Do you cross the street when meeting niggers?

Do you cross the street when meeting niggers?

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Meeting who?

Around Blacks, Never Relax

no because there're no niggers
but i walk on the ohter side of the street when I see a group of gypsies

No, that is a show of submission and will show the nog you are afraid of confrontation. I pull on my pants, eyes ahead, and keep waking. (This is the nog sign of dominance, and shows you might be packing).

One time I was coming back from school and the unthinkable happened
>Look ahead
>Pack of niggers coming my way
>Start to cross the street
>Check if cars are coming on both sides
>Halfway look up
>Second pack of niggers on the sidewalk I was aiming for
>Walk straight the middle of the road for a minute
Moral of the story? Crossing the street is not enough. Check the coast is clear across the street too.

Nope. I make them move out of the way.

>living around niggers

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a nigger won't think twice about stabbing your ass. Just pretending to be a hardass doesn't make you not bleed when you're cut.

I always say hows it going my nigga

then sprint away as they say WHAT

>a nigger won't think twice about stabbing your ass.
good thing I always carry a katana

Welcome to Niggerville.

When my mom first came from turkey, she wasn’t familiar with niggers so when she was on the subway she got jumped by a group of girls for her subway pass. I will become leader of turkey and will genocide them all.

Niggers here are non-, existent, except maybe some parts in downtown

I usually will find a defensive posit and wait for them to pass

You have to go back Mehmet.

yes, black man scary

Imagine having a problem with the way people you don't know smile at you.

That’s because niggers and other minorities are fragile faggots

I just adjust my junk when I see a nigger coming down the street and spit in the sidewalk with my nose.
The faggots usually get embarrassed and don't look at me lol.
Against animals you gotta act like one

I was shopping yesterday and walking in a straight line. A pack of pavement apes turned to walk through my path. I walked into them and told them to watch out.
Then I made sure I still had my wallet.

>being in the same street with more than one nigger
do you want to get niggered OP?

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And then everybody clapped.

if I'm walking my nigger dog the niggers cross the street

are you stupid? when was the last time you saw a white beat a black in a footrace?

Irish and niggers will be in the same mass graves and I will get the anglos to piss on you

I don't have niggers in my country.

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OK Juan

Nigger free neighborhood.

when you are surrounded by this many niggers it's time to take a walk to another city

Look at your new president. Soon enough he will import some to enrich your culture

Lucky you. Ukraine may be a fairly poor country but its better to be a poor country than a rich one because wealth and the generous welfare system that comes with it attracts niggers and other filth from all around just like a barn full grain attracts the rats from all around.

I’m 6’2 (over 2 m) and 220 lbs (almost 100 kg) of construction muscle. If I scowl at people, they move.
I was at Disneyland last year, and a group of tourists thought they could move through the crowd ten wide. I knocked two of them down without stopping. I think it’s fun to teach you assholes manners. Nobody has ever said shit after I knocked them down because I stare at them like it can become worse.
Eighty percent of communication is non verbal, spaghetti nigger.


wow dude you're a fuckin badass

6´2 isn't even close to over 2 m


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do i keep away from wild animals? yeah i do
if they are in a gang you WILL get sucker punched and mugged

Ukraine are the niggers of the steppe.

LoL, said the Brazilian shitskin

I make that face every time I pass by niggers or other subhumans. It's just how my body reacts, I don't want to smile at them but I also don't want to show my open hostility so I settled for this expression.

I'm only 5"10 myself and 12 or 13 stone and people always clear the way out of my path too because I have a mean look about me and have been told by random people in the past that I'm an evil looking cunt which I found funny and flattering. The look I have about me is my best defence and I've never had anyone try and start on me or disrespect me.

t. actual nigger

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Sorry, I was thinking yards. Haven’t had coffee yet. My bad. Next time I’ll just let you do the conversion.
Hardly. I hate crowds and a lack of common decency. Because I’m larger than most, today. Something broke inside after having to dodge rude people. I make reasonable accommodations for people that try and share space. If you want to act like the world should move for you, I’m the asshole who is happy to toss you dwarves.

postan in epic Jow Forums thread

No. They arent that aggressive around my city.

Everyone I see is white. Stay away from cities lad.