The soul of Jow Forums

The soul of Jow Forums

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Holy based. Source?

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Now we can see Suebi, in his natural habitat.

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You dont take pics of me without permission! Give me that!

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Make me.

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Give me it!

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Can I ask you a question I have been meaning to ask you?

Look at you crying! Ahahahahahaha! Dumb OP.

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Im the soul of Jow Forums and you are nothing!

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Look can you answe my fucking question and stop fucking ignoring me you piece of shit?



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Please stop ignoring me. Why do you keep ignoring me?


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ay nice quints

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Stop ayayaing this thread

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ᵃʸᵃʸᵃ ᵃʸᵃʸᵃ

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Tell Suebi to respond to me

¡Ay caramba! Are you really the embodiment of Jow Forums itself? What a joke! AYAYAYAYAYAYA!

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Yeah i am you really want spanks today
Huh ok

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So what's up today Suebi?

Not much i have just restarted studying german and finnish so i have something to do, its sunday but nobody wants to do anything so ill go to gym once again. What about you? Does ireland have tobacco shops opened on sunday?

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Yeah every single shop stays open on Sundays here, nice, keep on top of your regime like that and you'll get even tougher

Today, I did some gardening and in a couple of hours I'm going to a friends for a barbecue

Fuck you asshole

I fucking hate living in a flat you cant cultivate anything without spending tons of money on lighting
For dinner? Strange

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We have a nice communal garden here, everyone has a little area to garden, just put in some new compost, tilled the soil and planted some nice little Lupins

Yeah just some burgers and some beers, not too hungry

Start cultivatng food for the upcoming collapse of europe

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That's an interesting topic
American corporations are securing this country bud, we'll survive, maybe not live, but all these Corpo's Euro HQs popping up here and the rate of our industrialization rates are making us wealthy, we're at a turning point I think, seems impossible but we might jump ship and latch on to America

They also just stepped up their military presence here

You do really love foreign entities taking your country

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kys for wasting 5 numbers

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Hey as long as they gib me money

Yeah who cares about morals

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Honestly as time goes on and I think about stuff you say, I'm inclined to agree
Soon I'll have a masters in software development and I'll be able to jump the earnings gap before it's too late

I cant still get over the fact that i still have to wait an entire year before being able to do the entry tests

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Yeah it's gonna be a long fucking wait huh?

Managed to do 3 pullups yesterday. For some reason i havent been able to do even 1 today. Fuck this shit

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Muscle does need rest to develop Suebi, exercise tears the fibers and protein and rest develops it

But i slept 10 hours wtf

You sound like you might just be psychically exhausted, so you ever take days for cardio?

I go running 1 day a week. 1h 10 with 0 stops. I want to dedicate another one to swimming but thats going to be on summer

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only 3?
that's pretty bad

where would you swim?

Hmm, that's pretty strange that your arm is tuckered out like that if you're having proper breaks then

Private competitive pool
I havent been able to do any till very recently
My body is really weird

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Bunp 2

late night suebi hours

the suebi girl

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