Those who are infected with the gay contribute nothing to the board and are a waste of a good thread

Those who are infected with the gay contribute nothing to the board and are a waste of a good thread.

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Hey check out this butthole

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Have you taken exams yet

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phonepissing homofaggot in disguise

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>contribute nothing to the board
Incorrect. I've contributed many things to Jow Forums culture and one of my bois is currently the head of the chending bump cult.
WE ARE your culture.

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A putrid void of eternal darkness, of which all light is ensnared by. Rarely does anything come out, and the beings that do escape are twisted and beyond our help. They scream for the sweet kiss of death, for they have seen all that which life is: an inky black abyss that leave nothing sacred and pure.

Fucking pooftahs

Oh geez, they’re coming up this week. Scary stuff, but I’ll be fine.
Based frog poster
Unbased gayposter

Same here. I’m exempt from 4 of them besides algebra and spanish(lol). I wish you luck

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All the best. Are you here for a checkup?

Blue pilled agenda pusher.

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Unbiased gayposter

I’ve already seen you recently doc, with your lecture about how 2D women don’t give me an incentive to work better. I’ve thought a lot about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that having women being an incentive will most likely get you nowhere as the kind of women you seek out are all different in their own ways. I’ve learned that the only person one should work for is the betterment of themselves, and only compare to our past selves

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unfunny forced meme

Well of course, life isn’t all about sex and women. But whose to say that the long road ahead wouldn’t be so worrisome without a woman by your side.

I believe that once the time comes I will be prepared to actually go out and speak to those double x chromosome demons. I feel as if right now is too early though, and there are better things to spend my time on. Not this place though lol this is just a time sink for me

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Correct. I could give a shit less about your campaign to end gay but don't say we don't contribute.
Not the point.

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You don’t want to hold a sword until the battle is here, and yet think that you won’t die? Talking to women, like using a sword, requires practice, and what better time than now to do it.

Seething gayposter

I cringed so fucking hard.

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i still cant fucking read.

>cringing at cringe

Seething gayposter
Hm you do have a point there. I already do feel comfortable speaking to them and I did have a gf before, I guess I should just go to more events before it’s too late. I can handle physical health and school alongside activities like that, just have to work up the motivation to go those kind of things

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>cringing and cringing at cringe
Sorry about that, old chum. This better?

do you like this drawing?

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Very much so. Are you the maker of that bant comic?

which one?
this one?

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>Jow Forums conformist

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The very same. Are you the man?

yes i am
kaiser jimmy at your service.

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double x chromosomes with xx male syndrome

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did you ever see the second comic?

I did, is there a third?

its being made want a peek at it?

it takes me a while to make them. im not the best drawer. and im out of ideas.

never got to finish this conversation.