoid the question(s)
Not the best place to be a homo yes

boobies get

Dubs shall be rewarded.

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time to get out of this thread now, dont want to catch anything

Stay. THere are boobies in this thread!

thread gay, I stay away and remove trip, what would my friends say.

They would say you came for boobies.

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tfw was mistook for a trap on discord and then someone bought programming socks for me and now I'm gay
how did this happen Jow Forums

I recently reinstalled minecraft, where is that Jow Forums thread and what mods do I need these days, literally haven played in 6 years, windows wanted my login info for app, didnt ask about java tho

u got discord? I can invite you to the Jow Forums server - the minecraft craze has taken off there.

yeh(2016 discord), do you need ID or is it invite based

Can I add you?

Invite based. But I'd prefer ID so the server doesn't get randos.
Depends, who are you?

You know me, we've already talked numerous times. No I'm not Korbo


Are you a sperging atheist and left-winger who complains about stupid bullshit that belongs on Jow Forums? If not then you’re not Korbo.

Hmmm, I'll risk it. Still don't know who you are. Chen? Fake-Kobe?

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