Yuuka Feet

Yuuka Feet

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Reisen's cute black socks.

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You are all perverted horny teenage boys.

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But Reisen has cute socks, don't you think so?

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hey calm down

You Have Now Entered The Stink Zone

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Well done. I love your artwork.

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>I love your artwork
it's not all good though

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Now that's based.

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but of course, i'm the most based namefag on all of Jow Forums

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fixed pic

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yeah no thank you. there is no point of a foot fetish anyway

But Reisen's nice and cute socks are the best. But Yuuka in the other hand, she doesn't wear socks.


socks are just socks. there's nothing cute about them.
but to each their own, user!

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and diapers are just diapers but you still obsess over them

no i do not shut up shut up shut up it's none of your businessss

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Yes you do. You have a diapers fetish from your furry website. Lying about it doesn't make you look good.

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and? why does it matter user?
you know when you know these stuff i do, you make me uncomfortable

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fuck OFF with this gay shit, leave this trash in /b/ PLEASE. That's where all the gay asian shit goes

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okay now you're just trolling me. ;)

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shh, be vewwy quiet
i'm hunting wabbits

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Please don't kill Reisen.



No one checked my quads, sad.